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Nature News highlights: 27 July 2017

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  27 July 2017    

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  • Latest News  

Huge landslide triggered rare Greenland mega-tsunami

27 July 2017

Scientists hope studying last month's deadly event will improve modelling of rockslides that could become more frequent with climate change. Read More


'True blue' chrysanthemum flowers produced with genetic engineering 

26 July 2017

Scientists added two genes to the plant's genome to get the new hue. Read More


Big names in statistics want to shake up much-maligned P value

26 July 2017

One of scientists' favourite statistics — the P value — should face tougher standards, say leading researchers. Read More

  • More Stories  

Brain's stem cells slow ageing in mice

26 July 2017

Transplanted cells offer middle-aged rodents an increased lifespan. Read More


HIV milestone, discrimination suit and China's AI plans

26 July 2017

The week in science: 21–27 July 2017. Read More


China's quest to become a space science superpower

25 July 2017

With major spaceflight milestones behind it, China is working to build an international reputation for space science. Read More


Australia cuts conservation protections in marine parks

25 July 2017

Conservationists accuse government of ignoring science-based recommendations. Read More


Budding UK innovation agency gains cash — and clout

25 July 2017

Business-focused funding agency Innovate UK is driving British efforts to commercialize research. Read More


Don't run biomedical science as a business

25 July 2017

Science should abandon its assembly-line mentality and rebuild for quality, not quantity, argues Michele Pagano. Read More 


President of troubled French funding agency resigns

24 July 2017

Chief's departure after management complaints might not solve National Research Agency's woes. Read More


Giant radio telescope scaled back to contain costs

24 July 2017

Crowding antennas closer together may affect the Square Kilometre Array's ability to observe the early Universe. Read More 


Iceland drilling project aims to unearth how islands form

21 July 2017

Scientists will look into the heart of Surtsey, an island created 50 years ago by a volcanic eruption. Read More


US defence agencies grapple with gene drives

21 July 2017

National security community examines the risks and benefits of technology to quickly spread genetic modifications. Read More


Uganda trial shows why it's worth paying people to preserve trees

20 July 2017

Randomized controlled trial finds economic benefits of avoided carbon emissions are double the costs. Read More


Big Bang gravitational effect observed in lab crystal

20 July 2017

Phenomenon thought to occur only in exotic, high-energy physics environments seen in quantum material. Read More

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