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Scientific Reports Chemical e-alert: 04 December 2018

  04 December 2018    
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Chemical Sciences

Capacitively Coupled Phase-based Dielectric Spectroscopy Tomography ▶


Yandan Jiang, Manuchehr Soleimani


Flexible Delivery Patch Systems based on Thermoresponsive Hydrogels and Submicronic Fiber Heaters ▶


Alexandru Evanghelidis, Mihaela Beregoi, Victor C. Diculescu et al.


Overcoming degradation in spatial multiplexing systems with stochastic nonlinear impairments ▶


Filipe M. Ferreira, Christian S. Costa, Stylianos Sygletos et al.


Towards manufacturing high uniformity polysilicon circuits through TFT contact barrier engineering ▶


Radu A. Sporea, Luke J. Wheeler, Vlad Stolojan et al.


Insights into Functionalization of Metal-Organic Frameworks Using In Situ NMR Spectroscopy ▶


Ning Yuan, Tamara L. Church, Erik G. Brandt et al.


Anomalous material-dependent transport of focused, laser-driven proton beams ▶


J. Kim, C. McGuffey, D. C. Gautier et al.


Silicon germanium photo-blocking layers for a-IGZO based industrial display ▶


Su Hyoung Kang, Sangmin Kang, Seong Chae Park et al.


Computational Investigation of the Morphology, Efficiency, and Properties of Silver Nano Wires Networks in Transparent Conductive Film ▶


Fei Han, Thirupathi Maloth, Gilles Lubineau et al.


Magnetotransport and conductivity mechanisms in Cu2ZnSnxGe1−xS4 single crystals ▶


Erkki Lähderanta, Elena Hajdeu-Chicarosh, Maxim Guc et al.


Sequence-definition in stiff conjugated oligomers ▶


Rebekka V. Schneider, Kevin A. Waibel, Andreas P. Arndt et al.


Holevo Capacity of Discrete Weyl Channels ▶


Junaid ur Rehman, Youngmin Jeong, Jeong San Kim et al.


Highly Sensitive AgNP/MWCNT/Nafion Modified GCE-Based Sensor for the Determination of Heavy Metals in Organic and Non-organic Vegetables ▶


Shirley Tiong Palisoc, Michelle Tiamzon Natividad, Nico De Jesus et al.


The Unexpected Role of Carbonate Impurities in Polyphosphate Corrosion Inhibition ▶


Suzanne Morsch, Seyedgholamreza Emad, Lee A. Farren et al.


Nanofocusing of X-ray free-electron laser using wavefront-corrected multilayer focusing mirrors ▶


S. Matsuyama, T. Inoue, J. Yamada et al.

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