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Scientific Reports Chemistry Table of Contents e-alert: 14 November 2017

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  14 November 2017    
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Chemical Sciences

Flexible Fe3O4@Carbon Nanofibers Hierarchically Assembled with MnO2 Particles for High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes ▶


Nousheen Iqbal, Xianfeng Wang, Aijaz Ahmed Babar et al.


High-fraction brookite films from amorphous precursors ▶


James E. S. Haggerty, Laura T. Schelhas, Daniil A. Kitchaev et al.


Gas sensors boosted by two-dimensional h-BN enabled transfer on thin substrate foils: towards wearable and portable applications ▶


Taha Ayari, Chris Bishop, Matthew B. Jordan et al.


Structure constrained by metadata in networks of chess players ▶


Nahuel Almeira, Ana L. Schaigorodsky, Juan I. Perotti et al.


A Solution-Processable, Nanostructured, and Conductive Graphene/Polyaniline Hybrid Coating for Metal-Corrosion Protection and Monitoring ▶


Saerona Kim, Thanh-Hai Le, Chul Soon Park et al.


Hall sensors batch-fabricated on all-CVD h-BN/graphene/h-BN heterostructures ▶


André Dankert, Bogdan Karpiak, Saroj P. Dash


Band Gap Engineering of Hexagonal SnSe2 Nanostructured Thin Films for Infra-Red Photodetection ▶


Emma P. Mukhokosi, Saluru B. Krupanidhi, Karuna K. Nanda


Benchmarking integrated linear-optical architectures for quantum information processing ▶


Fulvio Flamini, Nicolò Spagnolo, Niko Viggianiello et al.


Pinning and hysteresis in the field dependent diameter evolution of skyrmions in Pt/Co/Ir superlattice stacks ▶


K. Zeissler, M. Mruczkiewicz, S. Finizio et al.


Coevolution of Vertex Weights Resolves Social Dilemma in Spatial Networks ▶


Chen Shen, Chen Chu, Hao Guo et al.


Effects of atomic-level nano-structured hydroxyapatite on adsorption of bone morphogenetic protein-7 and its derived peptide by computer simulation ▶


Qun Wang, Menghao Wang, Xiong Lu et al.


Universal glass-forming behavior of in vitro and living cytoplasm ▶


Kenji Nishizawa, Kei Fujiwara, Masahiro Ikenaga et al.


A facile hydrothermal approach for the density tunable growth of ZnO nanowires and their electrical characterizations ▶


S. Boubenia, A. S. Dahiya, G. Poulin-Vittrant et al.


The photoelastic coefficient P 12 of H+ implanted GaAs as a function of defect density ▶


Andrey Baydin, Halina Krzyzanowska, Rustam Gatamov et al.


Martensite phase stress and the strengthening mechanism in TRIP steel by neutron diffraction ▶


Stefanus Harjo, Noriyuki Tsuchida, Jun Abe et al.


Effect of Substrate symmetry on the dendrite morphology of MoS2 Film synthesized by CVD ▶


Di Wu, Tai Min, Jian Zhou et al.


A spot laser modulated resistance switching effect observed on n-type Mn-doped ZnO/SiO2/Si structure ▶


Jing Lu, Xinglong Tu, Guilin Yin et al.


Structure and photoluminescence properties of red-emitting apatite-type phosphor NaY9(SiO4)6O2:Sm3+ with excellent quantum efficiency and thermal stability for solid-state lighting ▶


Lefu Mei, Haikun Liu, Libing Liao et al.


Effects of Cement Paste Enhanced with Iron-Based Magnetic Particles on an Embedded Small Resonator Antenna ▶


Yee Loon Sum, Vanessa Rheinheimer, Boon Hee Soong et al.


Detection and quantification of offal content in ground beef meat using vibrational spectroscopic-based chemometric analysis ▶


Yaxi Hu, Liang Zou, Xiaolin Huang et al.


Ordered and Disordered Phases in Mo1−xWxS2 Monolayer ▶


Wei Tan, Zhipeng Wei, Xiaomin Liu et al.


Plasmonic Chromatic Electrode with Low Resistivity ▶


Young Gyu Moon, Yun Seon Do, Min Ho Lee et al.


Hybrid Interference Induced Flat Band Localization in Bipartite Optomechanical Lattices ▶


Liang-Liang Wan, Xin-You Lü, Jin-Hua Gao et al.


Axion dark matter detection by laser induced fluorescence in rare-earth doped materials ▶


Caterina Braggio, Giovanni Carugno, Federico Chiossi et al.


Disordered Nanohole Patterns in Metal-Insulator Multilayer for Ultra-broadband Light Absorption: Atomic Layer Deposition for Lithography Free Highly repeatable Large Scale Multilayer Growth ▶


Amir Ghobadi, Hodjat Hajian, Sina Abedini Dereshgi et al.


Acoustic frequency filter based on anisotropic topological phononic crystals ▶


Ze-Guo Chen, Jiajun Zhao, Jun Mei et al.


Navigability of temporal networks in hyperbolic space ▶


Elisenda Ortiz, Michele Starnini, M. Ángeles Serrano


Fabrication of Subnanometer-Precision Nanopores in Hexagonal Boron Nitride ▶


S. Matt Gilbert, Gabriel Dunn, Amin Azizi et al.


A Thermodynamic Model of Diameter- and Temperature-dependent Semiconductor Nanowire Growth ▶


Xinlei Li, Jun Ni, Ruiqin Zhang


The liquid-glass-jamming transition in disordered ionic nanoemulsions ▶


Marco Braibanti, Ha Seong Kim, Nesrin Şenbil et al.


Slow waves in locally resonant metamaterials line defect waveguides ▶


Nadège Kaina, Alexandre Causier, Yoan Bourlier et al.


Demonstration of measuring sea fog with an SNSPD-based Lidar system ▶


Jiang Zhu, Yajun Chen, Labao Zhang et al.


Transparent, abrasion-insensitive superhydrophobic coatings for real-world applications ▶


Dorothea Helmer, Nico Keller, Frederik Kotz et al.


Global mapping of stratigraphy of an old-master painting using sparsity-based terahertz reflectometry ▶


Junliang Dong, Alexandre Locquet, Marcello Melis et al.


In-situ synthesis of amorphous silver silicate/carbonate composites for selective visible-light photocatalytic decomposition ▶


Ruya Cao, Hongcen Yang, Xiaolong Deng et al.


Large area imaging of forensic evidence with MA-XRF ▶


Kirsten Langstraat, Alwin Knijnenberg, Gerda Edelman et al.


Influence of non-thermal plasma on structural and electrical properties of globular and nanostructured conductive polymer polypyrrole in water suspension ▶


Pavel Galář, Josef Khun, Dušan Kopecký et al.


High Energy Conversion Efficiency with 3-D Micro-Patterned Photoanode for Enhancement Diffusivity and Modification of Photon Distribution in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells ▶


Min Ju Yun, Yeon Hyang Sim, Seung I. Cha et al.


Investigation on thermodynamics of ion-slicing of GaN and heterogeneously integrating high-quality GaN films on CMOS compatible Si(100) substrates ▶


Kai Huang, Qi Jia, Tiangui You et al.


Enhanced physicochemical properties of polydimethylsiloxane based microfluidic devices and thin films by incorporating synthetic micro-diamond ▶


Sidra Waheed, Joan M. Cabot, Niall P. Macdonald et al.


Cascading Failures in Interdependent Networks with Multiple Supply-Demand Links and Functionality Thresholds ▶


M. A. Di Muro, L. D. Valdez, H. H. Aragão Rêgo et al.


A fast fabrication of copper nanowire transparent conductive electrodes by using pulsed laser irradiation ▶


Nguyen-Hung Tran, Thanh-Hung Duong, Hyun-Chul Kim


Measurements of ultrafast spin-profiles and spin-diffusion properties in the domain wall area at a metal/ferromagnetic film interface ▶


T. Sant, D. Ksenzov, F. Capotondi et al.


Reconstruction of Complex Network based on the Noise via QR Decomposition and Compressed Sensing ▶


Lixiang Li, Dafei Xu, Haipeng Peng et al.


Control of evaporation by geometry in capillary structures. From confined pillar arrays in a gap radial gradient to phyllotaxy-inspired geometry ▶


Chen Chen, Paul Duru, Pierre Joseph et al.


A POCS super resolution restoration algorithm based on BM3D ▶


Jian Chen, WeiGuo Wang, TingXia Liu et al.


Flat-band light dynamics in Stub photonic lattices ▶


Bastián Real, Camilo Cantillano, Dany López-González et al.


Visible and UV photo-detection in ZnO nanostructured thin films via simple tuning of solution method ▶


Richa Khokhra, Bandna Bharti, Heung-No Lee et al.


Quantifying the potential for bursting bubbles to damage suspended cells ▶


Peter L. L. Walls, Oliver McRae, Venkatesh Natarajan et al.


Functional Group Effects on the Photoelectronic Properties of MXene (Sc2CT2, T=O, F, OH) and Their Possible Photocatalytic Activities ▶


Kuangwei Xiong, Peihong Wang, Guang Yang et al.


Conduction-band effective mass and bandgap of ZnSnN2 earth-abundant solar absorber ▶


Xiang Cao, Fumio Kawamura, Yoshihiko Ninomiya et al.


Gravitational Field effects on the Decoherence Process and the Quantum Speed Limit ▶


Sh. Dehdashti, Z. Avazzadeh, Z. Xu et al.


All-Materials-Inclusive Flash Spark Plasma Sintering ▶


Charles Manière, Geuntak Lee, Eugene A. Olevsky


Rapid and selective surface functionalization of the membrane for high efficiency oil-water separation via an atmospheric pressure plasma process ▶


Yong Sung You, Seongchan Kang, Rodolphe Mauchauffé et al.


Large area few-layer graphene with scalable preparation from waste biomass for high-performance supercapacitor ▶


Taniya Purkait, Guneet Singh, Mandeep Singh et al.


High-accuracy wavefront sensing by phase diversity technique with bisymmetric defocuses diversity phase ▶


Peiguang Zhang, Chengliang Yang, Zihao Xu et al.


Technospheric Mining of Rare Earth Elements from Bauxite Residue (Red Mud): Process Optimization, Kinetic Investigation, and Microwave Pretreatment ▶


Sable Reid, Jason Tam, Mingfan Yang et al.


Superconducting Properties in Arrays of Nanostructured β-Gallium ▶


K. O. Moura, K. R. Pirota, F. Béron et al.


Electroluminescence properties of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well-based LEDs with different indium contents and different well widths ▶


Changfu Li, Ziwu Ji, Jianfei Li et al.


Mechanisms of the decrease in low-temperature electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O12-based anode materials ▶


Qian Huang, Zhen Yang, Jian Mao


Performance of Solid-state Hybrid Energy-storage Device using Reduced Graphene-oxide Anchored Sol-gel Derived Ni/NiO Nanocomposite ▶


Himadri Tanaya Das, Kamaraj Mahendraprabhu, Thandavarayan Maiyalagan et al.


Crystalline Soda Can Metamaterial exhibiting Graphene-like Dispersion at subwavelength scale ▶


Simon Yves, Fabrice Lemoult, Mathias Fink et al.


Critical switching current density induced by spin Hall effect in magnetic structures with first- and second-order perpendicular magnetic anisotropy ▶


Seok Jin Yun, Kyung-Jin Lee, Sang Ho Lim


Ferroelectric thin film acoustic devices with electrical multiband switching ability ▶


Sergey V. Ptashnik, Anatoliy K. Mikhailov, Alexander V. Yastrebov et al.


QED cascade with 10 PW-class lasers ▶


Martin Jirka, Ondrej Klimo, Marija Vranic et al.


Spatially Resolved Thermometry of Resistive Memory Devices ▶


Eilam Yalon, Sanchit Deshmukh, Miguel Muñoz Rojo et al.


A viscous quantum hydrodynamics model based on dynamic density functional theory ▶


Abdourahmane Diaw, Michael S. Murillo


Carbon Nanotube Array Based Binary Gabor Zone Plate Lenses ▶


Sunan Deng, Tahseen Jwad, Chi Li et al.


Infrared single photon detector based on optical up-converter at 1550 nm ▶


Peng Bai, Y. H. Zhang, W. Z. Shen


Minimally Invasive Hemostatic Materials: Tackling a Dilemma of Fluidity and Adhesion by Photopolymerization in situ ▶


Yun Zhang, Dandan Song, Hong Huang et al.


Scalable symmetry detector and its applications by using beam splitters and weak nonlinearities ▶


Ying-Qiu He, Dong Ding, Feng-Li Yan et al.


Tunable Mid IR focusing in InAs based semiconductor Hyperbolic Metamaterial ▶


Mai Desouky, Ahmed M. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. Swillam


Genuine Multipartite Entanglement in the 3-Photon Decay of Positronium ▶


Beatrix C. Hiesmayr, Pawel Moskal


High-brightness laser imaging with tunable speckle reduction enabled by electroactive micro-optic diffusers ▶


Hamid Farrokhi, Thazhe Madam Rohith, Jeeranan Boonruangkan et al.


Hydrogen adsorption on doped MoS2 nanostructures ▶


Mikko Hakala, Rasmus Kronberg, Kari Laasonen


An electrically reconfigurable logic gate intrinsically enabled by spin-orbit materials ▶


Mohammad Kazemi


Quasi-static and dynamic experimental studies on the tensile strength and failure pattern of concrete and mortar discs ▶


Xiaochao Jin, Cheng Hou, Xueling Fan et al.


Femtosecond time-resolved observation of butterfly vibration in electronically excited o-fluorophenol ▶


Fengzi Ling, Shuai Li, Xinli Song et al.


Efficient multiparty quantum key agreement with collective detection ▶


Wei Huang, Qi Su, Bin Liu et al.


Statistical Analysis for Collision-free Boson Sampling ▶


He-Liang Huang, Han-Sen Zhong, Tan Li et al.


Controlling the Bidirectional Circular Polarization States Using Ultrathin Back-to-Back Quarter-Wave Plates Cavity ▶


Le Chang, Yue Li, Yongmin Liu


On Economic Complexity and the Fitness of Nations ▶


Greg Morrison, Sergey V. Buldyrev, Michele Imbruno et al.


Lensless Photoluminescence Hyperspectral Camera Employing Random Speckle Patterns ▶


Karel Žídek, Ondřej Denk, Jiří Hlubuček

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