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Nature Communications - 26 July 2011

Nature Communications
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26 July 2011
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Mladenov et al. study the impact of dust on the optical properties of lakes across different latitudinal bands.
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Encapsulation of single-molecule magnets in carbon nanotubes
Maria del Carmen Giménez-López, Fabrizio Moro, Alessandro La Torre, Carlos J. Gómez-García, Paul D. Brown, Joris van Slageren and Andrei N. Khlobystov
Single-molecule magnets could be useful for the development of spintronic devices. Here single-molecule magnets are encapsulated in carbon nanotubes without affecting the properties of the guest molecules, which may be useful in the development of spintronic or high-density magnetic storage devices.
26 Jul | Nat Commun 2:407 doi:10.1038/ncomms1415 (2011)
Chemical sciences Nanotechnology Physical chemistry
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Detection of focal adhesion kinase activation at membrane microdomains by fluorescence resonance energy transfer
Jihye Seong, Mingxing Ouyang, Taejin Kim, Jie Sun, Po-Chao Wen, Shaoying Lu, Yue Zhuo, Nicholas M. Llewellyn, David D. Schlaepfer, Jun-Lin Guan, Shu Chien and Yingxiao Wang
The focal adhesion kinase has a role in cell adhesion and migration. In this study, a fluorescent resonance energy transfer biosensor is designed to monitor focal adhesion kinase activity at membrane microdomains, revealing that the mechanisms that activate focal adhesion kinase are stimulus dependent.
26 Jul | Nat Commun 2:406 doi:10.1038/ncomms1414 (2011)
Biological sciences Bioengineering Biotechnology 
Cell biology
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Dust inputs and bacteria influence dissolved organic matter in clear alpine lakes OPEN
N. Mladenov, R. Sommaruga, R. Morales-Baquero, I. Laurion, L. Camarero, M.C. Diéguez, A. Camacho, A. Delgado, O. Torres, Z. Chen, M. Felip and I. Reche
Dissolved organic matter, the main form of aquatic organic carbon, supports the aquatic food web and regulates light penetration in lakes. This study probes the main influences on the optical properties of dissolved organic matter in a global dataset of alpine and remote lakes revealing latitudinal trends.
26 Jul | Nat Commun 2:405 doi:10.1038/ncomms1411 (2011)
Biological sciences Biogeochemistry Ecology 
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Mesoscale flux-closure domain formation in single-crystal BaTiO3  OPEN
R.G.P. McQuaid, L.J. McGilly, P. Sharma, A. Gruverman and J.M. Gregg
Flux-closure patterns are rarely observed in ferroelectric materials and almost exclusively form at the nanoscale. McQuaid et al. report mesoscopic dipole closure patterns formed in free-standing single-crystal lamellae of BaTiO3, thought to result from an unusual set of experimental conditions.
26 Jul | Nat Commun 2:404 doi:10.1038/ncomms1413 (2011)
Physical sciences Condensed matter 
Materials science Nanotechnology
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Stimulated optomechanical excitation of surface acoustic waves in a microdevice
Gaurav Bahl, John Zehnpfennig, Matthew Tomes and Tal Carmon
Brillouin interactions between sound and light can excite mechanical resonances in photonic microsystems, with potential for sensing and frequency reference applications. The authors demonstrate experimental excitation of mechanical resonances ranging from 49 to 1,400MHz using forward Brillouin scattering.
26 Jul | Nat Commun 2:403 doi:10.1038/ncomms1412 (2011)
Physical sciences Materials science Optical physics
Abstract | Full Text | PDF (749 kB)
Nature Communications
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