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Nature News highlights: 26 January 2017

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  26 January 2017    

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Nature Neuroscience presents this animation, which introduces the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms associated with Alzheimer's disease and highlights some of the most recent advances in our understanding of the onset and progression of this devastating neurological condition.
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President Donald Trump


What does the new US president mean for science? Amid protest marches, unease over his selections for key government positions, and worries over how the new administration will approach science, we'll be keeping a close eye on Donald Trump's every move. Read More

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World's foremost institute on death and disease metrics gets massive cash boost

25 January 2017

Centre evaluates how public-health spending can improve mortality rates and disease burden, but many countries still do not record how people die. Read More


How to find the right answer when the 'wisdom of the crowd' fails

25 January 2017

A new algorithm succeeds by asking members of large groups how they think others will respond. Read More


Hottest year, atomic-clock problems and a diversity failure

25 January 2017

The week in science: 20–26 January 2017. Read More

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Big science has a buzzword problem

25 January 2017

Moonshots, road maps, frameworks and more are proliferating, but few can agree on what these names even mean. Read More


Plant biologists welcome their robot overlords

25 January 2017

Old-school areas of plant biology are getting tech upgrades that herald more detailed, faster data collection. Read More


D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world's most controversial quantum computer

24 January 2017

Scepticism surrounds the ultimate potential of D-wave machines, but researchers are already finding uses for them. Read More


We must urgently clarify data-sharing rules

24 January 2017

Scientists have worked hard to ensure that Europe's new data laws do not harm science, but one last push is needed, says Jan-Eric Litton. Read More


'You never said my peer review was confidential' — scientist challenges publisher

23 January 2017

Open-science advocate says journals should be clearer to peer-reviewers about terms and conditions. Read More


Scientists join massive protest against Trump

22 January 2017

Researchers at Women's March in Washington DC defend their work as US president takes office. Read More


Rumours swirl about Trump's science adviser pick

20 January 2017

Climate sceptic William Happer and ardent critic of academia David Gelernter have met with the president. Read More


Biotech firm backs controversial CRISPR challenger

20 January 2017

What Novozymes might do with the NgAgo protein, claimed by some to be a powerful gene editor, is still unclear. Read More


Scientists on their hopes and fears for Trump administration

20 January 2017

Comments about the new US president and the importance of science flowed under the #USofScience and #SciTrump hashtags. Read More


Trump's next move? Scientists struggle with foggy future

20 January 2017

The US president reiterated his promise to roll back climate regulations on his first day in office. Read More


When a preprint becomes the final paper

20 January 2017

A geneticist's decision not to publish his finalized preprint in a journal gets support from scientists online. Read More


NIH director Francis Collins staying on — for now

19 January 2017

President-elect Donald Trump's team has asked Collins to remain in his job for an unknown period. Read More


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