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Nature Reviews Cancer contents July 2018 Volume 18 Number 7

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Nature Reviews Cancer

Advance Your Cancer Research Through ATP Production Dynamics

Learn how the Agilent Seashore XF Real-Time ATP rate assay can be used to:
  • Understand metabolic mechanisms driving cancer cell behavior/function.
  • Quantify ATP production rates from glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration in live cells in real time.
  • Characterize fuel dependencies in cancer cells.
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July 2018 Volume 18, Issue 7

Research Highlights

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Early detection: a long road ahead    p401

Research Highlights


Lethally high ROS levels thwart resistance    p403
Sarah Seton-Rogers

Wang, Leite de Oliveira et al. show that BRAFV600E-mutant melanomas that are resistant to BRAF and MEK inhibitors are vulnerable to increased levels of reactive oxygen species and that this can be exploited therapeutically using a histone deacetylase inhibitor.


On the cutting edge    pp404 - 405
Ulrike Harjes

A recent study published in Science Translational Medicine generated a mouse model to study the link between surgical wounding and distant tumour growth, showing that the systemic wound healing response induced by surgery can promote tumour growth.


Organoid diversity    pp404 - 405
Anna Dart

Roerink et al. have used organoids derived from multiple single cells of colorectal cancers from three patients as well as from normal colorectal epithelium of the same patients to comprehensively study intratumoural heterogeneity.


Inverted architecture    p405
Sarah Seton-Rogers

Single-cell RNA sequencing analysis in paediatric diffuse midline gliomas with histone H3 lysine 27 to methionine mutations indicates that these aggressive tumours contain many stem-like cells and that lineage-based therapeutic targeting might be beneficial.


Nature Reviews Cancer
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Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU)
Fellowship position-Zebrafish Models of Cancer
The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

Postdoctoral Researcher in Cancer Systems Biology and Bioinformatics
Postdoctoral Fellowships in Experimental Genetics, Epigenetics and Functional Screens
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
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Organoids in cancer research    pp407 - 418
Jarno Drost & Hans Clevers

In this Review, Drost and Clevers discuss the recent advances in organoid models of cancer and how they can be exploited to drive the translation of basic cancer research into novel patient-specific treatment regimens in the clinic.


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Oncolytic viruses as engineering platforms for combination immunotherapy    pp419 - 432


In this Opinion article, Twumasi-Boateng et al. discuss the use of oncolytic viruses as multiplexed immune-modulating platforms with the potential to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapies through novel synergistic mechanisms promoting antitumour immune activity.


Mechanisms of cancer resistance in long-lived mammals    pp433 - 441
Andrei Seluanov, Vadim N. Gladyshev, Jan Vijg & Vera Gorbunova

In this Opinion article, Seluanov et al. discuss the diverse mechanisms of cancer resistance found in long-lived mammals and argue that studies of unconventional long-lived and cancer-resistant animal species could provide breakthroughs in cancer therapy and prevention.


Non-canonical functions of the RB protein in cancer    pp442 - 451
Frederick A. Dick, David W. Goodrich, Julien Sage & Nicholas J. Dyson

This Opinion discusses studies indicating a direct role of RB in chromatin regulation and DNA repair. The authors propose that a non-canonical RB pathway exists, which is independent of the function of RB in cell cycle regulation and which contributes to cancer progression.


Revisiting the role of ABC transporters in multidrug-resistant cancer    pp452 - 464
Robert W. Robey, Kristen M. Pluchino, Matthew D. Hall, Antonio T. Fojo, Susan E. Bates et al.

This Opinion argues for a new look at the role of ABC transporters in cancer multidrug resistance to push forward their clinical application as biomarkers and as targets in combination therapies in order to improve anticancer drug efficiency.


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