Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is the rise of three-year PhDs in students' best interests?

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The three-year PhD program: good for students? Or too good to be true?
Calls to modernize the PhD to meet the demands of the job market are being answered by the introduction of a more streamlined three-year PhD program. Are these changes in students’ best interests?
Enterprise: Game on
Scientists are designing board, card and digital games to convey scientific concepts.
Turning point: Soft-skills sculptor
Career-building skills need not be hard to learn.
An overseas research intern's journey in Japan
My overseas internship experience significantly increased my knowledge of research culture and lifestyles in foreign countries.
Ageism in academic jobs in India
Farah Ishtiaq shares her experience on how age and success are linked in acquiring faculty positions in India.
Techblog: Technology for the workplace
The sound of DNA
"I'm not saying audio by itself is the bees' knees for interpreting DNA sequence, but surely audio can contribute to your visual interpretation."
Planning your time and your goals
Time planning and goal setting can make your work and career planning more efficient, as well as help you prioritise what you love to do.
Ask our experts
The Naturejobs podcast is now back, and we're setting up an expert panel of careers advisers to answer your job-related questions.
From our library
How to combat implicit bias
The habit of implicit bias can be broken, but it takes awareness and behavioural strategies, said a new study.
Six of the best: Elsewhere in Nature
US lawmakers seek $1.1-billion boost for the NIH

Lights, camera, CRISPR: Biologists use gene editing to store movies in DNA

Ant colonies flow like fluid to build tall towers

Climate scientists flock to France's call

New Antarctic iceberg echoes old problem

European Commission urges logging ban in ancient Białowieża Forest

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