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Nature News highlights: 23 March 2017

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  23 March 2017    

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Dinosaur family tree poised for colossal shake-up

22 March 2017

'Textbook-changing' analysis of dinosaur bones upends long-accepted relationships among major groups. Read More


Nuclear-test films, smoking declines and five new particles

22 March 2017

The week in science: 17–23 March 2017. Read More


How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth

22 March 2017

Astronomers hope to grab the first images of an event horizon — the point of no return. Read More

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South Korea's scientists seek change amid political chaos

22 March 2017

President's impeachment creates opportunity to shift how nation supports basic research. Read More


Mathematicians create warped worlds in virtual reality

21 March 2017

Immersive experience set to become accessible to all. Read More


Why a NASA spacecraft could bounce, crunch or sink on icy Europa

21 March 2017

Landing on Jupiter's moon in search of alien life won't be easy. Read More


Gender bias distorts peer review across fields

21 March 2017

Editors are more likely to select reviewers of the same gender. Read More


'Wavelet revolution' pioneer scoops top maths award

21 March 2017

Yves Meyer wins the Abel Prize for role in theory with data applications from digital cinema to pinpointing gravitational waves. Read More


Europe can build on scientific intuition

21 March 2017

Carlos Moedas sees a bold future for the European Research Council and more projects that copy its approach. Read More 


South Africa's San people issue ethics code to scientists

20 March 2017

The indigenous people — known for their click languages — are the first in Africa to draft guidelines for researchers. Read More


Jailed Iranian researcher's health worsening rapidly

20 March 2017

Academics call for the release of Ahmadreza Djalali, who has been imprisoned without trial since last April. Read More


Genome-based cholesterol drug boosts heart health

17 March 2017

Treatment reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, but might not live up to outsized expectations. Read More


Pasteur Institute's scientists make last-ditch plea to keep their president

16 March 2017

Popular leader will be forced to retire at 65 — but senior staff have other ideas. Read More


US science agencies face deep cuts in Trump budget

16 March 2017

The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health are big losers — but planetary science at NASA stands to gain. Read More


Hidden HIV reservoirs exposed by telltale protein

15 March 2017

The discovery helps to identify dormant infected cells and could one day lead to a cure. Read More


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This year's Frontiers in Biology Insight features Reviews on how genomics is helping to uncover the peopling of the world, the interplay between morphogens and morphogenesis in determining organismal shape, the factors that influence the immune response to cancer, advances in single-cell genomics, and the effects of base modifications in messenger RNA.

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