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Nature News highlights: 2 March 2017

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  02 March 2017    

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Poster on effects of new antidiabetic drugs on cardiovascular health

This poster summarizes cardiovascular outcome trials of newly developed glucose-lowering agents. Some of these drugs have shown cardiovascular benefit that might have clinical importance in the management of type 2 diabetes.
Supported by an educational grant from Novo Nordisk
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Human migration


As public discussions about refugees and migrants become heated and muddled, Nature examines the facts behind migration.  We speak to scientists working abroad about the challenges they face, from resettling as refugees to visa shortages and uncertain futures. And we examine the ethical concerns raised by the increasing use of technology to monitor people's movement. Read More

Nature Insight Frontiers in Biology

This year's Frontiers in Biology Insight features Reviews on how genomics is helping to uncover the peopling of the world, the interplay between morphogens and morphogenesis in determining organismal shape, the factors that influence the immune response to cancer, advances in single-cell genomics, and the effects of base modifications in messenger RNA.
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What the numbers say about refugees

01 March 2017

The biggest concentrations of displaced people lie far from the spotlight. Read More


Hunted, haunted, stateless and scared: the stories of refugee scientists 

01 March 2017

Displaced researchers face huge challenges making lives abroad, even if they find work. Read More 


Human migration

01 March 2017

A special issue explores the intersection of science and migration. Read More

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Space tourists, nerve agent and the queen of carbon

01 March 2017

The week in science: 24 February–1 March 2017. Read More


Peer-review activists push psychology journals towards open data

01 March 2017

Editor asked to resign from journal for saying he'll review only papers whose data he can see. Read More


Hepatitis C drugs re-energize global fight over patents

01 March 2017

Lawsuits in India and Argentina seek to reduce drug costs by allowing generic versions of antiviral treatments. Read More


UK scientists welcome changes to controversial research reforms

28 February 2017

Amendments aim to protect autonomy and the independence of research funders from political interference. Read More


Astronomers grapple with new era of fast radio bursts

28 February 2017

Signals have progressed from astronomical peculiarity to mainstream research area. Read More


Don't let useful data go to waste

28 February 2017

Researchers must seek out others' deposited biological sequences in community databases, urges Franziska Denk. Read More


How to kill wild animals humanely for conservation

28 February 2017

An international group offers guidance to help reduce pain and suffering in animals destined for culling. Read More


The drug-resistant bacteria that pose the greatest health threats

28 February 2017

World Health Organization publishes list that it hopes will focus development of antibiotics. Read More


A giant neuron found wrapped around entire mouse brain

24 February 2017

3D reconstructions show a 'crown of thorns' shape stemming from a region linked to consciousness. Read More


Fake stars, panda suits and ants on treadmills

24 February 2017

February's sharpest science shots, selected by Nature's photo team. Read More


Bees learn football from their buddies

23 February 2017

The insects show sophisticated learning for non-bee related tasks, and can even improve on what they are taught. Read More


African countries mobilize to battle invasive caterpillar

23 February 2017

Authorities and researchers ramp up their efforts to tackle the invasive fall armyworm. Read More


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