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  21 August 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Transition metal doped Sb@SnO2 nanoparticles for photochemical and electrochemical oxidation of cysteine ▶


Yeonwoo Kim, Sena Yang, Yeji Kang et al.


Atomic number dependence of Z contrast in scanning transmission electron microscopy ▶


Shunsuke Yamashita, Jun Kikkawa, Keiichi Yanagisawa et al.


Carrier transfer efficiency and its influence on emission properties of telecom wavelength InP-based quantum dot – quantum well structures ▶


Wojciech Rudno-Rudziński, Marcin Syperek, Janusz Andrzejewski et al.


Mapping temporal-network percolation to weighted, static event graphs ▶


Mikko Kivelä, Jordan Cambe, Jari Saramäki et al.


Magnetic order and disorder in nanomagnets probed by superconducting vortices ▶


V. Rollano, J. del Valle, A. Gomez et al.


Controlling Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction via Chirality Dependent Atomic-Layer Stacking, Insulator Capping and Electric Field ▶


Hongxin Yang, Olivier Boulle, Vincent Cros et al.


Time-reversal invariant resonant backscattering on a topological insulator surface driven by a time-periodic gate voltage ▶


Ming-Xun Deng, R. Ma, Wei Luo et al.


Optically Graded Ultra Dark Absorber for Visible and Near-infrared Wavelength Range ▶


Prabhat K. Agnihotri, Viney Ghai, Harpreet Singh


Carbon fiber doped thermosetting elastomer for flexible sensors: physical properties and microfabrication ▶


Ajit Khosla, Shreyas Shah, MD Nahin Islam Shiblee et al.


Self-healing effects in a semi-ordered liquid for stable electronic conversion of high-energy radiation ▶


Bradley R. Nullmeyer, Jae W. Kwon, J. David Robertson et al.


Density functional theory study of the role of benzylic hydrogen atoms in the antioxidant properties of lignans ▶


Quan V. Vo, Pham Cam Nam, Mai Van Bay et al.


Investigation of optical force on magnetic nanoparticles with magnetic-fluid-filled Fabry-Perot interferometer ▶


Tianjun Yao, Shengli Pu, Jie Rao et al.


Fused silica optical fibers with graded index nanostructured core ▶


Alicja Anuszkiewicz, Rafal Kasztelanic, Adam Filipkowski et al.


Arbitrary shaped beam scattering from a chiral-coated conducting object with arbitrary monochromatic illumination ▶


Mingjun Wang, Huayong Zhang, Xizheng Ke et al.


Restriction on the local realism violation in three-qubit states and its relation with tripartite entanglement ▶


Artur Barasiński


Hybrid optical-electronic convolutional neural networks with optimized diffractive optics for image classification ▶


Julie Chang, Vincent Sitzmann, Xiong Dun et al.


Towards the geometric structure of small supported Au9 clusters on Si ▶


D. Chekrygina, A. Rothkirch, I. Baev et al.


Preparation and characterization of Sn/La co-doped TiO2 nanomaterials and their phase transformation and photocatalytic activity ▶


Xiaodong Zhu, Lingxiu Pei, Ranran Zhu et al.


Polarization-sensitive tunable absorber in visible and near-infrared regimes ▶


Dasol Lee, Sung Yong Han, Yeonggyo Jeong et al.


Co3O4/carbon composite nanofibrous membrane enabled high-efficiency electromagnetic wave absorption ▶


Ibrahim Abdalla, Jiali Shen, Jianyong Yu et al.


Subwavelength Interferometric Control of Absorption in Three-port Acoustic Network ▶


O. Richoux, V. Achilleos, G. Theocharis et al.


Flexible memristive devices based on polyimide:mica nanosheet nanocomposites with an embedded PEDOT:PSS layer ▶


Myoung Kyun Choi, Woo Kyum Kim, Sihyun Sung et al.


Hamming weight and tight constraints of multi-qubit entanglement in terms of unified entropy ▶


Jeong San Kim


Directly Probing Light Absorption Enhancement of Single Hierarchical Structures with Engineered Surface Roughness ▶


Jingwei Wang, Run Shi, Weijun Wang et al.


Phase-coherent solitonic Josephson heat oscillator ▶


Claudio Guarcello, Paolo Solinas, Alessandro Braggio et al.


Insight into the molecular mechanism behind PEG-mediated stabilization of biofluid lipases ▶


Bianca Pérez, Andrea Coletta, Jannik N. Pedersen et al.


Coplanar-gate ZnO nanowire field emitter arrays with enhanced gate-control performance using a ring-shaped cathode ▶


Long Zhao, Yicong Chen, Zhipeng Zhang et al.


Structure Properties of Generalized Farey graphs based on Dynamical Systems for Networks ▶


Wenchao Jiang, Yinhu Zhai, Paul Martin et al.


A wet-filtration-zipping approach for fabricating highly electroconductive and auxetic graphene/carbon nanotube hybrid buckypaper ▶


Shashikant P. Patole, Muhamad F. Arif, Rahmat A. Susantyoko et al.


Subcellular Peptide Localization in Single Identified Neurons by Capillary Microsampling Mass Spectrometry ▶


Linwen Zhang, Nikkita Khattar, Ildiko Kemenes et al.


Large-Scale Encapsulation of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles via Syngas Photo-Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition ▶


Donya Farhanian, Gregory De Crescenzo, Jason R. Tavares


Quantification of the ozone and singlet delta oxygen produced in gas and liquid phases by a non-thermal atmospheric plasma with relevance for medical treatment ▶


Helena Jablonowski, Joao Santos Sousa, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann et al.


Practical Three-Minute Synthesis of Acid-Coated Fluorescent Carbon Dots with Tuneable Core Structure ▶


Stephen A. Hill, David Benito-Alifonso, Sean A. Davis et al.


Novel Hybrid Energy Conversion and Storage Cell with Photovoltaic and Supercapacitor Effects in Ionic Liquid Electrolyte ▶


Saran Kalasina, Nutthaphon Phattharasupakun, Thana Maihom et al.


A Molecularly Modulated Mode-Locked Laser ▶


Shin-ichi Zaitsu, Takao Tsuchiya


Thermal spin fluctuations in CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy ▶


Zhihua Dong, Stephan Schönecker, Wei Li et al.


Light-programmable manipulation of DC field in Laplacian Meta-devices ▶


Tiancheng Han, Yuexia Liu, Lei Liu et al.


Simulating quantum dynamical phenomena using classical oscillators: Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana interferometry, latching modulation, and motional averaging ▶


O. V. Ivakhnenko, S. N. Shevchenko, Franco Nori


Resistive switching in nano-structures ▶


V. G. Karpov, D. Niraula


Maximal distant entanglement in Kitaev tube ▶


P. Wang, S. Lin, G. Zhang et al.

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