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Nature News highlights: 10 August 2017

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  10 August 2017    

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  • Latest News  

How to map the circuits that define us

09 August 2017

Neuroscientists want to understand how tangles of neurons produce complex behaviours, but even the simplest networks defy understanding. Read More


Thousands across India march in support of science

09 August 2017

Inspired by global demonstrations, protesters demand respect for research. Read More


Telescope protest, GM salmon and a giant 'dead zone'

09 August 2017

The week in science: 4–10 August 2017. Read More

  • More Stories  

Mysteries of Sun's corona on view during upcoming eclipse

09 August 2017

From ground, sky and space, researchers are ready to test latest technologies on the Great American Eclipse. Read More


Citizen scientists chase total solar eclipse

09 August 2017

Non-scientists are being recruited to collect data on everything from the Sun's outer atmosphere to animal behaviour. Read More


Insomnia linked to premature birth in study of 3 million mothers

08 August 2017

Women with sleep disorders were about twice as likely to deliver babies more than six weeks early. Read More


Commit to talks on patient data and public health

08 August 2017

Gene-edited embryos are exciting, but the truly urgent conversations concern genomic medicine, says Vivienne Parry. Read More


Home-grown scientists step up to save Africa's primates

08 August 2017

Scientific network aims to train a generation of African leaders in primate research. Read More


Half of papers searched for online are free to read

07 August 2017

Large study of open research analysed reader data from Unpaywall tool, which finds freely available versions of articles. Read More


First genetically engineered salmon sold in Canada

04 August 2017

US firm AquaBounty Technologies says that its transgenic fish has hit the market after a 25-year wait. Read More


Chronic diseases spike in Middle East as conflicts rage

04 August 2017

Rising rates of chronic disease and deaths from violence can be curbed only if fighting is brought to an end, say researchers. Read More


Cosmic map reveals a not-so-lumpy Universe

03 August 2017

Odd results could still be consistent with the 'standard model' of cosmology. Read More


Ancient genomes show how maize adapted to life at high altitudes

03 August 2017

Changes to flowering times helped the staple crop spread into new areas thousands of years ago. Read More


'Autistic' mice make littermates less social

03 August 2017

Mice genetically engineered to show autism-like symptoms can affect behaviour of unmodified animals when the two are kept together. Read More


Authors retract controversial NgAgo gene-editing study

03 August 2017

Researchers pull study after several failed attempts by others to replicate findings describing a proposed alternative to CRISPR. Read More


November 2-3, 2017 | Hanover, Germany


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