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Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 19 June 2018

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  19 June 2018    
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Physical Sciences

N-doped graphene-based copper nanocomposite with ultralow electrical resistivity and high thermal conductivity ▶


Liang Zheng, Hui Zheng, Dexuan Huo et al.


Effect of Rare Earth Elements on the Morphology of Eutectic Carbides in AISI D2 Tool Steels: Experimental and Modelling Approaches ▶


Klemen Zelič, Jaka Burja, Paul John McGuiness et al.


In-situ, time resolved monitoring of uranium in BFS:OPC grout. Part 2: Corrosion in water ▶


C. A. Stitt, C. Paraskevoulakos, A. Banos et al.


Simulating polaron biophysics with Rydberg atoms ▶


Marcin Płodzień, Tomasz Sowiński, Servaas Kokkelmans


Ordering of Hollow Ag-Au Nanospheres with Butterfly Wings as a Bio-template ▶


Yu Guan, Huilan Su, Chengzhi Yang et al.


Ab initio inspired design of ternary boride thin films ▶


Vincent Moraes, Helmut Riedl, Christoph Fuger et al.


Numerical emulation of Thru-Reflection-Line calibration for the de-embedding of Surface Acoustic Wave devices ▶


D. Mencarelli, B. Djafari-Rouhani, Y. Pennec et al.


Aberration correction considering curved sample surface shape for non-contact two-photon excitation microscopy with spatial light modulator ▶


Naoya Matsumoto, Alu Konno, Takashi Inoue et al.


Extremely High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Facilitate Electrical Signal Propagation by Increasing Transmembrane Potassium Efflux in an Artificial Axon Model ▶


Simona D’Agostino, Chiara Della Monica, Eleonora Palizzi et al.


Tunability of p- and n-channel TiOx thin film transistors ▶


Wu-Chang Peng, Yao-Ching Chen, Ju-Liang He et al.


High-Performance Solid-State Thermionic Energy Conversion Based on 2D van der Waals Heterostructures: A First-Principles Study ▶


Xiaoming Wang, Mona Zebarjadi, Keivan Esfarjani


Fast and robust population transfer with a Josephson qutrit via shortcut to adiabaticity ▶


Zhi-Bo Feng, Xiao-Jing Lu, Run-Ying Yan et al.


Directional emission of plastic luminescent films using photonic crystals fabricated by soft-X-ray interference lithography and reactive ion etching ▶


Qiang Wu, Bo Liu, Zhichao Zhu et al.


Dispersion mapping as a simple postprocessing step for Fourier domain Optical Coherence Tomography data ▶


Sylwia M. Kolenderska, Bastian Bräuer, Frédérique Vanholsbeeck


Computational screening of organic polymer dielectrics for novel accelerator technologies ▶


Ghanshyam Pilania, Eric Weis, Ethan M. Walker et al.


Unexplored photoluminescence from bulk and mechanically exfoliated few layers of Bi2Te3 ▶


Bipin Kumar Gupta, Rabia Sultana, Satbir Singh et al.


Ductile bulk metallic glass by controlling structural heterogeneities ▶


S. Scudino, J. J. Bian, H. Shakur Shahabi et al.


Hybrid Plasmonic Microring Nano-Ruler ▶


Jing Du, Jian Wang


All-depth dispersion cancellation in spectral domain optical coherence tomography using numerical intensity correlations ▶


Mikkel Jensen, Niels Møller Israelsen, Michael Maria et al.


A Novel Metamaterial-Inspired RF-coil for Preclinical Dual-Nuclei MRI ▶


Anna Hurshkainen, Anton Nikulin, Elodie Georget et al.


Focus-Induced Photoresponse: a novel way to measure distances with photodetectors ▶


Oili Pekkola, Christoph Lungenschmied, Peter Fejes et al.


Broadband frequency-reconfigurable metamaterial absorber using switchable ground plane ▶


Heijun Jeong, Sungjoon Lim


Large-Area, Cost-Effective, Ultra-Broadband Perfect Absorber Utilizing Manganese in Metal-Insulator-Metal Structure ▶


Majid Aalizadeh, Amin Khavasi, Bayram Butun et al.


Wideband excitation of Fano resonances and induced transparency by coherent interactions between Brillouin resonances ▶


Ravi Pant, Siva Shakthi A., Anjali B. Yelikar


Investigation of return photons from sodium laser beacon excited by a 40-watt facility-class pulsed laser for adaptive optical telescope applications ▶


Qi Bian, Yong Bo, Junwei Zuo et al.


Realization of an ultrathin acoustic lens for subwavelength focusing in the megasonic range ▶


Jaeyub Hyun, Yong Tae Kim, Il Doh et al.


Thermodynamics of CuPt nanoalloys ▶


K. Rossi, L. Bartok-Pártay, G. Csányi et al.


Design of a high-precision and non-contact dynamic angular displacement measurement with dual-Laser Doppler Vibrometers ▶


Lei Chen, Dengwei Zhang, Yilan Zhou et al.


Active particles with desired orientation flowing through a bottleneck ▶


Daniel R. Parisi, Raúl Cruz Hidalgo, Iker Zuriguel


Na3SbSe4−x S x as Sodium Superionic Conductors ▶


Shan Xiong, Zhantao Liu, Haibo Rong et al.


Experimental 3-D Ultrasound Imaging with 2-D Sparse Arrays using Focused and Diverging Waves ▶


Emmanuel Roux, François Varray, Lorena Petrusca et al.


Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulfuric acid solution by loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) leaves extract ▶


Xingwen Zheng, Min Gong, Qiang Li et al.


Phase diagrams and multistep condensations of spin-1 bosonic gases in optical lattices ▶


Xiaolei Zan, Jing Liu, Jinsen Han et al.


On the thermal shock resistance and mechanical properties of novel unidirectional UHTCMCs for extreme environments ▶


Luca Zoli, Antonio Vinci, Pietro Galizia et al.


Rectification and negative differential resistance via orbital level pinning ▶


Aaron Zhenghui Thong, Milo S. P. Shaffer, Andrew P. Horsfield


Study of the absorption coefficient of graphene-polymer composites ▶


K. Zeranska-Chudek, A. Lapinska, A. Wroblewska et al.


The effects of printing orientation on the electrochemical behaviour of 3D printed acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)/carbon black electrodes ▶


Hairul Hisham Bin Hamzah, Oliver Keattch, Derek Covill et al.


The evolution of phase constitution and microstructure in iron-rich 2:17-type Sm-Co magnets with high magnetic performance ▶


Chaoyue Zhang, Zhuang Liu, Ming Li et al.


Relativistic Doppler-boosted γ-rays in High Fields ▶


Remi Capdessus, Martin King, Dario Del Sorbo et al.


Influence of the ordering of impurities on the appearance of an energy gap and on the electrical conductance of graphene ▶


S. P. Repetsky, I. G. Vyshyvana, S. P. Kruchinin et al.


Cooperation on dynamic networks within an uncertain reputation environment ▶


Pablo Lozano, Alberto Antonioni, Marco Tomassini et al.


Highly-efficient three-dimensional waveguide couplers using impedance-tunable transformation optics ▶


Jun Cao, Fenghua Qi, Senlin Yan et al.


Role of disorder when upscaling magnetocaloric Ni-Co-Mn-Al Heusler alloys from thin films to ribbons ▶


B. Weise, B. Dutta, N. Teichert et al.


Multi-material Additive Manufacturing of Metamaterials with Giant, Tailorable Negative Poisson’s Ratios ▶


Da Chen, Xiaoyu Zheng


Oxidation of squalene by singlet oxygen and free radicals results in different compositions of squalene monohydroperoxide isomers ▶


Naoki Shimizu, Junya Ito, Shunji Kato et al.


Recurrence Quantification Analysis at work: Quasi-periodicity based interpretation of gait force profiles for patients with Parkinson disease ▶


Ozgur Afsar, Ugur Tirnakli, Norbert Marwan


From D-sorbitol to five-membered bis(cyclo-carbonate) as a platform molecule for the synthesis of different original biobased chemicals and polymers ▶


Pierre Furtwengler, Luc Avérous


Demonstration of large ionization coefficient ratio in AlAs0.56Sb0.44 lattice matched to InP ▶


Xin Yi, Shiyu Xie, Baolai Liang et al.


Griffiths phases in infinite-dimensional, non-hierarchical modular networks ▶


Wesley Cota, Géza Ódor, Silvio C. Ferreira


Exploring corrections to the Optomechanical Hamiltonian ▶


Kamila Sala, Tommaso Tufarelli

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