Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pensions pots, Trump plots, and science prizes

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Dollars and sense
Start saving early and fatten your pension pot.
Being a foreign scientist in Trump's America
A Spanish bioscience postdoc shares her perspective as a foreigner in the US.
Science competitions earn you fame, glory and transferable skills
Competitions aimed at early career researchers fill the gap between a PhD and a "real world" education, says Réka Nagy.
Degree and depression
PhD students are more likely to experience mental health problems than other highly educated individuals, says a new study.
The next generation of science outreach
Increased communication and outreach efforts require changes in the structure and culture of academic science, argues Nicole Forrester.
Workplace technology from
My digital toolbox: Lorena Barba
Lorena Barba, a mechanical and aerospace engineer at George Washington University in Washington DC, talks about flying snakes, "repro-packs," and copyright.
From our library
Ecology: Change is in the air
Animals and plants worldwide are responding to shifts in the environment — and so must the scientists who study them
Elsewhere in Nature
How the March for Science splits researchers

French-election fears unite scientists in defence of liberal democracy

Doom and gloom won't save the world

How lizards get their spots

Unravelling why shoelace knots fail

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