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Scientific Reports Biological e-alert: 04 December 2018

  04 December 2018    
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Biological Sciences

MSIpred: a python package for tumor microsatellite instability classification from tumor mutation annotation data using a support vector machine ▶


Chen Wang, Chun Liang


Coralline algal metabolites induce settlement and mediate the inductive effect of epiphytic microbes on coral larvae ▶


Luis A. Gómez-Lemos, Christopher Doropoulos, Elisa Bayraktarov et al.


Impaired male fertility and abnormal epididymal epithelium differentiation in mice lacking CRISP1 and CRISP4 ▶


Guillermo Carvajal, Nicolás Gastón Brukman, Mariana Weigel Muñoz et al.


SIRT3 deficiency-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammasome formation in the brain ▶


Alpna Tyagi, Christy U Nguyen, Thomas Chong et al.


Phototransduction and circadian entrainment are the key pathways in the signaling mechanism for the baculovirus induced tree-top disease in the lepidopteran larvae ▶


Upendra Raj Bhattarai, Fengjiao Li, Mandira Katuwal Bhattarai et al.


Chk1 KA1 domain auto-phosphorylation stimulates biological activity and is linked to rapid proteasomal degradation ▶


Eun-Yeung Gong, Beatriz Hernández, Jessica Hernández Nielsen et al.


Echinometra mathaei and its ectocommensal shrimps: the role of sea urchin spinochrome pigments in the symbiotic association ▶


Lola Brasseur, Guillaume Caulier, Gilles Lepoint et al.


Nitrogen additions stimulate litter humification in a subtropical forest, southwestern China ▶


Qun Liu, Liyan Zhuang, Xiangyin Ni et al.


The NnaR orphan response regulator is essential for the utilization of nitrate and nitrite as sole nitrogen sources in mycobacteria ▶


Magdalena Antczak, Renata Płocińska, Przemysław Płociński et al.


Midostaurin reduces Regulatory T cells markers in Acute Myeloid Leukemia ▶


Lucas Gutierrez, Miran Jang, Tian Zhang et al.


Genus trace reveals the topological complexity and domain structure of biomolecules ▶


Sebastian Zając, Cody Geary, Ebbe Sloth Andersen et al.


Complex role of miR-130a-3p and miR-148a-3p balance on drug resistance and tumor biology in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma ▶


A. K. Eichelmann, C. Matuszcak, K. Lindner et al.


Replication of Resting State-Task Network Correspondence and Novel Findings on Brain Network Activation During Task fMRI in the Human Connectome Project Study ▶


Lisa D. Nickerson


Development and Characterization of a Spontaneously Metastatic Patient-Derived Xenograft Model of Human Prostate Cancer ▶


Tobias Lange, Su Jung Oh-Hohenhorst, Simon A. Joosse et al.


Ninjurin1 Plays a Crucial Role in Pulmonary Fibrosis by Promoting Interaction between Macrophages and Alveolar Epithelial Cells ▶


Seungho Choi, Jong Kyu Woo, Yeong-Su Jang et al.


Deciphering deterministic factors of predation pressures in deep time ▶


Makiko Ishikawa, Tomoki Kase, Hidekazu Tsutsui


Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes mellitus induce lipopolysaccharide tolerance in rat neutrophils ▶


Wilson Mitsuo Tatagiba Kuwabara, Caroline Naomi Fukusawa Yokota, Rui Curi et al.


Developmental pattern and structural factors of dendritic survival in cerebellar granule cells in vivo ▶


Matasha Dhar, Adam W. Hantman, Hiroshi Nishiyama


Crosstalk between SOX2 and cytokine signaling in endometrial carcinoma ▶


Chang-Jung Lee, Pi-Lin Sung, Ming-Han Kuo et al.


Higher lipid turnover and oxidation in cultured human myotubes from athletic versus sedentary young male subjects ▶


Jenny Lund, Siw A. Helle, Yuchuan Li et al.


Hypercapnia impaired cognitive and memory functions in obese patients with obstructive sleep apnoea ▶


Shu-Chin Kung, Yu-Chih Shen, En-Ting Chang et al.


Olfactory cleft proteome does not reflect olfactory performance in patients with idiopathic and postinfectious olfactory disorder: A pilot study ▶


Axel Wolf, Laura Liesinger, Stefan Spoerk et al.


Engineered K1F bacteriophages kill intracellular Escherichia coli K1 in human epithelial cells ▶


Christian Møller-Olsen, Siu Fung Stanley Ho, Ranti Dev Shukla et al.


Recordings in an integrating central neuron provide a quick way for identifying appropriate anaesthetic use in fish ▶


Peter Machnik, Elisabeth Schirmer, Laura Glück et al.


Engineering of a GLP-1 analogue peptide/anti-PCSK9 antibody fusion for type 2 diabetes treatment ▶


Matthieu Chodorge, Anthony J. Celeste, Joseph Grimsby et al.


Felis catus papillomavirus type-2 E6 binds to E6AP, promotes E6AP/p53 binding and enhances p53 proteasomal degradation ▶


Gennaro Altamura, Karen Power, Manuela Martano et al.


Investigating the neuroprotective effect of AAV-mediated β-synuclein overexpression in a transgenic model of synucleinopathy ▶


Dorian Sargent, Dominique Bétemps, Matthieu Drouyer et al.


MicroRNA cluster miR199a/214 are differentially expressed in female and male rats following nicotine self-administration ▶


Steven T. Pittenger, Victoria L. Schaal, Dalia Moore et al.


The central exons of the human MUC2 and MUC6 mucins are highly repetitive and variable in sequence between individuals ▶


Frida Svensson, Tiange Lang, Malin E. V. Johansson et al.


Incorporating Breast Anatomy in Computational Phenotyping of Mammographic Parenchymal Patterns for Breast Cancer Risk Estimation ▶


Aimilia Gastounioti, Meng-Kang Hsieh, Eric Cohen et al.


Description of a personality syndrome in a common and invasive ground beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) ▶


Sophie Labaude, Niamh O’Donnell, Christine T. Griffin


Selection and Validation of Novel RT-qPCR Reference Genes under Hormonal Stimuli and in Different Tissues of Santalum album ▶


Haifeng Yan, Yueya Zhang, Yuping Xiong et al.


Regulation of the Intranuclear Distribution of the Cockayne Syndrome Proteins ▶


Teruaki Iyama, Mustafa N. Okur, Tyler Golato et al.


High resolution X-ray and NMR structural study of human T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain containing protein-3 ▶


Amit K. Gandhi, Walter M. Kim, Zhen-Yu J. Sun et al.


High density Huh7.5 cell hollow fiber bioreactor culture for high-yield production of hepatitis C virus and studies of antivirals ▶


Anne F. Pihl, Anna F. Offersgaard, Christian K. Mathiesen et al.


Lactobacillus reuteri HCM2 protects mice against Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli through modulation of gut microbiota ▶


Tianwei Wang, Kunling Teng, Gang Liu et al.


Gene mutation associated with esl mediates shifts on fungal community composition in rhizosphere soil of rice at grain-filling stage ▶


Puleng Letuma, Yasir Arafat, Muhammad Waqas et al.


Mapping of a responsible region for sex reversal upstream of Sox9 by production of mice with serial deletion in a genomic locus ▶


Yuya Ogawa, Miho Terao, Satoshi Hara et al.


1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase producing beneficial rhizobacteria ameliorate the biomass characters of Panicum maximum Jacq. by mitigating drought and salt stress ▶


Garima Tiwari, P. Duraivadivel, Satyawati Sharma et al.


Developmental trajectory of movement-related cortical oscillations during active sleep in a cross-sectional cohort of pre-term and full-term human infants ▶


Kimberley Whitehead, Judith Meek, Lorenzo Fabrizi


Bioaerosol Sampling for Respiratory Viruses in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit Network ▶


Kristen K. Coleman, Tham T. Nguyen, Su Yadana et al.


In silico discovery of a FOXM1 driven embryonal signaling pathway in therapy resistant neuroblastoma tumors ▶


Suzanne Vanhauwaert, Bieke Decaesteker, Sara De Brouwer et al.


Identification of Immune Signatures of Novel Adjuvant Formulations Using Machine Learning ▶


Sidhartha Chaudhury, Elizabeth H. Duncan, Tanmaya Atre et al.


Targeted-pig trial on safety and immunogenicity of serum-derived extracellular vesicles enriched fractions obtained from Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive virus infections ▶


Sergio Montaner-Tarbes, Elena Novell, Vicens Tarancón et al.


Mechanisms of fitness cost reduction for rifampicin-resistant strains with deletion or duplication mutations in rpoB ▶


Gerrit Brandis, Diarmaid Hughes


Sensitization of renal carcinoma cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by rocaglamide and analogs ▶


Ancy D. Nalli, Lauren E. Brown, Cheryl L. Thomas et al.


Prenatal retinoic acid exposure reveals candidate genes for craniofacial disorders ▶


Marie Berenguer, Muriel Darnaudery, Stéphane Claverol et al.


Paradoxical, causal effects of sensory gain modulation on motor inhibitory control – a tDCS, EEG-source localization study ▶


Julia Friedrich, Christian Beste


Brain-Specific Ultrastructure of Capillary Endothelial Glycocalyx and Its Possible Contribution for Blood Brain Barrier ▶


Yoshiaki Ando, Hideshi Okada, Genzou Takemura et al.


Pretreatment with Total Flavonoid Extract from Dracocephalum Moldavica L. Attenuates Ischemia Reperfusion-induced Apoptosis ▶


Cheng Zeng, Wen Jiang, Xiaoyi Yang et al.


Diffracted X-ray Blinking Tracks Single Protein Motions ▶


Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Masahiro Kuramochi, Keigo Ikezaki et al.


Electrophysiological measurement of ion channels on plasma/organelle membranes using an on-chip lipid bilayer system ▶


Koki Kamiya, Toshihisa Osaki, Kenji Nakao et al.


Physiological outcomes of calming behaviors support the resilience hypothesis in horses ▶


Chiara Scopa, Elisabetta Palagi, Claudio Sighieri et al.


Running in highly cushioned shoes increases leg stiffness and amplifies impact loading ▶


Juha-Pekka Kulmala, Jukka Kosonen, Jussi Nurminen et al.


Interplay between nitrogen fertilizer and biological nitrogen fixation in soybean: implications on seed yield and biomass allocation ▶


Santiago Tamagno, Victor O. Sadras, Jason W. Haegele et al.


Excitotoxic superoxide production and neuronal death require both ionotropic and non-ionotropic NMDA receptor signaling ▶


Angela M. Minnella, Jerry X. Zhao, Xiangning Jiang et al.


Discrimination of contagious and environmental strains of Streptococcus uberis in dairy herds by means of mass spectrometry and machine-learning ▶


Necati Esener, Martin J. Green, Richard D. Emes et al.


Alpha-tubulin acetyltransferase/MEC-17 regulates cancer cell migration and invasion through epithelial–mesenchymal transition suppression and cell polarity disruption ▶


Cheng-Che Lee, Yun-Ching Cheng, Chi-Yen Chang et al.


Contrasting phylogeographic pattern among Eudyptes penguins around the Southern Ocean ▶


M. J. Frugone, A. Lowther, D. Noll et al.


The characteristic, antioxidative and multiple organ protective of acidic-extractable mycelium polysaccharides by Pleurotus eryngii var. tuoliensis on high-fat emulsion induced-hypertriglyceridemic mice ▶


Zheng Gao, Qiangqiang Lai, Qihang Yang et al.


Nitrogen physiology of contrasting genotypes of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. (Amaranthaceae) ▶


Luisa Bascuñán-Godoy, Carolina Sanhueza, Katherine Pinto et al.


Vascular amounts and dispersion of caliber-classified vessels as key parameters to quantitate 3D micro-angioarchitectures in multiple myeloma experimental tumors ▶


Marco Righi, Silvia Laura Locatelli, Carmelo Carlo-Stella et al.


Modified VEGF-A mRNA induces sustained multifaceted microvascular response and accelerates diabetic wound healing ▶


Naidi Sun, Bo Ning, Kenny M. Hansson et al.


Evaluation of droplet digital PCR and next generation sequencing for characterizing DNA reference material for KRAS mutation detection ▶


Lianhua Dong, Shangjun Wang, Boqiang Fu et al.


Usp16 modulates Wnt signaling in primary tissues through Cdkn2a regulation ▶


Maddalena Adorno, Benedetta Nicolis di Robilant, Shaheen Shabbir Sikandar et al.


Day-to-day variations in sleep quality affect standing balance in healthy adults ▶


Luis Montesinos, Rossana Castaldo, Francesco P. Cappuccio et al.


2nd-order random lasing in a multimode diode-pumped graded-index fiber ▶


Ekaterina A. Evmenova, Alexey G. Kuznetsov, Ilya N. Nemov et al.


A novel cloning strategy for one-step assembly of multiplex CRISPR vectors ▶


Marc Zuckermann, Mario Hlevnjak, Haniyeh Yazdanparast et al.


3D microdevices that perform sample purification and multiplex qRT-PCR for early cancer detection with confirmation of specific RNAs ▶


Yusuke Kimura, Masashi Ikeuchi, Yoshinori Inoue et al.


The expansion of later Acheulean hominins into the Arabian Peninsula ▶


Eleanor M. L. Scerri, Ceri Shipton, Laine Clark-Balzan et al.


Glutamatergic and dopaminergic modulation of cortico-striatal circuits probed by dynamic calcium imaging of networks reconstructed in microfluidic chips ▶


Benjamin Lassus, Jérémie Naudé, Philippe Faure et al.


Diverse novel resident Wolbachia strains in Culicine mosquitoes from Madagascar ▶


Claire L. Jeffries, Luciano M. Tantely, Fara N. Raharimalala et al.


Exploration of deep terrestrial subsurface microbiome in Late Cretaceous Deccan traps and underlying Archean basement, India ▶


Avishek Dutta, Srimanti Dutta Gupta, Abhishek Gupta et al.


Temporal and spatial patterns of mitochondrial haplotype and species distributions in Siberian larches inferred from ancient environmental DNA and modeling ▶


Laura S. Epp, Stefan Kruse, Nadja J. Kath et al.


Prolonged systemic hyperglycemia does not cause pericyte loss and permeability at the mouse blood-brain barrier ▶


Maarja Andaloussi Mäe, Tian Li, Giacomo Bertuzzi et al.


Divergent responses to warming of two common co-occurring Mediterranean bryozoans ▶


Marta Pagès-Escolà, Bernat Hereu, Joaquim Garrabou et al.


Dynamic interaction of poly(A)-binding protein with the ribosome ▶


Kodai Machida, Tomoaki Shigeta, Yuki Yamamoto et al.


Stable isotopic evidence of nitrogen sources and C4 metabolism driving the world’s largest macroalgal green tides in the Yellow Sea ▶


Ivan Valiela, Dongyan Liu, Javier Lloret et al.


Evidence for Cognitive Placebo and Nocebo Effects in Healthy Individuals ▶


Zsolt Turi, Espen Bjørkedal, Luisa Gunkel et al.


Micro-RNAs, their target proteins, predispositions and the memory of filial imprinting ▶


Giorgi Margvelani, Maia Meparishvili, Tamar Kiguradze et al.


Interaction paths promote module integration and network-level robustness of spliceosome to cascading effects ▶


Paulo R. Guimarães, Mathias M. Pires, Maurício Cantor et al.


A gB/CD3 bispecific BiTE antibody construct for targeting Human Cytomegalovirus-infected cells ▶


Charlotte U. Brey, Julia Proff, Natascha Teufert et al.


The Effect of Ratio of Changing to Static Stimuli on the Attentional Capture ▶


Fuminori Ono


CLIP-170 is essential for MTOC repositioning during T cell activation by regulating dynein localisation on the cell surface ▶


Wei Ming Lim, Yuma Ito, Kumiko Sakata-Sogawa et al.


Increased seroprevalence of HAV and parvovirus B19 in children and of HEV in adults at diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis ▶


Richard Taubert, Jana Diestelhorst, Norman Junge et al.


IMB-T130 targets 3-dehydroquinate synthase and inhibits Mycobacterium tuberculosis ▶


Ningyu Zhu, Xia Wang, Dongsheng Li et al.


Advanced spectroscopy-based phenotyping offers a potential solution to the ash dieback epidemic ▶


Caterina Villari, Arnaud Dowkiw, Rasmus Enderle et al.


Structural insight into D-xylose utilization by xylose reductase from Scheffersomyces stipitis ▶


Hyeoncheol Francis Son, Sun-Mi Lee, Kyung-Jin Kim

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