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Nature News highlights: 22 June 2017

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  22 June 2017    

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  • Latest News  

Modified viruses deliver death to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

21 June 2017

Engineered microbes turn a bacterium's immune response against itself using CRISPR. Read More


China's genomics giant to make stock-market debut

21 June 2017

Once the world's biggest DNA sequencer for research, BGI is now looking to medical applications to boost profits. Read More


New journal blacklist, palm-oil ban and the world's top


21 June 2017

The week in science: 16–22 June 2017. Read More

  • More Stories  

The fight to save thousands of lives with sea-floor sensors

21 June 2017

Geophysicists are ramping up their efforts to monitor major undersea faults for movement, and search for signs of the next catastrophic quake. Read More


China cracks down on fake peer reviews

20 June 2017

Funding agencies announce harsh penalties and stronger policing efforts. Read More


Teeth tell tale of hippo's quick spread across Africa

20 June 2017

Fossils from ancient hippo ancestor suggest that grass helped the animals to conquer a continent. Read More


A year on, Brexit brings lessons in uncertainty

20 June 2017

It is more important to understand the electorate than to make predictions about the outcome of elections, says Jane Green. Read More


Strengthened US sanctions on Cuba disappoint scientists

19 June 2017

US President Donald Trump plans to roll back policies that aided collaboration between US and Cuban

scientists. Read More


Ancient oak's youthful genome surprises biologists

19 June 2017

DNA of 234-year-old tree has few mutations, giving weight to idea that plants protect their stem cells. Read More


Macron consolidates electoral victory

19 June 2017

The party of France's recently elected president won an absolute majority in its first general elections, with an agenda that included strong support for research. Read More


Swipe right for science: Papr app is 'Tinder for preprints'

16 June 2017

App lets researchers rate life-sciences abstracts by swiping across a screen. Read More


Biologists debate how to license preprints

16 June 2017

Flood of online manuscripts generates confusion about terms for distribution and reuse. Read More


China's quantum satellite clears major hurdle on way to ultrasecure communications

15 June 2017

Probe sends entangled photons — which could underpin quantum-based data encryption — over unprecedented distance. Read More


New concerns raised over value of genome-wide disease studies

15 June 2017

Large analyses dredge up 'peripheral' genetic associations that offer little biological insight, researchers say. Read More


Eye-opening picture of fetal immune system emerges

14 June 2017

Human fetuses have an immune system that acts differently from the adult version. Read More

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Postdoctoral Scientist - Cell Biology


Medical Research Council - Laboratory of Molecular Biology 


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The University of Melbourne 


Director of the Neuroscience Center


HiLIFE, University of Helsinki 


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