Friday, August 30, 2019

[NASA HQ News] NASA to Provide Coverage of Hurricane Dorian

  August 30, 2019 
NASA to Provide Coverage of Hurricane Dorian
GPM image of with IMERG data of Dorian
As of early on Aug. 30, Hurricane Dorian has been producing 2 to 6 inches of rain along the path of its inner core for several days. This estimate come from the NASA IMERG algorithm, which combines observations from a fleet of satellites, in near-real time, to provide global estimates of precipitation every 30 minutes. The total rainfall at a particular location varies with the forward speed of the hurricane, with the size of the hurricane's wind field, and with how vigorous the updrafts are in the hurricane's eyewall. The graphic also shows the distance that tropical-storm force (39 mph) winds extend from the Hurricane Dorian's low-pressure center, as reported by the National Hurricane Center. The symbols H2, H1, and TS represent category 2 hurricane, category 1 hurricane, and tropical storm, respectively.
Credits: NASA

NASA will be tracking Hurricane Dorian throughout this Labor Day weekend. The agency will provide status updates on the storm as it nears Florida and NASA's Kennedy Space Center on the state's central east coast, as well as updated video and imagery.

Status updates on Hurricane Dorian will be available at:

Updated imagery and video of the storm, including any view of Dorian from the International Space Station, will be available as soon as possible on our Media Resources page at:



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