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  07 March 2017   
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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Timing of global regression and microbial bloom linked with the Permian-Triassic boundary mass extinction: implications for driving mechanisms


Björn Baresel, Hugo Bucher, Borhan Bagherpour et al.


New high-resolution U-Pb dates indicate a duration of 89 ± 38 kyr for the Permian hiatus and of 14 ± 57 kyr for the overlying Triassic microbial limestone in shallow water …


Soil bacterial and fungal diversity differently correlated with soil biochemistry in alpine grassland ecosystems in response to environmental changes


Yong Zhang, Shikui Dong, Qingzhu Gao et al.


To understand effects of soil microbes on soil biochemistry in alpine grassland ecosystems under environmental changes, we explored relationships between soil microbial diversity …


Scaling Law of Urban Ride Sharing


R. Tachet, O. Sagarra, P. Santi et al.


Sharing rides could drastically improve the efficiency of car and taxi transportation. Unleashing such potential, however, requires understanding how urban parameters affect the …


Quantifying Fenton reaction pathways driven by self-generated H2O2 on pyrite surfaces


C. Gil-Lozano, A. F. Davila, E. Losa-Adams et al.


Oxidation of pyrite (FeS2) plays a significant role in the redox cycling of iron and sulfur on Earth and is the primary cause of acid mine drainage (AMD). It has been established …


Size-resolved Pb distribution in the Athabasca River shows snowmelt in the bituminous sands region an insignificant source of dissolved Pb


Muhammad Babar Javed, Chad W. Cuss, Iain Grant-Weaver et al.


Lead (Pb) is a metal of special importance because of its long history of commercial and industrial use, global atmospheric contamination accelerated by the use of gasoline …


Thermodynamics and Equations of State of Iron to 350 GPa and 6000 K


P. I. Dorogokupets, A. M. Dymshits, K. D. Litasov et al.


The equations of state for solid (with bcc, fcc, and hcp structures) and liquid phases of Fe were defined via simultaneous optimization of the heat capacity, bulk moduli, thermal …


Citizen science shows systematic changes in the temperature difference between air and inland waters with global warming


Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, Murray Mackay, Jason D. Stockwell et al.


Citizen science projects have a long history in ecological studies. The research usefulness of such projects is dependent on applying simple and standardized methods. Here, we …


Pricing the urban cooling benefits of solar panel deployment in Sydney, Australia


S. Ma, M. Goldstein, A. J. Pitman et al.


Cities import energy, which in combination with their typically high solar absorption and low moisture availability generates the urban heat island effect (UHI). The UHI, …


Finite-size effects on bacterial population expansion under controlled flow conditions


Francesca Tesser, Jos C. H. Zeegers, Herman J. H. Clercx et al.


The expansion of biological species in natural environments is usually described as the combined effect of individual spatial dispersal and growth. In the case of aquatic …


Effect of Foam on Liquid Phase Mobility in Porous Media


A. A. Eftekhari, R. Farajzadeh


We investigate the validity of the assumption that foam in porous media reduces the mobility of gas phase only and does not impact the liquid-phase mobility. The foam is …


Diagnostic implication of fibrin degradation products and D-dimer in aortic dissection


Jian Dong, Xianli Duan, Rui Feng et al.


Fibrin degradation products (FDP) and D-dimer have been considered to be involved in many vascular diseases. In this study we aimed to explore the diagnostic implication of FDP …


Sex allocation promotes the stable co-occurrence of competitive species


Kazuya Kobayashi


Biodiversity has long been a source of wonder and scientific curiosity. Theoretically, the co-occurrence of competitive species requires niche differentiation, and such …


Endosymbiotic calcifying bacteria across sponge species and oceans


Leire Garate, Jan Sureda, Gemma Agell et al.


From an evolutionary point of view, sponges are ideal targets to study marine symbioses as they are the most ancient living metazoans and harbour highly diverse microbial …


Comparison of different critical nitrogen dilution curves for nitrogen diagnosis in rice


Syed Tahir Ata-Ul-Karim, Yan Zhu, Xiaojun Liu et al.


The critical nitrogen (N) dilution curve is a suitable analytical tool for in-season estimation of N status to implement precision N management. This study was undertaken for a …


Data integration aids understanding of butterfly–host plant networks


Ai Muto-Fujita, Kazuhiro Takemoto, Shigehiko Kanaya et al.


Although host-plant selection is a central topic in ecology, its general underpinnings are poorly understood. Here, we performed a case study focusing on the publicly available …


Formation of the 2015 Shenzhen landslide as observed by SAR shape-from-shading


Chisheng Wang, Qingquan Li, Jiasong Zhu et al.


The time-series topography change of a landfill site before its failure has rarely been surveyed in detail. However, this information is important for both landfill management …


Shrubland primary production and soil respiration diverge along European climate gradient


Sabine Reinsch, Eva Koller, Alwyn Sowerby et al.


Above- and belowground carbon (C) stores of terrestrial ecosystems are vulnerable to environmental change. Ecosystem C balances in response to environmental changes have been …


Consecutive record-breaking high temperatures marked the handover from hiatus to accelerated warming


Jingzhi Su, Renhe Zhang, Huijun Wang


Closely following the hiatus warming period, two astonishing high temperature records reached in 2014 and 2015 consecutively. To investigate the occurrence features of …


Deriving Flood-Mediated Connectivity between River Channels and Floodplains: Data-Driven Approaches


Tongtiegang Zhao, Quanxi Shao, Yongyong Zhang


The flood-mediated connectivity between river channels and floodplains plays a fundamental role in flood hazard mapping and exerts profound ecological effects. The classic …


Effective Removal of Tetracycline Antibiotics from Water using Hybrid Carbon Membranes


Ming-kai Liu, Ying-ya Liu, Dan-dan Bao et al.


Antibiotic residues in drinking water have become a global problem, especially in developing countries. However, effective purification of water contaminated by antibiotics …


Consequences of biodiversity loss diverge from expectation due to post-extinction compensatory responses


Matthias S. Thomsen, Clement Garcia, Stefan G. Bolam et al.


Consensus has been reached that global biodiversity loss impairs ecosystem functioning and the sustainability of services beneficial to humanity. However, the ecosystem …


Insights into the sonochemical synthesis and properties of salt-free intrinsic plutonium colloids


Elodie Dalodière, Matthieu Virot, Vincent Morosini et al.


Fundamental knowledge on intrinsic plutonium colloids is important for the prediction of plutonium behaviour in the geosphere and in engineered systems. The first synthetic route …


Real-time observation of the isothermal crystallization kinetics in a deeply supercooled liquid


M. Zanatta, L. Cormier, L. Hennet et al.


Below the melting temperature Tm, crystals are the stable phase of typical elemental or molecular systems. However, cooling down a liquid below Tm, crystallization is anything …


Land-based salmon aquacultures change the quality and bacterial degradation of riverine dissolved organic matter


Norbert Kamjunke, Jorge Nimptsch, Mourad Harir et al.


Aquacultures are of great economic importance worldwide but pollute pristine headwater streams, lakes, and estuaries. However, there are no in-depth studies of the consequences …


A first near real-time seismology-based landquake monitoring system


Wei-An Chao, Yih-Min Wu, Li Zhao et al.


Hazards from gravity-driven instabilities on hillslope (termed ‘landquake’ in this study) are an important problem facing us today. Rapid detection of landquake events is crucial …


Divergence of stable isotopes in tap water across China


Sihan Zhao, Hongchang Hu, Fuqiang Tian et al.


Stable isotopes in water (e.g., δ2H and δ18O) are important indicators of hydrological and ecological patterns and processes. Tap water can reflect integrated features of …


Bioresources inner-recycling between bioflocculation of Microcystis aeruginosa and its reutilization as a substrate for bioflocculant production


Liang Xu, Mingxin Huo, Caiyun Sun et al.


Bioflocculation, being environmental-friendly and highly efficient, is considered to be a promising method to harvest microalgae. However, one limitation of this technology is …


Long-term ground deformation patterns of Bucharest using multi-temporal InSAR and multivariate dynamic analyses: a possible transpressional system?


Iuliana Armaş, Diana A. Mendes, Răzvan-Gabriel Popa et al.


The aim of this exploratory research is to capture spatial evolution patterns in the Bucharest metropolitan area using sets of single polarised synthetic aperture radar (SAR) …


Abiotic and biotic factors responsible for antimonite oxidation in Agrobacterium tumefaciens GW4


Jingxin Li, Birong Yang, Manman Shi et al.


Antimonite [Sb(III)]-oxidizing bacteria can transform the toxic Sb(III) into the less toxic antimonate [Sb(V)]. Recently, the cytoplasmic Sb(III)-oxidase AnoA and the periplasmic …


Rising nutrient-pulse frequency and high UVR strengthen microbial interactions


Marco J. Cabrerizo, Juan Manuel Medina-Sánchez, Irene Dorado-García et al.


Solar radiation and nutrient pulses regulate the ecosystem’s functioning. However, little is known about how a greater frequency of pulsed nutrients under high ultraviolet …


Simultaneous removal of atrazine and copper using polyacrylic acid-functionalized magnetic ordered mesoporous carbon from water: adsorption mechanism


Yaoyu Zhou, Fengfeng Zhang, Lin Tang et al.


Highly efficient simultaneous removal of atrazine and Cu(II) was accomplished using synthesized polyacrylic acid-functionalized magnetic ordered mesoporous carbon (P-MMC) as …


3D Flower-like β-MnO2/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites for Catalytic Ozonation of Dichloroacetic Acid


Gang Li, Kezheng Li, Aijuan Liu et al.


Considering the potential use of manganese oxide based nanocomposite in catalytic ozonation of water contaminant, we report unique three-dimensional (3D) nanoarchitectures …


Extra-metabolic energy use and the rise in human hyper-density


Joseph R. Burger, Vanessa P. Weinberger, Pablo A. Marquet


Humans, like all organisms, are subject to fundamental biophysical laws. Van Valen predicted that, because of zero-sum dynamics, all populations of all species in a given …


Single-step One-pot Synthesis of Graphene Foam/TiO2 Nanosheet Hybrids for Effective Water Treatment


Weilin Wang, Zhaofeng Wang, Jingjing Liu et al.


Millions of tons of wastewater containing both inorganic and organic pollutants are generated every day, leading to significant social, environmental, and economic issues. …


Understanding the emergence of modern humans and the disappearance of Neanderthals: Insights from Kaldar Cave (Khorramabad Valley, Western Iran)


Behrouz Bazgir, Andreu Ollé, Laxmi Tumung et al.


Kaldar Cave is a key archaeological site that provides evidence of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in Iran. Excavations at the site in 2014–2015 led to the discovery …

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