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Gene Therapy - Table of Contents alert Volume 24 Issue 3

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Gene Therapy

Looking for cGMP AAV and Lentivirus Production? 
Proven cGMP facility, team and quality system for CAR-T and gene therapy 
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Volume 24, Issue 3 (March 2017)

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Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2017

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2017 is the only conference dedicated to overcoming clinical, manufacturing, regulatory and commercialization challenges in this space. Hear in-depth case studies from Pfizer, UniQure, GSK, Bluebird, FDA and EMA on realizing the commercial potential of gene therapies. 

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NYU Nature Conference on Neurogenetics 

August 9-11, 2017| New York, NY

Presented by: New York University (NYU) | Nature Genetics | Nature Neuroscience 

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Prospects for RNA delivery with nanotechnologies

S L Hart

Gene Ther 2017 24: 121; 10.1038/gt.2017.15

Full Text

Double TALEN-edited T-cells kick B-ALL into touch

P T Harrison

Gene Ther 2017 24: 122; 10.1038/gt.2017.17

Full Text



Graphene materials as 2D non-viral gene transfer vector platforms

M Vincent, I de Lázaro and K Kostarelos

Gene Ther 2017 24: 123-132; advance online publication, November 22, 2016; 10.1038/gt.2016.79

Abstract | Full Text

Nanotechnologies in delivery of mRNA therapeutics using nonviral vector-based delivery systems

S Guan and J Rosenecker

Gene Ther 2017 24: 133-143; advance online publication, January 17, 2017; 10.1038/gt.2017.5

Abstract | Full Text

Non-viral delivery of genome-editing nucleases for gene therapy

M Wang, Z A Glass and Q Xu

Gene Ther 2017 24: 144-150; advance online publication, October 31, 2016; 10.1038/gt.2016.72

Abstract | Full Text

Genetic pharmacology: progresses in siRNA delivery and therapeutic applications

D Scherman, A Rousseau, P Bigey and V Escriou

Gene Ther 2017 24: 151-156; advance online publication, January 25, 2017; 10.1038/gt.2017.6

Abstract | Full Text

Extracellular vesicles for nucleic acid delivery: progress and prospects for safe RNA-based gene therapy

L Jiang, P Vader and R M Schiffelers

Gene Ther 2017 24: 157-166; advance online publication, January 31, 2017; 10.1038/gt.2017.8

Abstract | Full Text

Original Articles


Adeno-associated virus-mediated expression of myostatin propeptide improves the growth of skeletal muscle and attenuates hyperglycemia in db/db mice

J G Jiang, G F Shen, J Li, C Qiao, B Xiao, H Yan, D W Wang and X Xiao

Gene Ther 2017 24: 167-175; advance online publication, December 16, 2016; 10.1038/gt.2016.85

Abstract | Full Text

Late responses to adenoviral-mediated transfer of the aquaporin-1 gene for radiation-induced salivary hypofunction

I Alevizos, C Zheng, A P Cotrim, S Liu, L McCullagh, M E Billings, C M Goldsmith, M Tandon, E J Helmerhorst, M A Catalán, S J Danielides, P Perez, N P Nikolov, J A Chiorini, J E Melvin, F G Oppenheim, G G Illei and B J Baum

Gene Ther 2017 24: 176-186; advance online publication, December 20, 2016; 10.1038/gt.2016.87

Abstract | Full Text

Evidence for the in vivo safety of insulated foamy viral vectors

D L Browning, E M Everson, D J Leap, J D Hocum, H Wang, G Stamatoyannopoulos and G D Trobridge

Gene Ther 2017 24: 187-198; advance online publication, December 26, 2016; 10.1038/gt.2016.88

Abstract | Full Text

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