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Nature News highlights: 8 June 2017

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  08 June 2017    

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US revives space-policy council after 24-year absence

07 June 2017

Vice-president to head group overseeing civilian and military space activities. Read More


Physicists have finally created a 2D magnet

07 June 2017

Just one atom thick, the magnet will allow researchers to perform previously impossible experiments. Read More


Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species' history

07 June 2017

Remains from Morocco dated to 315,000 years ago push back our species' origins by 100,000 years — and suggest we didn't evolve only in East Africa. Read More

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Hubble sees light bending around nearby star

07 June 2017

Rare astronomical observation shows effects of relativity. Read More


US exits Paris, Jupiter's new moons and the biggest prize in science

07 June 2017

The week in science: 2–8 June 2017. Read More


The mathematicians who want to save democracy

07 June 2017

With algorithms in hand, scientists are looking to make elections in the United States more representative. Read More


Italy rebuked for failure to prevent olive-tree tragedy

07 June 2017

European Commission reveals widespread delays by the country's authorities to halt spread of deadly plant disease. Read More


Trump says Francis Collins will stay on at the NIH

06 June 2017

Geneticist has led the biomedical research agency since 2009. Read More


Gut bacteria can stop cancer drugs from working

06 June 2017

Presence of particular microbes or enzymes could explain why some treatments are ineffective for certain people. Read More


The rise of political apathy in two charts

06 June 2017

In turbulent times, voting should seem even more important — but in Europe, turnouts are lower than ever. Read More


AI summit aims to help world's poorest

06 June 2017

United Nations meeting hopes to focus artificial intelligence on sustainable development goals. Read More


NASA's dark-energy probe faces cost crisis

06 June 2017

Space agency takes a hard look at plans for its next big space observatory. Read More


Romania's science reforms prompt boycott

06 June 2017

Researchers refuse to sit on evaluation panels after government bans international participation. Read More


Coral-reef fish suck up meals with slime-covered lips

05 June 2017

Highly folded mouthparts help tubelip wrasses dodge venom and create a seal to feed. Read More


We need a science of philanthropy

05 June 2017

Billions of dollars are being donated without strong evidence about which ways of giving are effective, says Caroline Fiennes. Read More


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