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Nature News highlights: 6 April 2017

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  06 April 2017    

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Spring Books


As buds pop and leaves unfurl, sample super-fresh science reads in our Books and Arts special. The spring selection of books sees Lawrence Krauss getting revelatory about physics, Cherry Lewis unveiling the radical medic who described Parkinson's disease, Vaclav Smil tracing the energy arc from muscle to combustion, David Callahan on the politics of megaphilanthropy, and more. Read More

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CRISPR studies muddy results of older gene research

05 April 2017

Scientists face tough decisions when the latest gene-editing findings don't match up with the results of other techniques. Read More


Brazilian budget woes, negative results and botany in the digital era

05 April 2017

The week in science: 31 March–6 April 2017. Read More


How the genomics revolution could finally help Africa

05 April 2017

New investments promise to get precision medicine and precision public health off the ground. But experts debate how much work needs to be done first. Read More

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Machine learning predicts the look of stem cells

05 April 2017

Website contains thousands of 3D stem cell images and could help with better understanding diseases like cancer. Read More


'Young poo' makes aged fish live longer

04 April 2017

The gut microbes of young killifish can extend the lifespans of older fish – hinting at the microbiome's role in ageing. Read More


Label the limits of forensic science

04 April 2017

This week marks a chance to curb the misuse of crime-scene evidence in US courts and spare innocent people from going to jail, says Robin Mejia. Read More


Compass protein attracts heap of criticism

04 April 2017

Debate grows over a molecule implicated in animal navigation. Read More


Hunt for cancer 'tipping point' heats up

03 April 2017

'Pre-cancer' genome atlas proposed to track tumours as they turn from benign to dangerous. Read More


Brazilian scientists reeling as federal funds slashed by nearly half

03 April 2017

After years of austerity, researchers fear that the latest dramatic cut will destroy the country's science. Read More


Genetic details of controversial 'three-parent baby' revealed

02 April 2017

But the child's parents have decided to forego long-term monitoring by researchers. Read More


Promising cancer drugs may speed tumours in some patients

31 March 2017

Early studies fuel scientists' determination to understand how immunotherapy may sometimes make disease worse. Read More


Space ravioli, nuclear explosions and a synthetic sun

31 March 2017

March's sharpest science shots, selected by Nature's photo team. Read More


Ancient bones reveal girl's tough life in early Americas

31 March 2017

Teenage mother who lived 12,000 years ago was malnourished but still roamed widely. Read More


Tell Nature: Are you going to the March for Science?

31 March 2017

People are set to march in more than 420 cities on 22 April. Read More


Tool for detecting publication bias goes under spotlight

31 March 2017

Funnel plots are a popular tool in spotting when scientists in a field leave out negative study results, but one researcher says the method is flawed. Read More


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