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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 01 February 2019; Vol. 38, No. 3

Probing Neural Dynamics with Behavioural Genetics  
01 February 2019 | Volume 38, Number 3 Submit

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News & Views

Volume 38, Number 3

News & Views

Directional stress associated with tissue elongation orients planar division, rather than long axis of the cell.

Lathiena A Manning and Mark Peifer
Published online 24.01.2019


A new study implicates the RNA‐binding protein hnRNP L in preventing degradation of pro‐oncogenic mRNA by nonsense‐mediated decay in B‐cell lymphoma.

Miles F Wilkinson and Heidi Cook‐Andersen
Published online 24.01.2019


Recent work suggests that even short, physiological DNA triplet repeats may form replication‐threatening secondary structures in cells lacking the repriming activity of PrimPol.

Jane EA Reid and Tamás Fischer
Published online 14.01.2019


Combination of semi‐automated image analysis and laser ablation experiments reveals that the directional stress associated with tissue elongation determines planar division orientation, rather than long axis of the cell.

Tara M Finegan, Daxiang Na, Christian Cammarota, Austin V Skeeters, Tamás J Nádasi, Nicole S Dawney, Alexander G Fletcher, Patrick W Oakes and Dan T Bergstralh
Published online 26.11.2018


While several factors are known to trigger mRNA degradation by nonsense‐mediated decay (NMD), the RNA‐binding protein hnRNP L protects NMD targets, a role that may turn malignant in B cell lymphomas by stabilising BCL2 fusion transcripts.

Aparna Kishor, Zhiyun Ge and J Robert Hogg
Published online 07.12.2018


The primase‐polymerase PrimPol suppresses unscheduled R‐loop formation at secondary structure‐forming gene sequences, thereby preventing creation of DNA replication blocks.

Saša Šviković, Alastair Crisp, Sue Mei Tan‐Wong, Thomas A Guilliam, Aidan J Doherty, Nicholas J Proudfoot, Guillaume Guilbaud and Julian E Sale
Published online 26.11.2018 Open Access


Functional links between tau protein accumulation and mitochondrial dysfunction suggest the action of a vicious cycle involving these two hallmarks of various neurodegenerative diseases.

Nadia Cummins, Andrea Tweedie, Steven Zuryn, Jesus Bertran‐Gonzalez and Jürgen Götz
Published online 11.12.2018 Open Access


Proteomic identification of interactors of pathogenic Tau on neuronal membranes reveals unexpected cross talk between pathogenic α‐synuclein and Tau fibrils that regulates membrane depolarization and neurotransmission.

Amulya Nidhi Shrivastava, Virginie Redeker, Laura Pieri, Luc Bousset, Marianne Renner, Karine Madiona, Caroline Mailhes‐Hamon, Audrey Coens, Luc Buée, Philippe Hantraye, Antoine Triller and Ronald Melki
Published online 10.01.2019 Open Access


An interaction between mitochondrial outer membrane protein FUNDC1 and chaperone HSC70 promotes degradation or aggregation of unfolded cytosolic proteins on the mitochondria, thereby maintaining cellular proteostasis but reducing mitochondrial fitness.

Yanjun Li, Yanhong Xue, Xiaojun Xu, Guopeng Wang, Yiqun Liu, Hao Wu, Wenhui Li, Yueying Wang, Ziheng Chen, Weilin Zhang, Yushan Zhu, Wei Ji, Tao Xu, Lei Liu and Quan Chen
Published online 27.12.2018


Targeted deletion of TFEB in mouse endothelial cells dysregulates the VEGFR2 pathway and reduces cell proliferation, expanding the role for this transcription factor beyond lysosomal biogenesis and autophagic flux.

Gabriella Doronzo, Elena Astanina, Davide Corà, Giulia Chiabotto, Valentina Comunanza, Alessio Noghero, Francesco Neri, Alberto Puliafito, Luca Primo, Carmine Spampanato, Carmine Settembre, Andrea Ballabio, Giovanni Camussi, Salvatore Oliviero and Federico Bussolino
Published online 27.12.2018 Open Access


Gene expression profiling and lineage tracing reveal that white fat tissue in mouse is comprised of multiple adipocyte subtypes with distinct metabolic profiles.

Kevin Y Lee, Quyen Luong, Rita Sharma, Jonathan M Dreyfuss, Siegfried Ussar and C Ronald Kahn
Published online 10.12.2018


Proteolytic cleavage turns JARID2 from a polycomb repressive complex 2 cofactor in stems cells to an activator of gene expression upon differentiation.

Diaa Al‐Raawi, Rhian Jones, Susanne Wijesinghe, John Halsall, Marija Petric, Sally Roberts, Neil A Hotchin and Aditi Kanhere
Published online 20.12.2018 Open Access


Quantitative in vivo imaging and reconstitution experiments identify a mechanism by which Cdc42‐mediated cell polarity is established in budding yeast.

Julien Meca, Aurélie Massoni‐Laporte, Denis Martinez, Elodie Sartorel, Antoine Loquet, Birgit Habenstein and Derek McCusker
Published online 17.12.2018


Growth factor‐responsive phosphorylation of the amino acid‐responsive Rag GTPase exemplifies a new interplay between the two parallel main pathways of mTORC1 regulation.

Guang Yang, Sean J Humphrey, Danielle S Murashige, Deanne Francis, Qiao‐Ping Wang, Kristen C Cooke, G Gregory Neely and David E James
Published online 14.12.2018


A combination of cryo‐electron microscopy, cryo‐electron tomography and X‐ray crystallography reveals the structure of the Listeria bacteriophage A511 contractile tail in its pre‐ and post‐host attachment states.

Ricardo C Guerrero‐Ferreira, Mario Hupfeld, Sergey Nazarov, Nicholas MI Taylor, Mikhail M Shneider, Jagan M Obbineni, Martin J Loessner, Takashi Ishikawa, Jochen Klumpp and Petr G Leiman
Published online 02.01.2019

Jakub Abramson, Arieh Licht and Israel Pecht
Published online 01.02.2019

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