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  13 February 2018    
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Biological Sciences

Incorporation of a skeletal muscle-specific enhancer in the regulatory region of Igf1 upregulates IGF1 expression and induces skeletal muscle hypertrophy ▶


Yunlong Zou, Yanjun Dong, Qingyong Meng et al.


Elavl3 is essential for the maintenance of Purkinje neuron axons ▶


Yuki Ogawa, Kyoko Kakumoto, Tetsu Yoshida et al.


Verification of radiodynamic therapy by medical linear accelerator using a mouse melanoma tumor model ▶


Junko Takahashi, Mami Murakami, Takashi Mori et al.


Isolation and characterization of a minimal building block of polyubiquitin fibrils ▶


Daichi Morimoto, Erik Walinda, Mayo Shinke et al.


A Mathematical Model for Enzyme Clustering in Glucose Metabolism ▶


Miji Jeon, Hye-Won Kang, Songon An


Hypoxia induces pulmonary fibroblast proliferation through NFAT signaling ▶


Lakmini Kumari Senavirathna, Chaoqun Huang, Xiaoyun Yang et al.


Contributions of Pavlovian incentive motivation to cue-potentiated feeding ▶


Andrew T. Marshall, Briac Halbout, Angela T. Liu et al.


2-Methoxyestradiol protects against pressure overload-induced left ventricular hypertrophy ▶


Zaid H. Maayah, Jody Levasseur, Ramanaguru Siva Piragasam et al.


The Size Congruity Effect Vanishes in Grasping: Implications for the Processing of Numerical Information ▶


Gal Namdar, Tzvi Ganel, Daniel Algom


PP5 (PPP5C) is a phosphatase of Dvl2 ▶


Jianlei Xie, Meng Han, Miaojun Zhang et al.


Extracellular cholesterol oxidase production by Streptomyces aegyptia, in vitro anticancer activities against rhabdomyosarcoma, breast cancer cell-lines and in vivo apoptosis ▶


Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar, Hoda M. Soliman, Nancy M. El-Shweihy


SeagrassDB: An open-source transcriptomics landscape for phylogenetically profiled seagrasses and aquatic plants ▶


Gaurav Sablok, Regan J. Hayward, Peter A. Davey et al.


Microfluidic channel optimization to improve hydrodynamic dissociation of cell aggregates and tissue ▶


Xiaolong Qiu, Jen-Huang Huang, Trisha M. Westerhof et al.


Offenders become the victim in virtual reality: impact of changing perspective in domestic violence ▶


S. Seinfeld, J. Arroyo-Palacios, G. Iruretagoyena et al.


Chemical array system, a platform to identify novel hepatitis B virus entry inhibitors targeting sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide ▶


Manabu Kaneko, Yushi Futamura, Senko Tsukuda et al.


Neurodynamics and connectivity during facial fear perception: The role of threat exposure and signal congruity ▶


Cody A. Cushing, Hee Yeon Im, Reginald B. Adams et al.


Water mediated dielectric polarizability and electron charge transport properties of high resistance natural fibers ▶


Ankit Kumar, Amit Jash, Amarish Dubey et al.


Compositional marker in vivo reveals intramyocellular lipid turnover during fasting-induced lipolysis ▶


Ajay Thankamony, Graham J. Kemp, Albert Koulman et al.


Differential gene expression induced by anti-cancer agent plumbagin is mediated by androgen receptor in prostate cancer cells ▶


Gaelle Rondeau, Parisa Abedinpour, Adrian Chrastina et al.


Oxytocin curbs calorie intake via food-specific increases in the activity of brain areas that process reward and establish cognitive control ▶


Maartje S. Spetter, Gordon B. Feld, Matthias Thienel et al.


Rate-limiting steps in the dark-to-light transition of Photosystem II - revealed by chlorophyll-a fluorescence induction ▶


Melinda Magyar, Gábor Sipka, László Kovács et al.


Selective PEGylation of Parylene-C/SiO2 Substrates for Improved Astrocyte Cell Patterning ▶


B. J. Raos, C. S. Doyle, M. C. Simpson et al.


Guanosine monophosphate reductase 1 is a potential therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease ▶


Hongde Liu, Kun Luo, Donghui Luo


Involvement of orexin neurons in fasting- and central adenosine-induced hypothermia ▶


Takahiro Futatsuki, Akira Yamashita, Khairunnisa Novita Ikbar et al.


Comparative genomics reveals new single-nucleotide polymorphisms that can assist in identification of adherent-invasive Escherichia coli ▶


Carla Camprubí-Font, Mireia Lopez-Siles, Meritxell Ferrer-Guixeras et al.


Evoked and oscillatory EEG activity differentiates language discrimination in young monolingual and bilingual infants ▶


Loreto Nacar Garcia, Carlos Guerrero-Mosquera, Marc Colomer et al.


Quantitative analysis of receptor-mediated uptake and pro-apoptotic activity of mistletoe lectin-1 by high content imaging ▶


N. Beztsinna, M. B. C. de Matos, J. Walther et al.


Characterization of the complete mitogenome of Indian Mouse Deer, Moschiola indica (Artiodactyla: Tragulidae) and its evolutionary significance ▶


Rama K. Sarvani, Drashti R. Parmar, Wajeeda Tabasum et al.


Identification of biochemical and cytotoxic markers in cocaine treated PC12 cells ▶


Ramesh B. Badisa, Chyree S. Batton, Elizabeth Mazzio et al.


Altered DNA methylation indicates an oscillatory flow mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition signature in ascending aorta of patients with bicuspid aortic valve ▶


Hanna M. Björck, Lei Du, Silvia Pulignani et al.


Evaluation of Serum CEA, CA19-9, CA72-4, CA125 and Ferritin as Diagnostic Markers and Factors of Clinical Parameters for Colorectal Cancer ▶


Yanfeng Gao, Jinping Wang, Yue Zhou et al.


ZFP36L1 and ZFP36L2 inhibit cell proliferation in a cyclin D-dependent and p53-independent manner ▶


Fat-Moon Suk, Chi-Ching Chang, Ren-Jye Lin et al.


Crystal structures of a bacterial dipeptidyl peptidase IV reveal a novel substrate recognition mechanism distinct from that of mammalian orthologues ▶


Saori Roppongi, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Chika Tateoka et al.


Activated T follicular helper-like cells are released into blood after oral vaccination and correlate with vaccine specific mucosal B-cell memory ▶


Ana Cárdeno, Maria K. Magnusson, Marianne Quiding-Järbrink et al.


Dietary supplementation with hybrid palm oil alters liver function in the common Marmoset ▶


Flavia Spreafico, Rafael Carvalho Sales, Judit Gil-Zamorano et al.


Suppression of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation and virulence by a benzimidazole derivative, UM-C162 ▶


Cin Kong, Chin-Fei Chee, Katharina Richter et al.


Local temperatures predict breeding phenology but do not result in breeding synchrony among a community of resident cavity-nesting birds ▶


Anna Drake, Kathy Martin


Asymmetrical ligand-induced cross-regulation of chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 by α1-adrenergic receptors at the heteromeric receptor complex ▶


Xianlong Gao, Lauren J. Albee, Brian F. Volkman et al.


Challenging human locomotion: stability and modular organisation in unsteady conditions ▶


Alessandro Santuz, Antonis Ekizos, Nils Eckardt et al.


Label-free Raman hyperspectral imaging analysis localizes the cyanogenic glucoside dhurrin to the cytoplasm in sorghum cells ▶


Philip Heraud, Max F. Cowan, Katarzyna Maria Marzec et al.


Next generation high throughput DNA damage detection platform for genotoxic compound screening ▶


Peter Sykora, Kristine L. Witt, Pooja Revanna et al.


LAMB3 mediates metastatic tumor behavior in papillary thyroid cancer by regulating c-MET/Akt signals ▶


Seung-Nam Jung, Hyun Sil Lim, Lihua Liu et al.


Ice slurry ingestion reduces human brain temperature measured using non-invasive magnetic resonance spectroscopy ▶


Sumire Onitsuka, Daisuke Nakamura, Takahiro Onishi et al.


Reference gene selection for RT-qPCR analysis in Harmonia axyridis, a global invasive lady beetle ▶


Xiaowei Yang, Huipeng Pan, Ling Yuan et al.


Selective Tropism of Dengue Virus for Human Glycoprotein Ib ▶


Nattapol Attatippaholkun, Nont Kosaisawe, Yaowalak U-Pratya et al.


Transcriptome analysis and prognosis of ALDH isoforms in human cancer ▶


Peter Mu-Hsin Chang, Che-Hong Chen, Chi-Chun Yeh et al.


A biopotential optrode array: operation principles and simulations ▶


Amr Al Abed, Hrishikesh Srinivas, Josiah Firth et al.


Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases ▶


David Welch, Manuela Buonanno, Veljko Grilj et al.


SiO2 nanoparticles modulate the electrical activity of neuroendocrine cells without exerting genomic effects ▶


C. Distasi, F. A. Ruffinatti, M. Dionisi et al.


Site-specific N-glycosylation analysis of soluble Fcγ receptor IIIb in human serum ▶


Hirokazu Yagi, Daisuke Takakura, Lubka T. Roumenina et al.


Estimating dose-specific cell division and apoptosis rates from chemo-sensitivity experiments ▶


Yiyi Liu, Forrest W. Crawford


The impact of reconstructed soils following oil sands exploitation on aspen and its associated belowground microbiome ▶


Franck Stefani, Nathalie Isabel, Marie-Josée Morency et al.


Cerebral ischemia induces the aggregation of proteins linked to neurodegenerative diseases ▶


Anja Kahl, Ismary Blanco, Katherine Jackman et al.


African ancestry of New World, Bemisia tabaci-whitefly species ▶


Habibu Mugerwa, Susan Seal, Hua-Ling Wang et al.


Early life exposure to ethinylestradiol enhances subsequent responses to environmental estrogens measured in a novel transgenic zebrafish ▶


Jon M. Green, Anke Lange, Aaron Scott et al.


Rice matrix metalloproteinase OsMMP1 plays pleiotropic roles in plant development and symplastic-apoplastic transport by modulating cellulose and callose depositions ▶


Prabir Kumar Das, Rupam Biswas, Nazma Anjum et al.


A lumenal interrupted helix in human sperm tail microtubules ▶


Davide Zabeo, John M. Heumann, Cindi L. Schwartz et al.


A conserved R type Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase reverses oxidized GrpEL1/Mge1 to regulate Hsp70 chaperone cycle ▶


Praveen Kumar Allu, Yerranna Boggula, Srinivasu Karri et al.


An Alfin-like gene from Atriplex hortensis enhances salt and drought tolerance and abscisic acid response in transgenic Arabidopsis ▶


Jian-Jun Tao, Wei Wei, Wen-Jia Pan et al.


Identification of basic/helix-loop-helix transcription factors reveals candidate genes involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis from the strawberry white-flesh mutant ▶


Fengli Zhao, Gang Li, Panpan Hu et al.


The Tanggula Mountains enhance population divergence in Carex moorcroftii: a dominant sedge on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau ▶


Wensheng Liu, Yao Zhao, Danhui Qi et al.


Conformational states during vinculin unlocking differentially regulate focal adhesion properties ▶


Dror S. Chorev, Tova Volberg, Ariel Livne et al.


A cleavage product of Polycystin-1 is a mitochondrial matrix protein that affects mitochondria morphology and function when heterologously expressed ▶


Cheng-Chao Lin, Mahiro Kurashige, Yi Liu et al.


Novel reversibly switchable fluorescent proteins for RESOLFT and STED nanoscopy engineered from the bacterial photoreceptor YtvA ▶


Carola Gregor, Sven C. Sidenstein, Martin Andresen et al.


Identifying source populations for the reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver, Castor fiber L. 1758, into Britain: evidence from ancient DNA ▶


Melissa M. Marr, Selina Brace, Danielle C. Schreve et al.


Caffeine Caused a Widespread Increase of Resting Brain Entropy ▶


Da Chang, Donghui Song, Jian Zhang et al.


Spatiotemporal regulation of liver development by the Wnt/β-catenin pathway ▶


Zoë D. Burke, Karen R. Reed, Sheng-Wen Yeh et al.


Gene-Specific Genetic Complementation between Brca1 and Cobra1 During Mouse Mammary Gland Development ▶


Huai-Chin Chiang, Xiaowen Zhang, Xiayan Zhao et al.


Morphological and molecular dissection of wild rices from eastern India suggests distinct speciation between O. rufipogon and O. nivara populations ▶


Rashmita Samal, Pritesh Sundar Roy, Auromira Sahoo et al.


Galectin-1 is required for the regulatory function of B cells ▶


R. Alhabbab, P. Blair, L. A. Smyth et al.


Evaluation of PD-L1 expression on vortex-isolated circulating tumor cells in metastatic lung cancer ▶


Manjima Dhar, Jessica Wong, James Che et al.


Development of a Method to Extract Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) DNA from Heroin ▶


Michael A. Marciano, Sini X. Panicker, Garrett D. Liddil et al.


Akt regulates neurite growth by phosphorylation-dependent inhibition of radixin proteasomal degradation ▶


Eun-Ju Jin, Hyo Rim Ko, Inwoo Hwang et al.


CD63, MHC class 1, and CD47 identify subsets of extracellular vesicles containing distinct populations of noncoding RNAs ▶


Sukhbir Kaur, Abdel G. Elkahloun, Anush Arakelyan et al.


Broad-spectrum neutralization of avian influenza viruses by sialylated human milk oligosaccharides: in vivo assessment of 3′-sialyllactose against H9N2 in chickens ▶


Ramesh Prasad Pandey, Dae Hee Kim, Jinsuk Woo et al.


Divergent roles for antigenic drive in the aetiology of primary versus dasatinib-associated CD8+ TCR-Vβ+ expansions ▶


Anna Lissina, James E. McLaren, Mette Ilander et al.


Molecular dynamic simulations reveal structural insights into substrate and inhibitor binding modes and functionality of Ecto-Nucleoside Triphosphate Diphosphohydrolases ▶


Jamshed Iqbal, Syed Jawad Ali Shah


Transitions to sustainable management of phosphorus in Brazilian agriculture ▶


Paul J. A. Withers, Marcos Rodrigues, Amin Soltangheisi et al.


Voluntary locomotor activity promotes myogenic growth potential in domestic pigs ▶


Claudia Kalbe, Manuela Zebunke, Dorothea Lösel et al.


EphB2 receptor tyrosine kinase promotes hepatic fibrogenesis in mice via activation of hepatic stellate cells ▶


Patrice N. Mimche, Choon M. Lee, Sylvie M. Mimche et al.


Surface ocean metabarcoding confirms limited diversity in planktonic foraminifera but reveals unknown hyper-abundant lineages ▶


Raphaël Morard, Marie-José Garet-Delmas, Frédéric Mahé et al.


Fly ash incorporated with biocement to improve strength of expansive soil ▶


Mengmeng Li, Chaolin Fang, Satoru Kawasaki et al.


SJP-L-5 inhibits HIV-1 polypurine tract primed plus-strand DNA elongation, indicating viral DNA synthesis initiation at multiple sites under drug pressure ▶


Xing-Jie Zhang, Rui-Rui Wang, Huan Chen et al.


A compact silicon grating coupler based on hollow tapered spot-size converter ▶


Md Asaduzzaman, Masuduzzaman Bakaul, Efstratios Skafidas et al.


Internal noise sources limiting contrast sensitivity ▶


Daphné Silvestre, Angelo Arleo, Rémy Allard


Protective effect of Group B Streptococcus type-III polysaccharide conjugates against maternal colonization, ascending infection and neonatal transmission in rodent models ▶


Emiliano Chiarot, Angela Spagnuolo, Silvia Maccari et al.


Pyrazines from bacteria and ants: convergent chemistry within an ecological niche ▶


Eduardo A. Silva-Junior, Antonio C. Ruzzini, Camila R. Paludo et al.


Judging the position of the artificial hand induces a “visual” drift towards the real one during the rubber hand illusion ▶


Roberto Erro, Angela Marotta, Michele Tinazzi et al.


Molecular detection of field predation among larvae of two ladybird beetles is partially predicted from laboratory experiments ▶


Gabriele Rondoni, Saleh Fenjan, Valeria Bertoldi et al.


Diagnostic Accuracy of Three-dimensional Turbo Field Echo Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sequence in Pediatric Tracheobronchial Anomalies with Congenital Heart Disease ▶


QiaoRu Hou, Wei Gao, YuMin Zhong et al.


IRE1α siRNA relieves endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis and alleviates diabetic peripheral neuropathy in vivo and in vitro ▶


Weijie Yao, Xinwei Yang, Jiayue Zhu et al.


Transcriptome analysis and identification of P450 genes relevant to imidacloprid detoxification in Bradysia odoriphaga ▶


Chengyu Chen, Cuicui Wang, Ying Liu et al.


Layer-specific lipid signatures in the human subventricular zone demonstrated by imaging mass spectrometry ▶


Mandana Hunter, Nicholas J. Demarais, Richard L. M. Faull et al.


Supersaturation-controlled microcrystallization and visualization analysis for serial femtosecond crystallography ▶


Dan Bi Lee, Jong-Min Kim, Jong Hyeon Seok et al.


Efficient non-cytotoxic fluorescent staining of halophiles ▶


Ivan Maslov, Andrey Bogorodskiy, Alexey Mishin et al.


The lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio is a superior predictor of overall survival compared to established biomarkers in HCC patients undergoing liver resection ▶


Yu-Ting Yang, Jing-Hang Jiang, Hao-Jie Yang et al.


Visuospatial asymmetries do not modulate the cheerleader effect ▶


Daniel J. Carragher, Blake J. Lawrence, Nicole A. Thomas et al.


Support vector machines for explaining physiological stress response in Wood mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) ▶


Beatriz Sánchez-González, Isabel Barja, Ana Piñeiro et al.


Prefrontal cortex modulates the correlations between brain-derived neurotrophic factor level, serotonin, and the autonomic nervous system ▶


Wei Hung Chang, I Hui Lee, Mei Hung Chi et al.


Repeated Measures of Blood and Breath Ammonia in Response to Control, Moderate and High Protein Dose in Healthy Men ▶


Lisa A. Spacek, Arthur Strzepka, Saurabh Saha et al.


Low-dose x-ray tomography through a deep convolutional neural network ▶


Xiaogang Yang, Vincent De Andrade, William Scullin et al.


Nuclear FAK and its kinase activity regulate VEGFR2 transcription in angiogenesis of adult mice ▶


Shaogang Sun, Hsin-Jung Wu, Jun-Lin Guan


PilVax – a novel peptide delivery platform for the development of mucosal vaccines ▶


Dasun Wagachchi, Jia-Yun C. Tsai, Callum Chalmers et al.


Signs of atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis affected by distinct H2-haplotype in the NC/Nga genetic background ▶


Kozo Ohkusu-Tsukada, Daiki Ito, Yuki Okuno et al.


Development of a mouse IgA monoclonal antibody-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent sandwich assay for the analyses of RBP4 ▶


Nam Seok Lee, Han Soo Kim, Se Eun Park et al.


The yield difference between wild-type cotton and transgenic cotton that expresses IPT depends on when water-deficit stress is applied ▶


Xunlu Zhu, Li Sun, Sundaram Kuppu et al.


Ginkgolic acid, a sumoylation inhibitor, promotes adipocyte commitment but suppresses adipocyte terminal differentiation of mouse bone marrow stromal cells ▶


Huadie Liu, Jianshuang Li, Di Lu et al.


Effects of Echo Time on IVIM Quantification of the Normal Prostate ▶


Zhaoyan Feng, Xiangde Min, Liang Wang et al.


A novel gene of Kalanchoe daigremontiana confers plant drought resistance ▶


Li Wang, Chen Zhu, Lin Jin et al.


Socio-ecological dynamics of Caribbean coral reef ecosystems and conservation opinion propagation ▶


Vivek A. Thampi, Madhur Anand, Chris T. Bauch


Exploring an optimal wavelet-based filter for cryo-ET imaging ▶


Xinrui Huang, Sha Li, Song Gao


Generation and characterization of a IgG monoclonal antibody specific for GM3 (NeuGc) ganglioside by immunizing β3Gn-T5 knockout mice ▶


Dongwei He, Xiaoyan Fan, Boyi Liu et al.

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