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Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 4 September 2018

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  03 September 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Interaction between hydrogen and gallium vacancies in β-Ga2O3 ▶


Yidan Wei, Xingji Li, Jianqun Yang et al.


A misaligned magneto-optical trap to enable miniaturized atom chip systems ▶


Ritayan Roy, Jo Rushton, Andrei Dragomir et al.


Unraveling the Mesoscale Evolution of Microstructure during Supersonic Impact of Aluminum Powder Particles ▶


Sumit Suresh, Seok-Woo Lee, Mark Aindow et al.


Acoustic analog computing system based on labyrinthine metasurfaces ▶


Shuyu Zuo, Qi Wei, Ye Tian et al.


Tweaking the Electronic and Optical Properties of α-MoO3 by Sulphur and Selenium Doping – a Density Functional Theory Study ▶


Sateesh Bandaru, Govindarajan Saranya, Niall J. English et al.


Large second harmonic generation in alloyed TMDs and boron nitride nanostructures ▶


Michael C. Lucking, Kory Beach, Humberto Terrones


Physical Insight on Mechanism of Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Multipolar Photoactive Molecules ▶


Yuanzuo Li, Chaofan Sun, Peng Song et al.


Floquet Weyl Magnons in Three-Dimensional Quantum Magnets ▶


S. A. Owerre


Single Walled BiI3 Nanotubes Encapsulated within Carbon Nanotubes ▶


Anumol Erumpukuthickal Ashokkumar, Andrey N. Enyashin, Francis Leonard Deepak


Combing signal processing methods with algorithm priori information to produce synergetic improvements on continuous imaging of brain electrical impedance tomography ▶


Haoting Li, Rongqing Chen, Canhua Xu et al.


Towards Laser-Textured Antibacterial Surfaces ▶


Adrian H. A. Lutey, Laura Gemini, Luca Romoli et al.


Two-step breakdown of a SiN membrane for nanopore fabrication: Formation of thin portion and penetration ▶


Itaru Yanagi, Hirotaka Hamamura, Rena Akahori et al.


An exciton-polariton bolometer for terahertz radiation detection ▶


G. G. Paschos, T. C. H. Liew, Z. Hatzopoulos et al.


Hybrid rf SQUID qubit based on high kinetic inductance ▶


J. T. Peltonen, P. C. J. J. Coumou, Z. H. Peng et al.


Characterization of the second- and third-harmonic optical susceptibilities of atomically thin tungsten diselenide ▶


Henrique G. Rosa, Yi Wei Ho, Ivan Verzhbitskiy et al.


Strong Solar Radiation Forces from Anomalously Reflecting Metasurfaces for Solar Sail Attitude Control ▶


Dylan C. Ullery, Sina Soleymani, Andrew Heaton et al.


A low-cost and high-performance thin-film composite forward osmosis membrane based on an SPSU/PVC substrate ▶


Ke Zheng, Shaoqi Zhou, Xuan Zhou


Improved recovery time and sensitivity to H2 and NH3 at room temperature with SnOx vertical nanopillars on ITO ▶


L. D’Arsié, V. Alijani, S. T. Suran Brunelli et al.


The piecewise parabolic method for elastic-plastic flow in solids ▶


Wei Zhang, Cheng Chen, Kun Liu et al.


Coherent backscattering in quasi-ballistic ultra-high mobility GaAs/AlGaAs 2DES ▶


R. L. Samaraweera, H.-C. Liu, B. Gunawardana et al.


Tunable directional subwavelength acoustic antenna based on Mie resonance ▶


Jin Zhang, Ying Cheng, Xiaojun Liu


Analysis of atomic beam collimation by laser cooling ▶


Shangyan Li, Min Zhou, Xinye Xu


Optimization of neural networks via finite-value quantum fluctuations ▶


Masayuki Ohzeki, Shuntaro Okada, Masayoshi Terabe et al.


Overgrowth and strain investigation of (11–20) non-polar GaN on patterned templates on sapphire ▶


L. Jiu, Y. Gong, T. Wang


Investigation of drug release modulation from poly(2-oxazoline) micelles through ultrasound ▶


Alice Rita Salgarella, Anna Zahoranová, Petra Šrámková et al.


Three-stage vertical distribution of seawater conductivity ▶


Zeyu Zheng, Yang Fu, Kaizhou Liu et al.


A Cosine Similarity Algorithm Method for Fast and Accurate Monitoring of Dynamic Droplet Generation Processes ▶


Xiurui Zhu, Shisheng Su, Mingzhu Fu et al.


Surface nanogrooving of carbon microtubes ▶


Bijan Nasri-Nasrabadi, Akif Kaynak, Zahra Komeily-Nia et al.


An ultra-fast mechanically active cell culture substrate ▶


Alexandre Poulin, Matthias Imboden, Francesca Sorba et al.


Ascertaining when a basin is Wada: the merging method ▶


Alvar Daza, Alexandre Wagemakers, Miguel A. F. Sanjuán


Development, Characterization and Electromechanical Actuation Behavior of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuator based on Sulfonated Poly(1,4-phenylene ether-ether-sulfone)/Carbon Nanotubes ▶


Ajahar Khan, Ravi Kant Jain, Priyabrata Banerjee et al.


Extremely high strength and work hardening ability in a metastable high entropy alloy ▶


S. S. Nene, M. Frank, K. Liu et al.


Lithium-ion conducting oxide single crystal as solid electrolyte for advanced lithium battery application ▶


Kunimitsu Kataoka, Hiroshi Nagata, Junji Akimoto


Potential formula of an m × n globe network and its application ▶


Zhen Tan, Zhi-Zhong Tan


Ultraviolet Hyperspectral Interferometric Microscopy ▶


Ashkan Ojaghi, Meredith E. Fay, Wilbur A. Lam et al.


Harnessing Free Energy From Nature For Efficient Operation of Compressed Air Energy Storage System and Unlocking the Potential of Renewable Power Generation ▶


Gayathri Venkataramani, Velraj Ramalingam, Kishore Viswanathan


Generalized Empirical Bayes Modeling via Frequentist Goodness of Fit ▶


Subhadeep Mukhopadhyay, Douglas Fletcher


Weak Antilocalization and Quantum Oscillations of Surface States in Topologically Nontrivial DyPdBi(110)Half Heusler alloy ▶


Vishal Bhardwaj, Satyendra Prakash Pal, Lajos K. Varga et al.


Enhancing bulk defect-mediated absorption in silicon waveguides by doping compensation technique ▶


Qiang Zhang, Hui Yu, Tian Qi et al.


N-doped catalytic graphitized hard carbon for high-performance lithium/sodium-ion batteries ▶


Ning Wang, Qinglei Liu, Boya Sun et al.


Direct methanol synthesis from methane in a plasma-catalyst hybrid system at low temperature using metal oxide-coated glass beads ▶


Heesoo Lee, Do Heui Kim


Uhlmann curvature in dissipative phase transitions ▶


Angelo Carollo, Bernardo Spagnolo, Davide Valenti


Semi-metals as potential thermoelectric materials ▶


Maxime Markov, Xixiao Hu, Han-Chun Liu et al.


Potential Application of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Rhizobium Immobilized in Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes to Adsorb Hexavalent Chromium ▶


T. Sathvika, Amitesh Soni, Kriti Sharma et al.


Light Emitting Diodes based Photoacoustic Imaging and Potential Clinical Applications ▶


Yunhao Zhu, Guan Xu, Jie Yuan et al.


Creation of independently controllable multiple focal spots from segmented Pancharatnam-Berry phases ▶


Peng Li, Xuyue Guo, Shuxia Qi et al.


Optimization-based design of an elastostatic cloaking device ▶


Víctor D. Fachinotti, Ignacio Peralta, Alejandro E. Albanesi


Correction of center of rotation and projection angle in synchrotron X-ray computed tomography ▶


Chang-Chieh Cheng, Yu-Tai Ching, Pai-Hung Ko et al.


A broadband tunable terahertz negative refractive index metamaterial ▶


Fang Ling, Zheqiang Zhong, Renshuai Huang et al.


Ultra-broadband and compact graphene-on-silicon integrated waveguide mode filters ▶


Peng Xing, Kelvin J. A. Ooi, Dawn T. H. Tan


Surface reconstruction in gold nanowires ▶


Yasuchika Suzuki, Tokushi Kizuka


Photophysical properties of cationic dyes captured in the mesoscale channels of micron-sized metal-organic framework crystals ▶


In-Hwan Choi, Suk Bin Yoon, Seong Huh et al.


Visualization of solute diffusion into cell walls in solution-impregnated wood under varying relative humidity using time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry ▶


Peiming Zheng, Dan Aoki, Masako Seki et al.


Detection of small bunches of ions using image charges ▶


Paul Räcke, Daniel Spemann, Jürgen W. Gerlach et al.


Nanostructure, structural stability, and diffusion characteristics of layered coatings for heat-assisted magnetic recording head media ▶


J. Matlak, E. Rismaniyazdi, K. Komvopoulos


Normal Mode Splitting in a Moving-Particles-Pumped Mechanical Oscillator: Clamped-Hinged Homogeneous Beam ▶


Zhi Sun


Non-Linear Self-Heating in Organic Transistors Reaching High Power Densities ▶


Markus P. Klinger, Axel Fischer, Hans Kleemann et al.


Kinked silicon nanowires-enabled interweaving electrode configuration for lithium-ion batteries ▶


Georgiana Sandu, Michael Coulombier, Vishank Kumar et al.

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