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  10 July 2018    
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Climate change is not the only research topic in the Earth and environmental sciences, but few researchers in the discipline work without reference to it. Just as we have depended on them to identify the problem, we look to them for solutions that will help create a better future.
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Biological Sciences

Strategy of optical path of daylight signal into tissues in cold-season turfgrasses using small, concave silica bodies ▶


Shigeru Yamanaka, Hisanao Usami, Keiko Kakegawa et al.


An integrative approach to develop computational pipeline for drug-target interaction network analysis ▶


Ankush Bansal, Pulkit Anupam Srivastava, Tiratha Raj Singh


Diversity among bla KPC-containing plasmids in Escherichia coli and other bacterial species isolated from the same patients ▶


Tracy H. Hazen, Roberta Mettus, Christi L. McElheny et al.


Geometric compensation applied to image analysis of cell populations with morphological variability: a new role for a classical concept ▶


Joana Figueiredo, Isabel Rodrigues, João Ribeiro et al.


Modified scanning electron microscopy reveals pathological crosstalk between endothelial cells and podocytes in a murine model of membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis ▶


Md. Abdul Masum, Osamu Ichii, Yaser Hosny Ali Elewa et al.


Comparative and phylogenetic analysis of a novel family of Enterobacteriaceae-associated genomic islands that share a conserved excision/integration module ▶


Alejandro Piña-Iturbe, Diego Ulloa-Allendes, Catalina Pardo-Roa et al.


PID/WAG-mediated phosphorylation of the Arabidopsis PIN3 auxin transporter mediates polarity switches during gravitropism ▶


Peter Grones, Melinda Abas, Jakub Hajný et al.


Intramuscular infiltration of a local anesthetic, lidocaine, does not result in adverse behavioural side effects in rainbow trout ▶


F. Chatigny, C. M. Creighton, E. D. Stevens


Chemo-manipulation of tumor blood vessels by a metal-based anticancer complex enhances antitumor therapy ▶


Tina Riedel, Sabrina Cavin, Hubert van den Bergh et al.


Application of Real-time Elastography Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Axillary Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer Patients ▶


Yanjun Xu, Xiaojun Bai, Yini Chen et al.


Improving catalytic activity of the Baeyer–Villiger monooxygenase-based Escherichia coli biocatalysts for the overproduction of (Z)-11-(heptanoyloxy)undec-9-enoic acid from ricinoleic acid ▶


Ji-Min Woo, Eun-Yeong Jeon, Eun-Ji Seo et al.


Synchronisation of Arabidopsis flowering time and whole-plant senescence in seasonal environments ▶


Matin Miryeganeh, Masaki Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Kudoh


Anti-survivin effect of the small molecule inhibitor YM155 in RCC cells is mediated by time-dependent inhibition of the NF-κB pathway ▶


Mei Yi Sim, John Shyi Peng Yuen, Mei Lin Go


Role of inter-hemispheric connections in functional brain networks ▶


J. H. Martínez, J. M. Buldú, D. Papo et al.


Naturally derived Heme-Oxygenase 1 inducers attenuate inflammatory responses in human dendritic cells and T cells: relevance for psoriasis treatment ▶


Nicole K. Campbell, Hannah K. Fitzgerald, Anna Malara et al.


Understanding the indirect DNA read-out specificity of I-CreI Meganuclease ▶


Jesús Prieto, Pilar Redondo, Blanca López-Méndez et al.


Antigenic characteristics and genomic analysis of novel EV-A90 enteroviruses isolated in Xinjiang, China ▶


Keqiang Huang, Yong Zhang, Yang Song et al.


Climate-driven shifts in algal-bacterial interaction of high-mountain lakes in two years spanning a decade ▶


Juan Manuel González-Olalla, Juan Manuel Medina-Sánchez, Ismael L. Lozano et al.


Interaction between parasite-encoded JAB1/CSN5 and macrophage migration inhibitory factor proteins attenuates its proinflammatory function ▶


Swagata Ghosh, Laura Ann Leaton, Laura Farr et al.


A comprehensive analysis of the Korean fir (Abies koreana) genes expressed under heat stress using transcriptome analysis ▶


Jung Eun Hwang, Yun Jeong Kim, Myung Hwan Shin et al.


Sound abnormally stimulates the vestibular system in canal dehiscence syndrome by generating pathological fluid-mechanical waves ▶


M. M. Iversen, H. Zhu, W. Zhou et al.


Spinal PKCα inhibition and gene-silencing for pain relief: AMPAR trafficking at the synapses between primary afferents and sensory interneurons ▶


Olga Kopach, Volodymyr Krotov, Angela Shysh et al.


Gestational exposure to chlordecone promotes transgenerational changes in the murine reproductive system of males ▶


Aurore Gely-Pernot, Chunxiang Hao, Louis Legoff et al.


Intestinal permeability, digestive stability and oral bioavailability of dietary small RNAs ▶


Jian Yang, Ismail Elbaz-Younes, Cecilia Primo et al.


GABA promotes gastrin-releasing peptide secretion in NE/NE-like cells: Contribution to prostate cancer progression ▶


Susana R. Solorzano, Ivan Imaz-Rosshandler, Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo et al.


Listening to earthworms burrowing and roots growing - acoustic signatures of soil biological activity ▶


Marine Lacoste, Siul Ruiz, Dani Or


Indole-3-acetic-acid-induced phenotypic plasticity in Desmodesmus algae ▶


Tan-Ya Chung, Chih-Yen Kuo, Wei-Jiun Lin et al.


Automaticity of social cues: The influence of limiting cognitive resources on head orientation cueing ▶


Troy A. W. Visser, Ashton Roberts


TLR10 and NFKBIA contributed to the risk of hip osteoarthritis: systematic evaluation based on Han Chinese population ▶


Hongtao Tang, Zhenzhen Cheng, Wenlong Ma et al.


Moth oviposition shapes the species-specific transcriptional and phytohormonal response of Nicotiana attenuata to larval feeding ▶


Sylvia Drok, Michele Bandoly, Sandra Stelzer et al.


Common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) personality, subjective well-being, hair cortisol level and AVPR1a, OPRM1, and DAT genotypes ▶


Miho Inoue-Murayama, Chihiro Yokoyama, Yumi Yamanashi et al.


Nannochloropsis oceanica, a novel natural source of rumen-protected eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) for ruminants ▶


Susana P. Alves, Sofia H. Mendonça, Joana L. Silva et al.


Lifespan and functionality of mycorrhizal fungal mycelium are uncoupled from host plant lifespan ▶


Alessandra Pepe, Manuela Giovannetti, Cristiana Sbrana


Seasonal changes in the diversity and composition of the litter fauna in native forests and rubber plantations ▶


Kingsly C. Beng, Richard T. Corlett, Kyle W. Tomlinson


Co-treatment of TGF-β3 and BMP7 is superior in stimulating chondrocyte redifferentiation in both hypoxia and normoxia compared to single treatments ▶


Xiaobin Huang, Leilei Zhong, Janine N. Post et al.


The serrulatane diterpenoid natural products RAD288 and RAD289 stimulate properties of olfactory ensheathing cells useful for neural repair therapies ▶


Mo Chen, Marie-Laure Vial, Johana Tello Velasquez et al.


Transcriptional responses of soybean roots to colonization with the root endophytic fungus Piriformospora indica reveals altered phenylpropanoid and secondary metabolism ▶


Ruchika Bajaj, Yinyin Huang, Sebhat Gebrechristos et al.


Knee Joint Tissues Effectively Separate Mixed Sized Molecules Delivered in a Single Bolus to the Heart ▶


Lucy Ngo, Lillian E. Knothe, Melissa L. Knothe Tate


Attentional state and brain processes: state-dependent lateralization of EEG profiles in horses ▶


C. Rochais, M. Sébilleau, M. Menoret et al.


Human IgM monoclonal antibodies block HIV-transmission to immune cells in cervico-vaginal tissues and across polarized epithelial cells in vitro ▶


Claudia Devito, Rada Ellegård, Tina Falkeborn et al.


Rbpj direct regulation of Atoh7 transcription in the embryonic mouse retina ▶


Joel B. Miesfeld, Myung-soon Moon, Amy N. Riesenberg et al.


Comparison of the expression of cluster of differentiation (CD)39 and CD73 between propofol- and sevoflurane-based anaesthesia during open heart surgery ▶


Chung-Sik Oh, Karam Kim, Woon-Seok Kang et al.


Sir-2.1 mediated attenuation of α-synuclein expression by Alaskan bog blueberry polyphenols in a transgenic model of Caenorhabditis elegans ▶


Malabika Maulik, Swarup Mitra, Skyler Hunter et al.


Male rutting calls synchronize reproduction in Serengeti wildebeest ▶


Justin M. Calabrese, Allison Moss Clay, Richard D. Estes et al.


Anticoagulants impact on innate immune responses and bacterial survival in whole blood models of Neisseria meningitidis infection ▶


Lea Strobel, Kay O. Johswich


Porcine Alveolar Macrophage-like cells are pro-inflammatory Pulmonary Intravascular Macrophages that produce large titers of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus ▶


Elise Bordet, Pauline Maisonnasse, Patricia Renson et al.


Cultural engagement predicts changes in cognitive function in older adults over a 10 year period: findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing ▶


Daisy Fancourt, Andrew Steptoe


Improving of hydrolases biosythesis by solid-state fermentation of Penicillium camemberti on rapeseed cake ▶


Filip Boratyński, Ewa Szczepańska, Aleksandra Grudniewska et al.


Biomimetic materials assembled on a photovoltaic cell as a novel biosensing approach to cancer biomarker detection ▶


Felismina T. C. Moreira, Liliana A. A. N. A. Truta, M. Goreti F. Sales


Tissue and exosomal miRNA editing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer ▶


Giovanni Nigita, Rosario Distefano, Dario Veneziano et al.


Using machine learning tools for protein database biocuration assistance ▶


Caroline König, Ilmira Shaim, Alfredo Vellido et al.


Integument CYP genes of the largest genome-wide cytochrome P450 expansions in triatomines participate in detoxification in deltamethrin-resistant Triatoma infestans ▶


Andrea B. Dulbecco, Débora E. Moriconi, Gustavo M. Calderón-Fernández et al.


Large-scale production of megakaryocytes in microcarrier-supported stirred suspension bioreactors ▶


Dorothee Eicke, Anja Baigger, Kai Schulze et al.


Bio-based products control black rot (Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris) and increase the nutraceutical and antioxidant components in kale ▶


Andrés M. P. Nuñez, Gabriel A. A. Rodríguez, Fernando P. Monteiro et al.


Juvenile bovine bone is an appropriate surrogate for normal and reduced density human bone in biomechanical testing: a validation study ▶


J. W. A. Fletcher, S. Williams, M. R. Whitehouse et al.


Blue light excited retinal intercepts cellular signaling ▶


Kasun Ratnayake, John L. Payton, O. Harshana Lakmal et al.


A new approach of gene co-expression network inference reveals significant biological processes involved in porcine muscle development in late gestation ▶


M. Marti-Marimon, N. Vialaneix, V. Voillet et al.


Composition and Use of Cannabis Extracts for Childhood Epilepsy in the Australian Community ▶


A. Suraev, N. Lintzeris, J. Stuart et al.


Dietary methionine deficiency affects oxidative status, mitochondrial integrity and mitophagy in the liver of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) ▶


Sarah Séité, Arnaud Mourier, Nadine Camougrand et al.


Modeling erythrocyte electrodeformation in response to amplitude modulated electric waveforms ▶


Yuhao Qiang, Jia Liu, Fan Yang et al.


Innate and adaptive immune dysregulation in critically ill ICU patients ▶


Niharika Arora Duggal, Catherine Snelson, Ulfath Shaheen et al.


Physiological and genetic characterization of calcium phosphate precipitation by Pseudomonas species ▶


Maxwell R. Fishman, Krista Giglio, David Fay et al.


Preparation of Anti-Human Podoplanin Monoclonal Antibody and its application in Immunohistochemical Diagnosis ▶


Chengjie Xie, Rongzhi Wang, Abdullah F. U. H. Saeed et al.


Melatonin alleviates low-sulfur stress by promoting sulfur homeostasis in tomato plants ▶


Md. Kamrul Hasan, Chen-Xu Liu, Yan-Ting Pan et al.


A novel endoscopic classification for craniopharyngioma based on its origin ▶


Bin Tang, Shen Hao Xie, Li Min Xiao et al.


Modeling the distributions of tegu lizards in native and potential invasive ranges ▶


Catherine S. Jarnevich, Mark A. Hayes, Lee A. Fitzgerald et al.


Zika Virus Replication in Dorsal Root Ganglia Explants from Interferon Receptor1 Knockout Mice Causes Myelin Degeneration ▶


Vera Giulia Volpi, Isabel Pagani, Silvia Ghezzi et al.


Phasic and sustained interactions of multisensory interplay and temporal expectation ▶


Felix Ball, Fabienne Fuehrmann, Fenja Stratil et al.


Age at first birth in women is genetically associated with increased risk of schizophrenia ▶


Guiyan Ni, Jacob Gratten, Naomi R. Wray et al.


Early phosphoproteomic changes for adverse outcome pathway development in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) brain ▶


L. C. Smith, C. M. Lavelle, C. Silva-Sanchez et al.


The multidomain flavodiiron protein from Clostridium difficile 630 is an NADH:oxygen oxidoreductase ▶


Filipe Folgosa, Maria C. Martins, Miguel Teixeira


Exposure to podophyllotoxin inhibits oocyte meiosis by disturbing meiotic spindle formation ▶


Lin-Lin Hu, Xin Zhou, Hao-Lin Zhang et al.


Novel biomineralization strategy in calcareous foraminifera ▶


C. Borrelli, G. Panieri, T. M. Dahl et al.


Characterization and Validation of a Human 3D Cardiac Microtissue for the Assessment of Changes in Cardiac Pathology ▶


Caroline R. Archer, Rebecca Sargeant, Jayati Basak et al.


Zebrafish mutants and TEAD reporters reveal essential functions for Yap and Taz in posterior cardinal vein development ▶


Matteo Astone, Jason Kuan Han Lai, Sirio Dupont et al.


A multifunctional DNA nano-scorpion for highly efficient targeted delivery of mRNA therapeutics ▶


Dandan Li, Fei Mo, Jiangling Wu et al.


Modeling SNP array ascertainment with Approximate Bayesian Computation for demographic inference ▶


Consuelo D. Quinto-Cortés, August E. Woerner, Joseph C. Watkins et al.


Association of meteorological factors and air NO2 and O3 concentrations with acute exacerbation of elderly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ▶


Ming-Tai Lin, Chew-Teng Kor, Chun-Chi Chang et al.


Hypoxia promotes breast cancer cell invasion through HIF-1α-mediated up-regulation of the invadopodial actin bundling protein CSRP2 ▶


Céline Hoffmann, Xianqing Mao, Joshua Brown-Clay et al.


Cross-scale neutral ecology and the maintenance of biodiversity ▶


James P. O’Dwyer, Stephen J. Cornell


Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation reveals a causal role of the human precuneus in spatial updating ▶


Notger G. Müller, Martin Riemer, Lisa Brandt et al.


Efficient production of human interferon beta in the white of eggs from ovalbumin gene–targeted hens ▶


Isao Oishi, Kyoko Yoshii, Daichi Miyahara et al.


Social learning from conspecifics and humans in dog puppies ▶


Claudia Fugazza, Alexandra Moesta, Ákos Pogány et al.


Cellular dissection of malaria parasite invasion of human erythrocytes using viable Plasmodium knowlesi merozoites ▶


Oliver Lyth, Gema Vizcay-Barrena, Katherine E. Wright et al.


Visual Osteoclast Fusion via A Fluorescence Method ▶


Boer Li, Fanyuan Yu, Fanzi Wu et al.


The Life Skills of Older Americans: Association with Economic, Psychological, Social, and Health Outcomes ▶


Andrew Steptoe, Sarah E. Jackson


Next generation sequencing identifies novel disease-associated BEST1 mutations in Bestrophinopathy patients ▶


Thong T. Nguyen, B. Poornachandra, Anshuman Verma et al.


Genome Sequencing and analyses of Two Marine Fungi from the North Sea Unraveled a Plethora of Novel Biosynthetic Gene Clusters ▶


Abhishek Kumar, Jens Laurids Sørensen, Frederik Teilfeldt Hansen et al.


Discovery of Mcl-1 inhibitors from integrated high throughput and virtual screening ▶


Ahmed S. A. Mady, Chenzhong Liao, Naval Bajwa et al.


A new nonlinear method for calculating growing degree days ▶


Guanglin Zhou, Quanjiu Wang


Spontaneous reactivation of latent HIV-1 promoters is linked to the cell cycle as revealed by a genetic-insulators-containing dual-fluorescence HIV-1-based vector ▶


Yik Lim Kok, Stefan Schmutz, Anne Inderbitzin et al.


A Mouse Model of Schnyder Corneal Dystrophy with the N100S Point Mutation ▶


Fei Dong, Xueting Jin, Michelle A. Boettler et al.


Potential invasion of exotic ambrosia beetles Xyleborus glabratus and Euwallacea sp. in Mexico: A major threat for native and cultivated forest ecosystems ▶


Andrés Lira-Noriega, Jorge Soberón, Julián Equihua


Genome-Wide Determination of Gene Essentiality by Transposon Insertion Sequencing in Yeast Pichia pastoris ▶


Jinxiang Zhu, Ruiqing Gong, Qiaoyun Zhu et al.


DNA methylation landscape of the genes regulating D-serine and D-aspartate metabolism in post-mortem brain from controls and subjects with schizophrenia ▶


Simona Keller, Daniela Punzo, Mariella Cuomo et al.


Concurrent TSHR mutations and DIO2 T92A polymorphism result in abnormal thyroid hormone metabolism ▶


Eunkuk Park, Jaehoon Jung, Osamu Araki et al.


Inorganic carbon and nitrogen assimilation in cellular compartments of a benthic kleptoplastic foraminifer ▶


Charlotte LeKieffre, Thierry Jauffrais, Emmanuelle Geslin et al.


Role of neuritin in retinal ganglion cell death in adult mice following optic nerve injury ▶


Yuriko Azuchi, Kazuhiko Namekata, Tadayuki Shimada et al.


Enzootic frog pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Asian tropics reveals high ITS haplotype diversity and low prevalence ▶


Milind C. Mutnale, Sachin Anand, Lilly M. Eluvathingal et al.


Assessment of the key regulatory genes and their Interologs for Turner Syndrome employing network approach ▶


Anam Farooqui, Safia Tazyeen, Mohd. Murshad Ahmed et al.


MiR-99b-5p and miR-203a-3p Function as Tumor Suppressors by Targeting IGF-1R in Gastric Cancer ▶


Zhenzhen Wang, Zhenghao Zhao, Yang Yang et al.


Optimization of sample preparation and green color imaging using the mNeonGreen fluorescent protein in bacterial cells for photoactivated localization microscopy ▶


Iris Stockmar, Helge Feddersen, Kimberly Cramer et al.


Motivational goal-priming with or without awareness produces faster and stronger force exertion ▶


Yudai Takarada, Daichi Nozaki


Exploiting sorghum genetic diversity for enhanced aluminum tolerance: Allele mining based on the Alt SB locus ▶


Barbara Hufnagel, Claudia T. Guimaraes, Eric J. Craft et al.


MicroRNA expression analysis identifies a subset of downregulated miRNAs in ALS motor neuron progenitors ▶


Mafalda Rizzuti, Giuseppe Filosa, Valentina Melzi et al.


Glucose starvation induces LKB1-AMPK-mediated MMP-9 expression in cancer cells ▶


Hitoshi Endo, Satoshi Owada, Yutaka Inagaki et al.


Development of outbred CD1 mouse colonies with distinct standardized gut microbiota profiles for use in complex microbiota targeted studies ▶


Marcia L. Hart, Aaron C. Ericsson, K. C. Kent Lloyd et al.


Dissecting Distinct Roles of NEDDylation E1 Ligase Heterodimer APPBP1 and UBA3 Reveals Potential Evolution Process for Activation of Ubiquitin-related Pathways ▶


Harbani Kaur Malik-Chaudhry, Zied Gaieb, Amanda Saavedra et al.


MicroRNA interactome analysis predicts post-transcriptional regulation of ADRB2 and PPP3R1 in the hypercholesterolemic myocardium ▶


Bence Ágg, Tamás Baranyai, András Makkos et al.


Identification of genes underlying the enhancement of immunity by a formula of lentinan, pachymaran and tremelia polysaccharides in immunosuppressive mice ▶


Xia Luo, Shaowei Huang, Shuang Luo et al.


Electrophysiological evidence of RML12 mosquito cell line towards neuronal differentiation by 20-hydroxyecdysdone ▶


Julie Gaburro, Jean-Bernard Duchemin, Prasad N. Paradkar et al.


Association of Lipoprotein-Associated Phospholipase A2 with the Prevalence of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Result from the APAC Study ▶


Zhongni Liu, Hong Li, Yinghong Zheng et al.


Across-subject offline decoding of motor imagery from MEG and EEG ▶


Halme Hanna-Leena, Parkkonen Lauri


Genotype-Corrector: improved genotype calls for genetic mapping in F2 and RIL populations ▶


Chenyong Miao, Jingping Fang, Delin Li et al.


Comparative proteomic analysis revealed complex responses to classical/novel duck reovirus infections in Cairna moschata ▶


Tao Yun, Jionggang Hua, Weicheng Ye et al.


The functional and inflammatory response of brain endothelial cells to Toll-Like Receptor agonists ▶


Rebecca H. Johnson, Dan T. Kho, Simon J. O’ Carroll et al.


Fungi in perennial ice from Scărișoara Ice Cave (Romania) ▶


Traian Brad, Corina Itcus, Madalina-Denisa Pascu et al.


Dual role of SND1 facilitates efficient communication between abiotic stress signalling and normal growth in Arabidopsis ▶


Chan Young Jeong, Won Je Lee, Hai An Truong et al.


Reversible mislocalization of a disease-associated MRE11 splice variant product ▶


Andrea J. Hartlerode, Joshua A. Regal, David O. Ferguson


Down-regulation of circPVRL3 promotes the proliferation and migration of gastric cancer cells ▶


Han-Dong Sun, Zhi-Peng Xu, Zhi-Qiang Sun et al.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis CarD, an essential global transcriptional regulator forms amyloid-like fibrils ▶


Gundeep Kaur, Soni Kaundal, Srajan Kapoor et al.


Gene expression profile in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of postpartum depression patients ▶


Danqing Pan, Yuemei Xu, Lei Zhang et al.


Evaluation of surface charge shift of collagen fibrils exposed to glutaraldehyde ▶


Patrick Mesquida, Dominik Kohl, Orestis G. Andriotis et al.


Dosage compensation and DNA methylation landscape of the X chromosome in mouse liver ▶


Christopher G. Duncan, Sara A. Grimm, Daniel L. Morgan et al.


Analysis of the Gut Microbiome of Rural and Urban Healthy Indians Living in Sea Level and High Altitude Areas ▶


Bhabatosh Das, Tarini Shankar Ghosh, Saurabh Kedia et al.


Processing and Structure of the Lantibiotic Peptide Nso From the Human Gut Bacterium Blautia obeum A2-162 analysed by Mass Spectrometry ▶


Cristina Gherghisan-Filip, Gerhard Saalbach, Diane Hatziioanou et al.


Graphene oxide polarizes iNKT cells for production of TGFβ and attenuates inflammation in an iNKT cell-mediated sepsis model ▶


Sung Won Lee, Hyun Jung Park, Luc Van Kaer et al.


Measuring shared knowledge with group false memory ▶


Yoshiko Arima, Ryoji Yukihiro, Yosuke Hattori


Environmental properties of cells improve machine learning-based phenotype recognition accuracy ▶


Timea Toth, Tamas Balassa, Norbert Bara et al.


Mito-TEMPO improves development competence by reducing superoxide in preimplantation porcine embryos ▶


Seul-Gi Yang, Hyo-Jin Park, Jin-Woo Kim et al.


Evidence for facultative protocarnivory in Capsella bursa-pastoris seeds ▶


Hattie R. Roberts, John M. Warren, Jim Provan


Direct evidence of a low barrier hydrogen bond in the catalytic triad of a Serine protease ▶


Peter Agback, Tatiana Agback


Monomolecular tetrahelix of polyguanine with a strictly defined folding pattern ▶


Besik Kankia


Neural signatures of reinforcement learning correlate with strategy adoption during spatial navigation ▶


Dian Anggraini, Stefan Glasauer, Klaus Wunderlich


Stimulating fermentation by the prolonged acceleration of gut transit protects against decompression sickness ▶


Sébastien de Maistre, Nicolas Vallée, Sandrine Gaillard et al.

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