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The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 15 August 2018; Vol. 37, No. 16

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Volume 37, Number 16

News & Views

Quantitative proteomics identifies an ES cell‐specific form of a chromatin repressor complex, which shapes the particular chromatin state required for proliferation and self‐renewal of these cells.

Nikolaos Dokalis and Marco Prinz
Published online 23.07.2018


A new study on yeast membrane Mup1 identifies lateral plasma membrane compartmentalization as a regulatory mechanism in response to nutrient availability.

Sébastien Léon and David Teis
Published online 30.07.2018


Increase in cell size induced by the plant hormone cytokinin constitutes a mechanical cue for differentiation.

Elena Pacifici, Riccardo Di Mambro, Raffaele Dello Ioio, Paolo Costantino and Sabrina Sabatini
Published online 16.07.2018


Conditional modulation of NF‐κB in astrocytes reveals astrocyte‐mediated microglia proliferation depending on paracrine Wnt signaling that results in stage‐specific disease modulation.

Najwa Ouali Alami, Christine Schurr, Florian Olde Heuvel, Linyun Tang, Qian Li, Alpaslan Tasdogan, Atsushi Kimbara, Matthias Nettekoven, Giorgio Ottaviani, Catarina Raposo, Stephan Röver, Mark Rogers‐Evans, Benno Rothenhäusler, Christoph Ullmer, Jürgen Fingerle, Uwe Grether, Irene Knuesel, Tobias M Boeckers, Albert Ludolph, Thomas Wirth, Francesco Roselli and Bernd Baumann
Published online 06.06.2018 Open Access


Analyses on a yeast membrane permease Mup1 identify protein clustering in membrane domains as a regulatory mechanism.

Jon V Busto, Annegret Elting, Daniel Haase, Felix Spira, Julian Kuhlman, Marco Schäfer‐Herte and Roland Wedlich‐Söldner
Published online 05.07.2018


Prohibitins are expressed on the surface of Th17 cells and regulate CRAF‐MAPK activation, polarization and pathogenicity of Th17 cells.

Ulrike Buehler, Katharina Schulenburg, Hajime Yurugi, Maja Šolman, Daniel Abankwa, Alexander Ulges, Stefan Tenzer, Tobias Bopp, Bernd Thiede, Frauke Zipp and Krishnaraj Rajalingam
Published online 26.07.2018


A novel mouse model allows to track the kinetic and temporal aspects of Foxp3 expression in regulatory T cells during inflammation, showing that Treg development depends on persistent Foxp3 transcription.

David Bending, Alina Paduraru, Catherine B Ducker, Paz Prieto Martín, Tessa Crompton and Masahiro Ono
Published online 10.07.2018 Open Access


A targeted RNAi screen reveals a role for the chromatin remodeling Tip60 complex in neural stem cell polarity and asymmetric cell division, and identifies polarity regulator aPKC as a new Myc target.

Katja Rust, Manu D Tiwari, Vivek Kumar Mishra, Ferdi Grawe and Andreas Wodarz
Published online 11.07.2018


Sequential interaction with cytosolic chaperones and dedicated targeting factors stabilizes the nascent chain of tail‐anchored proteins to ensure proper membrane insertion.

Hyunju Cho and Shu‐ou Shan
Published online 04.07.2018


Stabilization and nuclear accumulation of the yeast ‘start’ cyclin Cln3 by the CDK target Cdc48 suggests a potentially conserved feedforward loop for rapid and reversible switching between G1 arrest and proliferation.

Eva Parisi, Galal Yahya, Alba Flores and Martí Aldea
Published online 27.06.2018


The deubiquitinase Cezanne contributes to proper mitotic progression by specifically reverting K11‐linked ubiquitin chains formed by the key cell cycle ubiquitin ligase APC/C.

Thomas Bonacci, Aussie Suzuki, Gavin D Grant, Natalie Stanley, Jeanette G Cook, Nicholas G Brown and Michael J Emanuele
Published online 04.07.2018


RIM‐binding proteins ensure coupling of BK‐channels to Ca2+ channels in the active zone to control neurotransmitter release.

Alessandra Sclip, Claudio Acuna, Fujun Luo and Thomas C Südhof
Published online 02.07.2018 Open Access


Characterization of a novel yeast Mre11 mutation causing accelerated double‐strand break resection reveals an MRX role in unwinding of double‐stranded DNA ends.

Elisa Gobbini, Corinne Cassani, Jacopo Vertemara, Weibin Wang, Fabiana Mambretti, Erika Casari, Patrick Sung, Renata Tisi, Giuseppe Zampella and Maria Pia Longhese
Published online 19.06.2018


tADs exist in short and long forms, and flanking sequences can positively or negatively affect tAD function.

Cosmas D Arnold, Filip Nemčko, Ashley R Woodfin, Sebastian Wienerroither, Anna Vlasova, Alexander Schleiffer, Michaela Pagani, Martina Rath and Alexander Stark
Published online 13.07.2018 Open Access

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