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Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 29 May 2018

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  29 May 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Highly Responsive Blue Light Sensor with Amorphous Indium-Zinc-Oxide Thin-Film Transistor based Architecture ▶


Po Tsun Liu, Dun Bao Ruan, Xiu Yun Yeh et al.


Interfacial engineering of graphene for highly efficient blue and white organic light-emitting devices ▶


Shufen Chen, Qin Zhang, Wenjuan Shang et al.


Mid-IR Hollow-core microstructured fiber drawn from a 3D printed PETG preform ▶


Wanvisa Talataisong, Rand Ismaeel, Thiago H. R. Marques et al.


Flexible Organic Thin Film Transistors Incorporating a Biodegradable CO2-Based Polymer as the Substrate and Dielectric Material ▶


Cut Rullyani, Chao-Feng Sung, Hong-Cheu Lin et al.


Extended-conjugation π-electron systems in carbon nanotubes ▶


Kenshi Miyaura, Yasumitsu Miyata, Boanerges Thendie et al.


Deterministic Current Induced Magnetic Switching Without External Field using Giant Spin Hall Effect of β-W ▶


Wenzhe Chen, Lijuan Qian, Gang Xiao


Engineered Healing of Avascular Meniscus Tears by Stem Cell Recruitment ▶


Solaiman Tarafder, Joseph Gulko, Kun Hee Sim et al.


Single step synthesis of Schottky-like hybrid graphene - titania interfaces for efficient photocatalysis ▶


Zhifeng Yi, Andrea Merenda, Lingxue Kong et al.


Defects, Dopants and Lithium Mobility in Li 9 V 3 (P 2 O 7 ) 3 (PO 4 ) 2  ▶


Navaratnarajah Kuganathan, Sashikesh Ganeshalingam, Alexander Chroneos


Vibrational and electrical properties of Cu2−xTe films: experimental data and first principle calculations ▶


J. U. Salmón-Gamboa, A. H. Barajas-Aguilar, L. I. Ruiz-Ortega et al.


Formation of nano-sized M2C carbides in Si-free GH3535 alloy ▶


Li Jiang, Wang Yinling, Rui Hu et al.


A surface topography analysis of the curling stone curl mechanism ▶


Viktor Honkanen, Markus Ovaska, Mikko J. Alava et al.


One-way edge modes in a photonic crystal of semiconductor at terahertz frequencies ▶


Lingjuan He, Qian Shen, Jie Xu et al.


Two yellow luminescence bands in undoped GaN ▶


M. A. Reshchikov, J. D. McNamara, H. Helava et al.


Hot-Hole Cooling Controls the Initial Ultrafast Relaxation in Methylammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite ▶


Gordon J. Hedley, Claudio Quarti, Jonathon Harwell et al.


Linearly polarized photoluminescence of InGaN quantum disks embedded in GaN nanorods ▶


Youngsin Park, Christopher C. S. Chan, Luke Nuttall et al.


Uneven-Layered Coding Metamaterial Tile for Ultra-wideband RCS Reduction and Diffuse Scattering ▶


Jianxun Su, Huan He, Zengrui Li et al.


Laser Scribed Graphene Cathode for Next Generation of High Performance Hybrid Supercapacitors ▶


Seung-Hwan Lee, Jin Hyeon Kim, Jung-Rag Yoon


Rapid Optimization of External Quantum Efficiency of Thin Film Solar Cells Using Surrogate Modeling of Absorptivity ▶


Mine Kaya, Shima Hajimirza


Generation of ultrahigh field by micro-bubble implosion ▶


M. Murakami, A. Arefiev, M. A. Zosa


New insights towards strikingly improved room temperature ethanol sensing properties of p-type Ce-doped SnO2 sensors ▶


Manjeet Kumar, Vishwa Bhatt, A. C. Abhyankar et al.

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