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  06 February 2018    
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Communications Physics: Open for Submissions Communications
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Physical Sciences

Unidirectional molecular assembly alignment on graphene enabled by nanomechanical symmetry breaking ▶


Liu Hong, Taishi Nishihara, Yuh Hijikata et al.


Epidemic spreading in modular time-varying networks ▶


Matthieu Nadini, Kaiyuan Sun, Enrico Ubaldi et al.


The dramatic enhancement of ferromagnetism and band gap in Fe-doped In2O3 nanodot arrays ▶


Feng-Xian Jiang, Dan Chen, Guo-Wei Zhou et al.


Carbon fibers coated with graphene reinforced TiAl alloy composite with high strength and toughness ▶


Sen Cui, Chunxiang Cui, Jiaqi Xie et al.


Interatomic Potentials Transferability for Molecular Simulations: A Comparative Study for Platinum, Gold and Silver ▶


Seyed Moein Rassoulinejad-Mousavi, Yuwen Zhang


Extreme plasma states in laser-governed vacuum breakdown ▶


Evgeny S. Efimenko, Aleksei V. Bashinov, Sergei I. Bastrakov et al.


Spatiotemporal organization of cilia drives multiscale mucus swirls in model human bronchial epithelium ▶


Mustapha-Kamel Khelloufi, Etienne Loiseau, Marc Jaeger et al.


Excitation of epsilon-near-zero resonance in ultra-thin indium tin oxide shell embedded nanostructured optical fiber ▶


Khant Minn, Aleksei Anopchenko, Jingyi Yang et al.


The spin structures of interlayer coupled magnetic films with opposite chirality ▶


S. P. Kang, N. J. Kim, H. Y. Kwon et al.


Droplet microfluidics for the highly controlled synthesis of branched gold nanoparticles ▶


Sara Abalde-Cela, Patricia Taladriz-Blanco, Marcelo Ganzarolli de Oliveira et al.


3D Printed Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterial with Chiral Cells and Re-entrant Cores ▶


Yunyao Jiang, Yaning Li


Nature of spiral state and absence of electric polarisation in Sr-doped YBaCuFeO5 revealed by first-principle study ▶


Dibyendu Dey, S. Nandy, T. Maitra et al.


Bismuth Telluride nanocrystal: broadband nonlinear response and its application in ultrafast photonics ▶


Guobao Jiang, Jun Yi, Lili Miao et al.


Nonlinear dynamics of trions under strong optical excitation in monolayer MoSe2 ▶


Jialiang Ye, Tengfei Yan, Binghui Niu et al.


Full-Stokes polarization imaging method based on the self-organized grating array in fused silica ▶


Canhua Xu, Chaozhen Ke, Jing Ma et al.


Physical Limitations of Phosphor layer thickness and concentration for White LEDs ▶


Cher Ming Tan, Preetpal Singh, Wenyu Zhao et al.


Optimization of Gas Composition Used in Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining for Figuring of Reaction-Sintered Silicon Carbide with Low Surface Roughness ▶


Rongyan Sun, Xu Yang, Yuji Ohkubo et al.


Corium lavas: structure and properties of molten UO2-ZrO2 under meltdown conditions ▶


O. L. G. Alderman, C. J. Benmore, J. K. R. Weber et al.


Quasi-periodic concave microlens array for liquid refractive index sensing fabricated by femtosecond laser assisted with chemical etching ▶


F. Zhang, C. Wang, K. Yin et al.


Tungsten-based Ultrathin Absorber for Visible Regime ▶


Ahsan Sarwar Rana, Muhammad Qasim Mehmood, Heongyeong Jeong et al.


Slow Wave Applications of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Microstrip Resonator ▶


Muhammad Amin, Rashid Ramzan, Omar Siddiqui


Development of chipless, wireless current sensor system based on giant magnetoimpedance magnetic sensor and surface acoustic wave transponder ▶


Vijay V. Kondalkar, Xiang Li, Ikmo Park et al.


Magnetism of coupled spin tetrahedra in ilinskite-type KCu5O2(SeO3)2Cl3 ▶


Danis I. Badrtdinov, Elena S. Kuznetsova, Valeriy Yu. Verchenko et al.


DNA assay based on Nanoceria as Fluorescence Quenchers (NanoCeracQ DNA assay) ▶


Gonca Bülbül, Akhtar Hayat, Fatima Mustafa et al.


Deep learning for real-time single-pixel video ▶


Catherine F. Higham, Roderick Murray-Smith, Miles J. Padgett et al.


Three Dimensional Polarimetric Neutron Tomography of Magnetic Fields ▶


Morten Sales, Markus Strobl, Takenao Shinohara et al.


Structural characterisation of high-mobility Cd3As2 films crystallised on SrTiO3 ▶


Yusuke Nakazawa, Masaki Uchida, Shinichi Nishihaya et al.


Magnetization reversal in trilayer structures consisting of GaMnAs layers with opposite signs of anisotropic magnetoresistance ▶


Kyung Jae Lee, Sangyeop Lee, Seul-Ki Bac et al.


Visible light sensitizer-catalyzed highly selective photo oxidation from thioethers into sulfoxides under aerobic condition ▶


Cong Ye, Yanbin Zhang, Aishun Ding et al.


Water Resistant Cellulose – Titanium Dioxide Composites for Photocatalysis ▶


Uthpala M. Garusinghe, Vikram S. Raghuwanshi, Warren Batchelor et al.


Nondestructive Measurement of Hemoglobin in Blood Bags Based on Multi-Pathlength VIS-NIR Spectroscopy ▶


Shengzhao Zhang, Gang Li, Jiexi Wang et al.


Temperature, Crystalline Phase and Influence of Substrate Properties in Intense Pulsed Light Sintering of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticle Thin Films ▶


Michael Dexter, Zhongwei Gao, Shalu Bansal et al.


Third-order transport coefficients for localised and delocalised charged-particle transport ▶


Peter W. Stokes, Ilija Simonović, Bronson Philippa et al.


3D auxetic single material periodic structure with ultra-wide tunable bandgap ▶


Luca D’Alessandro, Valentina Zega, Raffaele Ardito et al.


Fast modification on wheat straw outer surface by water vapor plasma and its application on composite material ▶


Weimin Chen, Yicheng Xu, Shukai Shi et al.


New type of highly active chromium(III) catalysts containing both organic cations and anions designed for polymerization of beta-olefin derivatives ▶


Joanna Drzeżdżon, Artur Sikorski, Lech Chmurzyński et al.


Spin-orbit coupling and electric-dipole spin resonance in a nanowire double quantum dot ▶


Zhi-Hai Liu, Rui Li, Xuedong Hu et al.


Diffraction based Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry at a hard x-ray free-electron laser ▶


O. Yu. Gorobtsov, N. Mukharamova, S. Lazarev et al.


Broadband single-phase hyperbolic elastic metamaterials for super-resolution imaging ▶


Hao-Wen Dong, Sheng-Dong Zhao, Yue-Sheng Wang et al.


Atomistic evolution during the phase transition on a metastable single NaYF4:Yb,Er upconversion nanoparticle ▶


Min Wook Pin, Eun Jin Park, Suji Choi et al.


VO2-dispersed glass: A new class of phase change material ▶


Kei Muramoto, Yoshihiro Takahashi, Nobuaki Terakado et al.


Floquet Topological Superfluid and Majorana Zero Modes in Two-Dimensional Periodically Driven Fermi Systems ▶


Xiaosen Yang, Beibing Huang, Zhengling Wang


The exchange bias behavior of BiFeO3 nanoparticles with natural core-shell structure ▶


Fengzhen Huang, Xingyu Xu, Xiaomei Lu et al.


Universal route to optimal few- to single-cycle pulse generation in hollow-core fiber compressors ▶


E. Conejero Jarque, J. San Roman, F. Silva et al.


Signatures of Plexitonic States in Molecular Electroluminescence ▶


Justin P. Bergfield, Joshua R. Hendrickson


Oscillatory interlayer coupling in spin Hall systems ▶


A. M. Gonçalves, F. Garcia, H. K. Lee et al.


Plasma Modification of Poly Lactic Acid Solutions to Generate High Quality Electrospun PLA Nanofibers ▶


Fatemeh Rezaei, Anton Nikiforov, Rino Morent et al.


Tunable phonon blockade in quadratically coupled optomechanical systems ▶


Hai-Quan Shi, Xiao-Tong Zhou, Xun-Wei Xu et al.


Effect of nanograin–boundary networks generation on corrosion of carburized martensitic stainless steel ▶


Chatdanai Boonruang, Atcharawadi Thong–on, Pinit Kidkhunthod


Dual-functional tunable coding metasurface based on saline water substrate ▶


Lei Chen, He Liang Ma, Xiao Jun Song et al.


Electron irradiation induced amorphous SiO2 formation at metal oxide/Si interface at room temperature; electron beam writing on interfaces ▶


S. Gurbán, P. Petrik, M. Serényi et al.


Precipitation of string-shaped morphologies consisting of aligned α phase in a metastable β titanium alloy ▶


Hongyi Zhan, Anna Ceguerra, Gui Wang et al.


All Sequential Dip-Coating Processed Perovskite Layers from an Aqueous Lead Precursor for High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells ▶


Muhammad Adnan, Jae Kwan Lee


Maximum field emission current density of CuO nanowires: theoretical study using a defect-related semiconductor field emission model and in situ measurements ▶


Zufang Lin, Peng Zhao, Peng Ye et al.


Terahertz Dispersion Characteristics of Super-aligned Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Enhanced Transmission through Subwavelength Apertures ▶


Yue Wang, Guangwu Duan, Liying Zhang et al.


Growth and structural characterisation of Sr-doped Bi2Se3 thin films ▶


Meng Wang, Dejiong Zhang, Wenxiang Jiang et al.


Observation of Time Reversed Light Propagation by an Exchange of Eigenstates ▶


Martin Wimmer, Ulf Peschel


Strain-engineered two-dimensional MoS2 as anode material for performance enhancement of Li/Na-ion batteries ▶


Jiongyue Hao, Junfeng Zheng, Faling Ling et al.


‘Photonic Hook’ based optomechanical nanoparticle manipulator ▶


Angeleene S. Ang, Alina Karabchevsky, Igor V. Minin et al.


Thermally-triggered Dual In-situ Self-healing Metallic Materials ▶


JeongTae Kim, Hee Jin Kim, Sung Hwan Hong et al.


Pattern recognition with machine learning on optical microscopy images of typical metallurgical microstructures ▶


Dmitry S. Bulgarevich, Susumu Tsukamoto, Tadashi Kasuya et al.


Double MgO-based Perpendicular Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Spin-valve Structure with a Top Co2Fe6B2 Free Layer using a Single SyAF [Co/Pt]n Layer ▶


Jin-Young Choi, Dong-gi Lee, Jong-Ung Baek et al.


Solitons in a modified discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation ▶


Mario I. Molina


Stacking change in MoS2 bilayers induced by interstitial Mo impurities ▶


Natalia Cortés, Luis Rosales, Pedro A. Orellana et al.


Flexible spectral manipulation property of a high power linearly polarized random fiber laser ▶


Jun Ye, Jiangming Xu, Jiaxin Song et al.


High Energy electron and proton acceleration by circularly polarized laser pulse from near critical density hydrogen gas target ▶


Ashutosh Sharma


Orbital-anisotropic electronic structure in the nonmagnetic state of BaFe2(As1−x P x )2 superconductors ▶


T. Sonobe, T. Shimojima, A. Nakamura et al.


Impact of thickness variation on structural, dielectric and piezoelectric properties of (Ba,Ca)(Ti,Zr)O3 epitaxial thin films ▶


Valentin Ion, Floriana Craciun, Nicu D. Scarisoreanu et al.


On the Defect Structure of Biaxial Nematic Droplets ▶


C. Chiccoli, L. R. Evangelista, P. Pasini et al.


Silicon based mid-IR super absorber using hyperbolic metamaterial ▶


Mai Desouky, Ahmed M. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. Swillam


Advanced Steel Microstructural Classification by Deep Learning Methods ▶


Seyed Majid Azimi, Dominik Britz, Michael Engstler et al.


Chaos and dynamical complexity in the quantum to classical transition ▶


Bibek Pokharel, Moses Z. R. Misplon, Walter Lynn et al.


Resistance Switching and Memristive Hysteresis in Visible-Light-Activated Adsorbed ZnO Thin Films ▶


Benjamin Kerr Barnes, Kausik S. Das


The “weak” interdependence of infrastructure systems produces mixed percolation transitions in multilayer networks ▶


Run-Ran Liu, Daniel A. Eisenberg, Thomas P. Seager et al.


Multi-slice ptychographic tomography ▶


Peng Li, Andrew Maiden


Identification of coffee bean varieties using hyperspectral imaging: influence of preprocessing methods and pixel-wise spectra analysis ▶


Chu Zhang, Fei Liu, Yong He


Saline Accelerates Oxime Reaction with Aldehyde and Keto Substrates at Physiological pH ▶


Shujiang Wang, Ganesh N. Nawale, Sandeep Kadekar et al.


COMSOL-Based Modeling and Simulation of SnO2/rGO Gas Sensor for Detection of NO2 ▶


Farshad Yaghouti Niyat, M. H. Shahrokh Abadi


Synthesis of organic aerogels with tailorable morphology and strength by controlled solvent swelling following Hansen solubility ▶


Anurodh Tripathi, Gregory N. Parsons, Saad A. Khan et al.


Metallic phase in stoichiometric CeOBiS2 revealed by space-resolved ARPES ▶


T. Sugimoto, E. Paris, T. Wakita et al.


Hydrogen storage of Li4&B36 cluster ▶


Jiguang Du, Xiyuan Sun, Li Zhang et al.


Locating Order-Disorder Phase Transition in a Cardiac System ▶


Hiroshi Ashikaga, Ameneh Asgari-Targhi


Quartz-based flat-crystal resonant inelastic x-ray scattering spectrometer with sub-10 meV energy resolution ▶


Jungho Kim, D. Casa, Ayman Said et al.


Proposed mechanism of HCP → FCC phase transition in titianium through first principles calculation and experiments ▶


Jia Xi Yang, Heng Lv Zhao, Hao Ran Gong et al.


Hidden geometries in networks arising from cooperative self-assembly ▶


Milovan Šuvakov, Miroslav Andjelković, Bosiljka Tadić


Magneto-optical detection of spin accumulation under the influence of mechanical rotation ▶


Atsufumi Hirohata, Yuji Baba, Benedict A. Murphy et al.


A New Optical Method for Suppressing Radial Magnetic Error in a Depolarized Interference Fiber Optic Gyroscope ▶


Yanru Zhou, Yuxiang Zhao, Dengwei Zhang et al.


Quasi-reference electrodes in confined electrochemical cells can result in in situ production of metallic nanoparticles ▶


Rukshan T. Perera, Jacob K. Rosenstein


Polarization-maintaining reflection-mode THz time-domain spectroscopy of a polyimide based ultra-thin narrow-band metamaterial absorber ▶


Maria Denise Astorino, Renato Fastampa, Fabrizio Frezza et al.


The role of local-geometrical-orders on the growth of dynamic-length-scales in glass-forming liquids ▶


Kaikin Wong, Rithin P. Krishnan, Changjiu Chen et al.


Nonlinear Absorption Response Correlated to Embedded Ag Nanoparticles in BGO Single Crystal: From Two-Photon to Three-Photon Absorption ▶


Rang Li, Ningning Dong, Feng Ren et al.


Oxidative C-H activation of amines using protuberant lychee-like goethite ▶


Sanny Verma, R. B. Nasir Baig, Mallikarjuna N. Nadagouda et al.


Stability Formulation for Integrated Opto-mechanic Phase Shifters ▶


Yigit Ozer, Serdar Kocaman


Micro 3D Printing of a Temperature-Responsive Hydrogel Using Projection Micro-Stereolithography ▶


Daehoon Han, Zhaocheng Lu, Shawn A. Chester et al.


Ultrathin graphene oxide membranes on freestanding carbon nanotube supports for enhanced selective permeation in organic solvents ▶


Seon Joon Kim, Dae Woo Kim, Kyeong Min Cho et al.


Black silicon significantly enhances phosphorus diffusion gettering ▶


Toni P. Pasanen, Hannu S. Laine, Ville Vähänissi et al.


Analogies of the classical Euler top with a rotor to spin squeezing and quantum phase transitions in a generalized Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model ▶


Tomáš Opatrný, Lukáš Richterek, Martin Opatrný


Field-controllable Spin-Hall Effect of Light in Optical Crystals: A Conoscopic Mueller Matrix Analysis ▶


C. T. Samlan, Nirmal K. Viswanathan


A comparative study of low energy radiation response of AlAs, GaAs and GaAs/AlAs superlattice and the damage effects on their electronic structures ▶


M. Jiang, H. Y. Xiao, S. M. Peng et al.


Innovatively Continuous Mass Production Couette-taylor Flow: Pure Inorganic Green-Emitting Cs4PbBr6 Perovskite Microcrystal for display technology ▶


Young Hyun Song, Seung Hee Choi, Won Kyu Park et al.


Work Function Variations in Twisted Graphene Layers ▶


Jeremy T. Robinson, James Culbertson, Morgann Berg et al.


Additive manufacturing of magnetic shielding and ultra-high vacuum flange for cold atom sensors ▶


Jamie Vovrosh, Georgios Voulazeris, Plamen G. Petrov et al.


Photonic Generation of High Power, Ultrastable Microwave Signals by Vernier Effect in a Femtosecond Laser Frequency Comb ▶


Khaldoun Saleh, Jacques Millo, Baptiste Marechal et al.


Interactive Holographic Display Based on Finger Gestures ▶


Shota Yamada, Takashi Kakue, Tomoyoshi Shimobaba et al.

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