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What's your mentor like? Here's some we admire. Plus much more from Naturejobs.

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Feature: Mentoring awards: Leading by example
7 December 2016
Nature announces this year's outstanding science mentors from the US west coast.
Trade talk: Drug referee
7 December 2016
Steffen Schulz wanted high job security.
Blog: Return to academia: The price I'm willing to pay
30 November 2016
Does academia deserve its reputation as a bad employer? And if so, why do some people choose to return? Philipp Gramlich and Karin Bodewits spoke to four scientists moving from the "real world" back into the ivory tower.
Feature: Human behaviour: Find your voice
30 November 2016
Technology and practice can help shy and introverted researchers to succeed when reticence is risky.
Spotlight: Spotlight on Cell Biology
30 November 2016
Some early-career scientists found themselves surfing the wave of CRISPR just as it hit the shore.
Blog: The hidden costs of a career in scientific research
28 November 2016
Does a career in science select against those unable to afford frequent relocation, unpaid work and short-term contracts?
Blog: It's time to reduce the number of PhD students, or rethink how doctoral programs work
25 November 2016
There are not enough academic jobs vacant in Australia each year to employ all our PhD graduates, says Gwilym Croucher.
Feature: Activism: A call to serve
23 November 2016
The political arena need not be off-limits to scientists.
Spotlight: Spotlight on Catalonia
23 November 2016
Catalonia weathered the financial crisis that hit Spain hard, and kept its research metrics in surprisingly good shape. How did it do it?
Advertising feature: Insideview: Solti
23 November 2016
Aleix Prat, MD, PhD, Head Medical Oncology Department, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona
Advertising feature: Insideview: Centro Medico Teknon
23 November 2016
Josep Rodiera, Head of Anesthesia Department of Centro Médico Teknon, Barcelona
Advertising feature: Insideview: Almirall
23 November 2016
Núria Godessart, Head of Skin Biology and Pharmacology, R&D, Almirall
Advertising feature: Bernal Institute University of Limerick
23 November 2016
Edmond Magner, Dean of the Faculty of Science & Engineering at the University of Limerick
Blog: Science and social mobility
22 November 2016
David Payne examines the links between socioeconomic status and a career in science.
Blog: Away from Home: Marrying bioinformatics and benchwork
22 November 2016
Meet Animesh Shukla, a biotechnologist from Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology in Uttar Pradesh, India. He works as a scientist designing ELISA assay kits for Meso Scale Diagnostics.
Blog: The importance of broadening science communication
21 November 2016
Though well-equipped with scientific training and expertise, scientists need to be aware of the resources available to help them share their work with a public audience, says Aliyah Weinstein.
Blog: Let's be wolves
18 November 2016
A man is a wolf to another man, said the Romans and later Hobbes. Maybe they didn't study Canis lupus as carefully as they should have, says Naturejobs journalism competition winner Sofia Otero.
Perspectives from the Publishing Better Science through Better Data (#scidata16) conference
Blog: Boost research and avoid embarrassing retractions by working openly and reproducibly
5 December 2016
Experiments fail to be reproduced, research data from others is hard to come by, and steps between data and figure are described as 'here, a miracle happens'. Réka Nagy reports
Blog: Work reproducibly for the sake of your career
5 December 2016
Making sure others can do your experiments doesn’t just help them — it's good for you, too, says Jonathan Page
Blog: Research data management for early career researchers
1 December 2016
Data management is a crucial component of scientific research and one that should be tackled by early career researchers before they become swamped with data, says Erica Brockmeier.
Blog: Opening doors to open data
30 November 2016
Want to embrace open data but don't know where to start? The tools are out there, says Matthew Edmonds.
Should I get an unpaid internship in science communication?
1 December 2016
Dan Cressey of Nature, and Rob Dawson of the Meningitis Research Foundation, speak at the Naturejobs Career Expo, London, 2016 about the benefits of an internship in science communication.
Make a (sketch)note of Science!
25 November 2016
Taking notes is a time consuming – and occasionally boring – process, but doodling and using symbols can make it easier, more fun – and could be better for your studies, says Marianna Ricci.
How to be a science journalist
24 November 2016
Dan Cressey, a reporter at Nature, speaks about getting a job as a science journalist at the Naturejobs Career Expo, London, 2016.
What is the future of publishing?
17 November 2016
Sir Philip Campbell, the editor in chief of Nature, speaks at the Naturejobs Career Expo, London, 2016.
From our library
Blog: The faculty series: Learning to collaborate
4 January 2016
Collaborations are the key to success in modern scientific research, says Michelle Ma.
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