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Scientific Reports Physics Table of Contents e-alert: 30 January 2018

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  30 January 2018    
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Physical Sciences

Resource control of epidemic spreading through a multilayer network ▶


Jian Jiang, Tianshou Zhou


Role of fluorine in two-dimensional dichalcogenide of SnSe 2  ▶


Jin Tae Kim, Da Seul Hyeon, Kota Hanzawa et al.


Electronic Structure and Band Gap Engineering of Two-Dimensional Octagon-Nitrogene ▶


Wanxing Lin, Jiesen Li, Weiliang Wang et al.


Effect of secondary phase on the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of magnesium alloy ▶


Shangyu Gao, Xianhua Chen, Fusheng Pan et al.


A two-step synthesis of nanosheet-covered fibers based on α-Fe2O3/NiO composites towards enhanced acetone sensing ▶


Mahmood ul Haq, Zhen Wen, Ziyue Zhang et al.


A new bound on polymer quantization via an opto-mechanical setup ▶


Mohsen Khodadi, Kourosh Nozari, Sanjib Dey et al.


Integrated Optical Modulator Based on Transition between Photonic Bands ▶


Alperen Govdeli, Murat Can Sarihan, Utku Karaca et al.


Interplay of bimolecular and Auger recombination in photoexcited carrier dynamics in silicon nanocrystal/silicon dioxide superlattices ▶


T. Chlouba, F. Trojánek, J. Laube et al.


Formation, Microstructure, and Conductivity of a Novel Ga2S3-Sb2S3-AgI Chalcogenide System ▶


Xinyu Huang, Qing Jiao, Changgui Lin et al.


Silica Gel Coated Spherical Micro resonator for Ultra-High Sensitivity Detection of Ammonia Gas Concentration in Air ▶


Arun Kumar Mallik, Gerald Farrell, Dejun Liu et al.


Real-Time Characterization Using in situ RHEED Transmission Mode and TEM for Investigation of the Growth Behaviour of Nanomaterials ▶


Janghyun Jo, Youngbin Tchoe, Gyu-Chul Yi et al.


Low Altitude Solar Magnetic Reconnection, Type III Solar Radio Bursts, and X-ray Emissions ▶


I. H. Cairns, V. V. Lobzin, A. Donea et al.


Large Area Radial Junction Silicon Nanowire Solar Mini-Modules ▶


Mutaz Al-Ghzaiwat, Martin Foldyna, Takashi Fuyuki et al.


Nanopillars with E-field accessible multi-state (N ≥ 4) magnetization having giant magnetization changes in self-assembled BiFeO3-CoFe2O4/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)-38at%PbTiO3 heterostructures ▶


Xiao Tang, Ravindranath Viswan, Min Gao et al.


Chirality recognition of winding vine-shaped heterobiaryls with molecular asymmetry. Kinetic and dynamic kinetic resolution by Shi’s asymmetric epoxidation ▶


Kazuki Maruhashi, Yoichi Okayama, Ryo Inoue et al.


Natural Intermediate Band in I 2 -II-IV-VI4 Quaternary Chalcogenide Semiconductors ▶


Qiheng Liu, Zenghua Cai, Dan Han et al.


Metasurfaced Reverberation Chamber ▶


Hengyi Sun, Zhuo Li, Changqing Gu et al.


Alternating Droplet Formation by using Tapered Channel Geometry ▶


Muhammad Saqib, O. Berkay Şahinoğlu, E. Yegân Erdem


Study of the soluble salts formation in a recently restored house of Pompeii by in-situ Raman spectroscopy ▶


Nagore Prieto-Taboada, Silvia Fdez-Ortiz de Vallejuelo, Marco Veneranda et al.


Abnormal grain growth mediated by fractal boundary migration at the nanoscale ▶


Christian Braun, Jules M. Dake, Carl E. Krill et al.


A Strategy for Nonmigrating Plasticized PVC Modified with Mannich base of Waste Cooking Oil Methyl Ester ▶


Puyou Jia, Meng Zhang, Lihong Hu et al.


Decentralized dynamic understanding of hidden relations in complex networks ▶


Decebal Constantin Mocanu, Georgios Exarchakos, Antonio Liotta


Carbon nanofibers (CNFs) supported cobalt- nickel sulfide (CoNi2S4) nanoparticles hybrid anode for high performance lithium ion capacitor ▶


Ajay Jagadale, Xuan Zhou, Douglas Blaisdell et al.


Topological Valley Transport in Two-dimensional Honeycomb Photonic Crystals ▶


Yuting Yang, Hua Jiang, Zhi Hong Hang


On the origins of strain inhomogeneity in amorphous materials ▶


Alexander J. G. Lunt, Philip Chater, Alexander M. Korsunsky


Assessment of the characteristics and biocompatibility of gelatin sponge scaffolds prepared by various crosslinking methods ▶


Gang Yang, Zhenghua Xiao, Haiyan Long et al.


Structural effect of two-dimensional BNNS on grain growth suppressing behaviors in Al-matrix nanocomposites ▶


Seungjin Nam, Kunok Chang, Woonki Lee et al.


Two types of weight-dependent walks with a trap in weighted scale-free treelike networks ▶


Meifeng Dai, Yue Zong, Jiaojiao He et al.


Effect of spin relaxations on the spin mixing conductances for a bilayer structure ▶


D. X. Li, H. Z. Shen, H. D. Liu et al.


Graphene-based nonvolatile terahertz switch with asymmetric electrodes ▶


Yan Li, Hui Yu, Xinyu Qiu et al.


Hotspot relaxation time of NbN superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors on various substrates ▶


Lu Zhang, Lixing You, Xiaoyan Yang et al.


Decoherence and control of a qubit in spin baths: an exact master equation study ▶


Jun Jing, Lian-Ao Wu


Ring-Size Effects on the Stability and Spectral Shifts of Hydrogen Bonded Cyclic Ethers Complexes ▶


Shanshan Tang, Narcisse T. Tsona, Lin Du


disLocate: tools to rapidly quantify local intermolecular structure to assess two-dimensional order in self-assembled systems ▶


Matt Bumstead, Kunyu Liang, Gregory Hanta et al.


Perovskite Thin Film Synthesised from Sputtered Lead Sulphide ▶


José Maria Clemente da Silva Filho, Viktor A. Ermakov, Francisco Chagas Marques


Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Polyimide Composites with Boron Nitride Nanosheets ▶


Ting Wang, Mengjie Wang, Li Fu et al.


Simultaneous realization of slow and fast acoustic waves using a fractal structure of Koch curve ▶


Jin Ding, Li Fan, Shu-yi Zhang et al.


Optimization reconstruction method of object profile using flexible laser plane and bi-planar references ▶


Guan Xu, Jing Yuan, Xiaotao Li et al.


Controllable population dynamics in Landau-quantized graphene ▶


Chunling Ding, Rong Yu, Xiangying Hao et al.


Real-time colour hologram generation based on ray-sampling plane with multi-GPU acceleration ▶


Hirochika Sato, Takashi Kakue, Yasuyuki Ichihashi et al.


Single Plasmonic Structure Enhanced Dual-band Room Temperature Infrared Photodetection ▶


Jinchao Tong, Landobasa Y. M. Tobing, Yu Luo et al.


Flexibly tunable high-quality-factor induced transparency in plasmonic systems ▶


Hua Lu, Xuetao Gan, Dong Mao et al.


Transport of Photonic Bloch Wave in Arrayed Two-Level Atoms ▶


Chih-Chun Chang, Lee Lin, Guang-Yin Chen

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