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  08 August 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Novel multifunctional RKKY coupling layer for ultrathin perpendicular synthetic antiferromagnet ▶


Jyotirmoy Chatterjee, Stephane Auffret, Ricardo Sousa et al.


All optical dual stage laser wakefield acceleration driven by two-color laser pulses ▶


Vishwa Bandhu Pathak, Hyung Taek Kim, J. Vieira et al.


Sensitivity of Anatase and Rutile Phases of TiO2 to ion irradiation: Examination of the applicability of Coulomb Explosion and Thermal Spike Models ▶


Haripriya Rath, B. N. Dash, A. Benyagoub et al.


Finite-time scaling in local bifurcations ▶


Álvaro Corral, Josep Sardanyés, Lluís Alsedà


Crossed patterned structured illumination for the analysis and velocimetry of transient turbid media ▶


Elias Kristensson, Edouard Berrocal


Design and Simulation of Active Frequency-selective Metasurface for Full-colour Plasmonic Display ▶


Jingjing Guo, Yan Tu, Lanlan Yang et al.


Catalytic activity of nickel nanoparticles stabilized by adsorbing polymers for enhanced carbon sequestration ▶


Seokju Seo, Gabriela Alvarez Perez, Ketan Tewari et al.


Two-photon-induced stretchable graphene supercapacitors ▶


Litty V. Thekkekara, Xi Chen, Min Gu


New Insight for Surface Chemistries in Ultra-thin Self-assembled Monolayers Modified High-voltage Spinel Cathodes ▶


Dae-wook Kim, Shuhei Uchida, Hiromasa Shiiba et al.


Study on the Aging Mechanism of Boron Potassium Nitrate (BKNO3) for Sustainable Efficiency in Pyrotechnic Mechanical Devices ▶


Junwoo Lee, Taewan Kim, Seung Un Ryu et al.


Cycle Based Network Centrality ▶


Xiaoping Zhou, Xun Liang, Jichao Zhao et al.


Relaxation dynamics in magnetic antidot lattice arrays of Co/Pt with perpendicular anisotropy ▶


Sougata Mallick, Swapna Sindhu Mishra, Subhankar Bedanta


Coherent THz Emission Enhanced by Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Wakefield ▶


S. Di Mitri, A. Perucchi, N. Adhlakha et al.


TiO2 nanoparticles assembled on kaolinites with different morphologies for efficient photocatalytic performance ▶


Xiaoyu Li, Kang Peng, Huaxin Chen et al.


A New Approach to Compute the Porosity and Surface Roughness of Porous Coated Capillary-Assisted Low Pressure Evaporators ▶


Poovanna Cheppudira Thimmaiah, Asish Kumar Panda, Upendra Kumar Pandey et al.


Unusual electronic and vibrational properties in the colossal thermopower material FeSb2 ▶


C. C. Homes, Q. Du, C. Petrovic et al.


Zeroth Law investigation on the logarithmic thermostat ▶


Puneet Kumar Patra, Baidurya Bhattacharya


Intrinsic and extrinsic drops in open-circuit voltage and conversion efficiency in solar cells with quantum dots embedded in host materials ▶


Lin Zhu, Hidefumi Akiyama, Yoshihiko Kanemitsu


Oil-Impregnated Hydrocarbon-Based Polymer Films ▶


Ranit Mukherjee, Mohammad Habibi, Ziad T. Rashed et al.


Golden Ratio Gain Enhancement in Coherently Coupled Parametric Processes ▶


Ottavia Jedrkiewicz, Alessandra Gatti, Enrico Brambilla et al.


Experimental Evidence of Amplitude Death and Phase-Flip Bifurcation between In-Phase and Anti-Phase Synchronization ▶


Krishna Manoj, Samadhan A. Pawar, R. I. Sujith


Enhancing quantum phase transitions in the critical point of Extended TC-Dicke model via Stark effect ▶


Ahmed Salah, A. S. Abdel-Rady, Abdel-Nasser A. Osman et al.


In-situ ATR-FTIR for dynamic analysis of superhydrophobic breakdown on nanostructured silicon surfaces ▶


Nandi Vrancken, Jiaqi Li, Stefanie Sergeant et al.


Photon Energy Dependent Micro-Raman Spectroscopy with a Continuum Laser Source ▶


Stefan Krause, Marc H. Overgaard, Tom Vosch


Chiral visible light metasurface patterned in monocrystalline silicon by focused ion beam ▶


Maxim V. Gorkunov, Oleg Y. Rogov, Alexey V. Kondratov et al.


Magnetic hardening of Nd-Ce-Fe-B films with high Ce concentration ▶


Hanyang Ren, Nadeem Abbas, Yang Liu et al.


Magnetoelectric and magnetodielectric coupling and microwave resonator characteristics of Ba0.5Sr0.5Nb2O6/CoCr0.4Fe1.6O4 multiferroic composite ▶


Shivangi Tiwari, Satish Vitta


Probing pairing symmetry in multi-band superconductors by quasiparticle interference ▶


A. Dutt, A. A. Golubov, D. V. Efremov et al.


Ultra-subwavelength thickness for dual/triple-band metamaterial absorber at very low frequency ▶


Bui Xuan Khuyen, Bui Son Tung, Young Ju Kim et al.


Broadband Variable Meta-Axicons Based on Nano-Aperture Arrays in a Metallic Film ▶


Yunzhi Zhu, Dunzhao Wei, Zeyu Kuang et al.


Ultrafast Laser Filament-induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Uranyl Fluoride ▶


P. J. Skrodzki, M. Burger, L. A. Finney et al.


Silicon Surface Tethered Polymer as Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interface ▶


Brian H. Shen, Gabriel M. Veith, Wyatt E. Tenhaeff


Level spacing statistics for light in two-dimensional disordered photonic crystals ▶


Jose M. Escalante, Sergey E. Skipetrov


Simulating para-Fermi oscillators ▶


C. Huerta Alderete, B. M. Rodríguez-Lara


Photoluminescence of planar and 3D InGaN/GaN LED structures excited with femtosecond laser pulses close to the damage threshold ▶


Angelina Jaros, Jana Hartmann, Hao Zhou et al.


A possible superconductor-like state at elevated temperatures near metal electrodes in an LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface ▶


Taeyueb Kim, Shin-Ik Kim, Sungjung Joo et al.


High-Responsivity Multilayer MoSe2 Phototransistors with Fast Response Time ▶


Hyejoo Lee, Jongtae Ahn, Seongil Im et al.


Investigation of magnetic droplet solitons using x-ray holography with extended references ▶


E. Burgos-Parra, N. Bukin, S. Sani et al.


Extremely Foldable and Highly Transparent Nanofiber-Based Electrodes for Liquid Crystal Smart Devices ▶


In Chul Kim, Tae-Hyung Kim, Seung Hee Lee et al.


Absence of Landau damping in driven three-component Bose–Einstein condensate in optical lattices ▶


Gavriil Shchedrin, Daniel Jaschke, Lincoln D. Carr


The influence of characteristic scales of convection on non-isothermal evaporation of a thin liquid layer ▶


S. Y. Misyura


Method of Higher-order Operators for Quantum Optomechanics ▶


Sina Khorasani


Giant microwave absorption in fine powders of superconductors ▶


G. Csősz, B. G. Márkus, A. Jánossy et al.


Direct nucleophilic trifluoromethylation of carbonyl compounds by potent greenhouse gas, fluoroform: Improving the reactivity of anionoid trifluoromethyl species in glymes ▶


Takuya Saito, Jiandong Wang, Etsuko Tokunaga et al.


Mechanical Metrics of the Proximal Tibia are Precise and Differentiate Osteoarthritic and Normal Knees: A Finite Element Study ▶


Hanieh Arjmand, Majid Nazemi, Saija A. Kontulainen et al.


Dual mode OPV-OLED device with photovoltaic and light-emitting functionalities ▶


Takayuki Chiba, Daichi Kumagai, Kazuo Udagawa et al.


Wave propagation in tunable lightweight tensegrity metastructure ▶


Y. T. Wang, X. N. Liu, R. Zhu et al.

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