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Cell Death and Differentiation - Table of Contents alert Volume 24 Issue 3

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Cell Death and Differentiation

Cell Death & Disease is an online-only, open access journal seeking to promote diverse and integrated areas of experimental and internal medicine with its specialities, including cancer, cancer metabolism, immunity and neuroscience.

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Volume 24, Issue 3 (March 2017)

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Online-only and open access, Cell Death Discovery publishes scientifically sound research at the intersection of cell death and medicine. Increasing the reproducibility of research, the journal fosters a dynamic dialogue with a focus on cancer, neurobiology and inflammation research.

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Original Papers


Double-stranded RNA promotes CTL-independent tumor cytolysis mediated by CD11b+Ly6G+ intratumor myeloid cells through the TICAM-1 signaling pathway

Hiroaki Shime, Misako Matsumoto and Tsukasa Seya

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 385-396; advance online publication, November 11, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.131

Abstract | Full Text

Overexpression of Mcl-1 exacerbates lymphocyte accumulation and autoimmune kidney disease in lpr mice OPEN

Natasha S Anstee, Cassandra J Vandenberg, Kirsteen J Campbell, Peter D Hughes, Lorraine A O’Reilly and Suzanne Cory

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 397-408; advance online publication, November 4, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.125

Abstract | Full Text

Chromatin remodeling during in vivo neural stem cells differentiating to neurons in early Drosophila embryos OPEN

Youqiong Ye, Min Li, Liang Gu, Xiaolong Chen, Jiejun Shi, Xiaobai Zhang and Cizhong Jiang

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 409-420; advance online publication, November 18, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.135

Abstract | Full Text

HIC1 and miR-23~27~24 clusters form a double-negative feedback loop in breast cancer OPEN

Yanbo Wang, Hongwei Liang, Geyu Zhou, Xiuting Hu, Zhengya Liu, Fangfang Jin, Mengchao Yu, Jianfeng Sang, Yong Zhou, Zheng Fu, Chen-Yu Zhang, Weijie Zhang, Ke Zen and Xi Chen

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 421-432; advance online publication, December 23, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.136

Abstract | Full Text

Palmitoylation of caspase-6 by HIP14 regulates its activation

Niels H Skotte, Shaun S Sanders, Roshni R Singaraja, Dagmar E Ehrnhoefer, Kuljeet Vaid, Xiaofan Qiu, Srinivasaragavan Kannan, Chandra Verma and Michael R Hayden

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 433-444; advance online publication, December 2, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.139

Abstract | Full Text

MicroRNA-29c-5p suppresses gallbladder carcinoma progression by directly targeting CPEB4 and inhibiting the MAPK pathway OPEN

Yi-Jun Shu, Run-Fa Bao, Lin Jiang, Zheng Wang, Xu-An Wang, Fei Zhang, Han-Bin Liang, Huai-Feng Li, Yuan-Yuan Ye, Shan-Shan Xiang, Hao Weng, Xiang-Song Wu, Mao-Lan Li, Yun-Ping Hu, Wei Lu, Yi-Jian Zhang, Jian Zhu, Ping Dong and Ying-Bin Liu

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 445-457; advance online publication, January 6, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.146

Abstract | Full Text

Ketogenesis contributes to intestinal cell differentiation

Qingding Wang, Yuning Zhou, Piotr Rychahou, Teresa W-M Fan, Andrew N Lane, Heidi L Weiss and B Mark Evers

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 458-468; advance online publication, December 9, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.142

Abstract | Full Text

Pellino-1 promotes lung carcinogenesis via the stabilization of Slug and Snail through K63-mediated polyubiquitination OPEN

Yoon Kyung Jeon, Chung Kwon Kim, Kyung Rim Hwang, Hye-Young Park, Jaemoon Koh, Doo Hyun Chung, Chang-Woo Lee and Geun-Hyoung Ha

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 469-480; advance online publication, December 23, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.143

Abstract | Full Text

Combination of IAP antagonist and IFNγ activates novel caspase-10- and RIPK1-dependent cell death pathways

Maria C Tanzer, Nufail Khan, James A Rickard, Nima Etemadi, Najoua Lalaoui, Sukhdeep Kaur Spall, Joanne M Hildebrand, David Segal, Maria Miasari, Diep Chau, WendyWei-Lynn Wong, Mark McKinlay, Srinivas K Chunduru, Christopher A Benetatos, Stephen M Condon, James E Vince, Marco J Herold and John Silke

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 481-491; advance online publication, January 20, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.147

Abstract | Full Text

A negative feedback loop of ICER and NF-κB regulates TLR signaling in innate immune responses

Sihan Lv, Jian Li, Xinchen Qiu, Weida Li, Chao Zhang, Zhen-Ning Zhang and Bing Luan

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 492-499; advance online publication, December 23, 2016; 10.1038/cdd.2016.148

Abstract | Full Text

N-glycosylation of mouse TRAIL-R and human TRAIL-R1 enhances TRAIL-induced death OPEN

Florent Dufour, Thibault Rattier, Sarah Shirley, Gaelle Picarda, Andrei Alexandru Constantinescu, Aymeric Morlé, Al Batoul Zakaria, Guillaume Marcion, Sebastien Causse, Eva Szegezdi, Dirk Michael Zajonc, Renaud Seigneuric, Gilles Guichard, Tijani Gharbi, Fabien Picaud, Guillaume Herlem, Carmen Garrido, Pascal Schneider, Chris Alan Benedict and Olivier Micheau

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 500-510; advance online publication, February 10, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.150

Abstract | Full Text

ApoSOD1 lacking dismutase activity neuroprotects motor neurons exposed to beta-methylamino-L-alanine through the Ca2+/Akt/ERK1/2 prosurvival pathway OPEN

Tiziana Petrozziello, Agnese Secondo, Valentina Tedeschi, Alba Esposito, MariaJosè Sisalli, Antonella Scorziello, Gianfranco Di Renzo and Lucio Annunziato

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 511-522; advance online publication, January 13, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.154

Abstract | Full Text

The BCL-2 pro-survival protein A1 is dispensable for T cell homeostasis on viral infection

Selma Tuzlak, Robyn L Schenk, Ajithkumar Vasanthakumar, Simon P Preston, Manuel D Haschka, Dimitra Zotos, Axel Kallies, Andreas Strasser, Andreas Villunger and Marco J Herold

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 523-533; advance online publication, January 13, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.155

Abstract | Full Text

Characterisation of mice lacking all functional isoforms of the pro-survival BCL-2 family member A1 reveals minor defects in the haematopoietic compartment

Robyn L Schenk, Selma Tuzlak, Emma M Carrington, Yifan Zhan, Susanne Heinzel, Charis E Teh, Daniel H Gray, Lin Tai, Andrew M Lew, Andreas Villunger, Andreas Strasser and Marco J Herold

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 534-545; advance online publication, January 13, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.156

Abstract | Full Text

Excess reactive oxygen species production mediates monoclonal antibody-induced human embryonic stem cell death via oncosis

Ji Yun Zheng, Heng Liang Tan, Paul Thomas Matsudaira and Andre Choo

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 546-558; advance online publication, January 20, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.164

Abstract | Full Text

CD73 regulates anti-inflammatory signaling between apoptotic cells and endotoxin-conditioned tissue macrophages

Patrick S Murphy, Jing Wang, Samir P Bhagwat, Joshua C Munger, William J Janssen, Terry W Wright and Michael R Elliott

Cell Death Differ 2017 24: 559-570; advance online publication, January 6, 2017; 10.1038/cdd.2016.159

Abstract | Full Text

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